Complementary perspectives

[Thursday, February 9, 2006]

I must say, Joseph, it is an entertainment, talking to you – enough that I’m a little afraid I may be neglecting the work I ought to be doing more of.

Well there ain’t any use doing that. I’m here, I’m going nowhere – neither are you, if you only knew it – so we can do this any time. And it is important you preserve yourself a way to make a living, or you won’t have the time to do this.

I know. I have been working, I just am a bit overwhelmed at starting this next step.

Then talk to David, he’s the writer.

Yes, that’s a good idea. How about both of you at once? No reason we can’t do that, is there?

None at all. Have a party, you take a mind to it.

So, David, any advice on my getting started on this healing book again?

Nothing you don’t know already. Sit with it, re-read it all from the beginning, sit with a pad – or this journal, actually – and think on paper. We’re here to help you keep your larger perspective. That’s one good way to use us. You can do the detail while we hold the larger vision, you see?

In other words, stay in touch with guidance while I write, instead of letting the overwhelm disconnect me. Obvious, once you suggest it.

It is the things that are “obvious” that you weren’t happening to think of that we can help you with, laddie. You are working three inches from the surface of a mosaic you’re putting together; we’re standing back and remembering the entire pattern as it is meant to be seen finally. No point getting someone to try to do a whole mosaic at one sitting; no point trying to have people working against their specialization, you see. You do detail, we do pattern, and it all goes well.

I go back to one of my visions from Gateway, of my joining the party, sitting at a table with room for many people but few or none actually there – then plop, plop, plop people began to appear in various chairs around the long table. I thought afterwards, what a party we might have.

Did you bring the paper hats and party favors, then?

Did you bring the food and drink? Although – I’m not willing to say that you didn’t!

People are starting to envy your access, although you have made your difficulties plain enough. When it comes time to be writing on guidance, be sure you mention the mundane necessity of years of practice at it.

Plus the control panel.

Plus the control panel, yes – but much good that will do you, if you don’t make it a part of your life to communicate, and then expect to be able to communicate!


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