Communication between levels

Saturday February 4, 2006

I was a little reluctant to send out that piece from Joseph.

Sure! He might not exist!

Well, scoff – but you know my fears on the matter. Especially with people like the son of bitch who wrote a “memoir” with made-up stories “to make a better story” – so that of course the result will be that people will be inclined to disbelieve honest memoirs that contain anomalous incidents.

Not your problem though of course we understand your concerns.

I wonder sometimes if you do. A little verification would go so far – it would go a long way.

And then you’d want more; there isn’t an end to the process, you know. It is always a choice between fear and trust.

Well, but there’s course-correction, too! Once in a while we like to see navigational beacons while we’re driving the boat through the night!

Sunday February 5, 2006

(9:30 p.m.) This is getting to be absolute habit, and not one I mind at all. My friends?

It is in routine that you will find salvation. When your routine was to waste time, or burn it reading, or do anything but what you wanted, your life was unhappy not because of what you were or were not doing, but because you were not doing what you wanted to do, didn’t even know what it was, couldn’t figure out how to find out. No formula for happiness. Now you know that you want to – and can – stay in closer touch, work, and all is well. Don’t lose that. It matters not so much for your work as for your own peace of mind and happiness. Notice how restless and depressed you get when you merely fill time. Well, now use such times to do chores, to prepare ground, to accomplish the clearing of the way for when and what you wish to do.

[Monday, February 6, 2006]

Joseph, a word with you before I set out to do other things (unless you have a full-scale transmission for me; I am always happy to receive them). It is a good thing we’re doing for Hank. [A confederate soldier who is a “past life” of my friend Jim Szpachjer. Joseph and I wrote Hank a letter, so to speak, extending a hand.]

A good thing “on many levels” as you say, for remember, everybody touches on everybody. Changing your state of being changes who you hang out with. You see? Let’s let “the guys” as you say handle this one. There isn’t a need to come through my persona on this.

I don’t quite understand, but go ahead, friends.

Start with the concept of the individual as a ring holding threads that pass through it and connect to other rings. Any individual is a connector of an innumerable number of threads, a huge number of strings made by weaving threads together (an analogy, bear in mind), cords made of string, ropes made of cords, cables made of ropes. We’ve never spelled this out in any detail mainly because elaborating on an analogy is likely to do as much harm – by making an analogy seem more concrete than it is – as good. But still, you could look at it that way.

Well, an individual on your side is both freed and constrained by your circumstances in 3D Theater. Freed, because you can associate with unlike others, and because you experience the advantages in perspective of delayed consequences. Hampered, constrained, in that you can be only in one place at one time and are less able to see and feel connections as strongly as you feel separations. You understand, we are speaking in shorthand here, as we know you know what we mean, as the result of five years’ familiarity with the structure. As always, feel free to interpret for others, treating our words as aides and guides, not as deathless prose or scripture.

This being true, conversations between our side and ours offer us on this side potential changes of circumstance perhaps more drastic even than the ones offered you, because here, if you change, everything changes, instantly. (Well, sort of. But we leave qualifiers for another time.)

If Hank is bitter and resentful and dies that way, the bitterness and resentfulness carries over; it is a part of completed-Hank and how is he to change it from here? It is in 3D Theater that you have your best chance to shape yourselves, mold yourselves – not surprisingly, as that is what it is for! Association with unlike others, and delayed consequences (or what might be called persistence of form) allow and encourage and almost but not quite require that you spend your lives choosing (if only be default) what you will be. What you begin from is not under your 3D control, but all else is. Laugh at anyone who denies free will – s/he is using free will in choosing to be persuaded by whatever factors convince him or her that free will does not exist.

On this side, though, we have neither constraints of one-time-one-place in the same way you do (ours exists in a different way) or delayed consequences (again, we experience it, but radically differently, as we have explained other-when).

Because the field upon which we live is so different from yours, you and we offer each other complementary advantages. We can give you broader perspectives, and can facilitate communication regardless of space and time. You can put us into spaces we cannot go ourselves, or can go only very laboriously and indirectly, and then not often or long.

As always it takes us many words to say the simplest things not because we are not pointed consciousness but because we cannot see how to make a true or helpful statement without at least sketching in some minimal context.

Here goes.

If you, in a body, interact with someone no longer in a body – as you easily can by the thoughts and emotions you feel for them, about them – and the prayers or curses you will to send them – you can affect who they are; which affects what kinds of others they now gravitate toward, or feel comfortable with. The language dictates concepts like “change” and “movement” and we don’t have time – you don’t have time, this Monday morning – to correct the mistaken nuance. Just remember that nearly everything that can be said is analogy.

If you forgive someone, or if you so act as to elicit forgiveness from someone, the connections between the sides are to that extent altered. If there has been a chain of hatred, say, you on your side feel it as thought it were “merely” psychological. We on our side experience it as an external constraint. That’s perhaps the best way to put it. By altering those bonds you move us – you allow us to move – in a much more real and nearly tangible way than you commonly suspect.

What are prayers for the dead, but the offering of energy to them that will allow them to “move” higher – they themselves being relatively helpless to change what they are, once they leave a body.

There is much more to say, but our judgment is that this is better said “later” (in your frame of reference) after you finish the book on healing and guidance. There is plenty of material for Iona or Muddy Tracks 2 when you are ready for it.

Thanks as always. Very satisfying, to see things gradually building over the years, as we accustom ourselves to concepts, live in those understandings, and are then ready for more.

Be not surprised though to be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Comes with the territory, you know.

I do. It won’t kill me, probably.

2 thoughts on “Communication between levels

  1. The first half of this is the best explanation I’ve heard for the meaning of life. The image of the threads and strands, woven together and passing through rings, which is us in 3D, is a wonderful image. Even as I read that, I get nuances to that image.

    I was once shown that prayers, after being formed, ripple out and continue out into the nether, taking on a life of their own. They just don’t bounce off the ceiling, unheard.

    So if prayers (positive thoughts for healing and renewal) are that way, so are my not-so-prayerful thoughts. Hmmm. I was just thinking one of those thoughts yesterday about a guy I had to work with a few years back. He was a miserable person to work with. I had planned to go to a lunch meeting for retirees, and I feared that I might have to put up with him again. All I want to do is shout at him for being such a jerk. I wound up not going, as I didn’t feel well. I will take that on as a project, to see if I can put in practice what TGU is talking about. I think he’s still in 3D. Either way, it should have an affect, and I’m curious.

    1. Thanks – a good reminder indeed – and it is reminding me about a old book written by HENRY REED(my book is printed in 1989 as a pocket-book)titled: “Edgar Cayce on channeling your Higher Self(under the editorship of Charles Thomas Cayce) – and subwritten on the cover: “An illuminating work that reveals how the hidden powers of the mind and soul can revolutionize your life.”

      In chapter nine with the headline called “Who`s there? Identifying the Spirit Who Speaks,” opening up with the one E.C., Reading, 5756 – 8, and quote: “Changes in the dimensional conditions (of a person upon death) does not alter that which is known in the earth plane as desire. If the desire is in that diretion that there may be an association with, an aid to, a seeking of such associations, then only the means, the channel, the way, the course, is necessary to complete the communication.”

      Further on in “the old” book a lot told about the very good HISTORICAL material about Spiritism.

      Well, well, when it comes to a constant telepathic communication between us – came to be thinking about the two funerals of lately. A coupe married in 50 years this selfsame year to have died both of them with only 10 weeks apart. Our (my husband and me)common friends since back in the 1960s. My friend Vivi and her husband was colleagues together in SAS(the scandinavian Airlines System) foralmost 25 years – and also in the latest 25 years living as close neighbours.
      But in late September(2 months ago)Vivi`s husband, Tor, died within a blink of an eye!! Tor was 75 years old and healthy in EVERY WAY. Tor was enjoying himself among friends renewing his Hunting License(the shooting)as is demanded each year for the Hunters. When waveing goodbye to his friends went over to the parking lot – openig up the door to his car, sat down in his seat and with hs car-key to start the enginet to go…… NOBODY of is friends noticed anything “wrong” about it, and they drove from the place. And my friend Vivi/Tor`s wife)told she wated and waited and waitedTor to call her – until Vivi tried calling for Tor of course but without any answers. Their one son driving up to the lonesome parking lot to find his dad sitting in the car(in the drivers seat) with his head down to see his one hand enclosing the carkey to start. A massive heart-attack befall him, and he was dead.
      The most peculiar about the particular circumstance was Tors` dad(his Father)died PRECISELY in the same way years ago when he was out hunting.
      But the oddities not ending there – My friend lontime friend Vivi, the most healthy person to imagine – and dying only 10 weeks later on, after the funeral of her husband – OBVIOUSLY by the GRIEF and the sorrow. She BECAME sick(from never to have had any illness`s but a cold – rarely). Within 10 days Vivi died at the hospital with terminal cancer!

      I was talking with her on the phone at the hospital and she was in good mood – no complains, All of us who to know Vivi & Tor coud not believe it – and I`m still feeling as I`m living in a dream when thinking about Tor&Vivi. The most active and healthy peoples imaginable.
      Before Tor went to renew his Hunting License, both were on their way to Spain in the same week – as they had an apartment in Spain, living there half the year. BUT, and it IS “a but”…. because as a married couple in 50 years(they have two married sons and 6 grandchildren) BOTH of them was “too much” KNITTED together, they could NOT be without each others at all. I have never seen a married couple knitted together as they was from the very beginning knowing them(since we were young married couples). I was often laughing by watching the two of them – not my way at all obviously but perhaps a bit envy? MY husband (now in 53 years)telling me such as: “It is MY DUTY to learn you INDEPENDENCE”(I was only 16 years old when at first meeting with him, and he was only 19 years old in the Air Force). A stormy marriage when thiking it all over, but not a dull moment ! LOL

      According to Seth, and many others, the matter of fact, all of us to have a choice “where to go” … It is called “the change of Focus in consciousness”(overcoming the belief in death & dying).
      P.S. The late Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross to have written several books(and
      investigated) the matters of life& death.

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