A message in a bottle

Discouragement. I have no doubt we are all prone to discouragement from time to time. Probably we mostly hide it from those around us; it isn’t much fun to be around. But sometimes we admit to it, and sometimes, perhaps, we receive assistance from our friends.

Those friends are not necessarily in bodies.

When I began a WordPress blog, I titled it “I of my own knowledge,” meaning not “Look how much I know!” but, “Whatever I put here, I know firsthand.” Can’t say I have entirely lived up to that intent, but mostly. A huge percentage of my posts have been transcriptions of ILC (intuitive linked communication) sessions with the guys upstairs.

Recently I have been reposting ILC sessions (currently, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.), beginning at the point where the change in those sessions began, in late 2005. And so we roll around to the entry for Feb. 1, 2006, which deals with – discouragement!

A message in a bottle, from the self that existed nearly 13 years ago, to the self existing now. Is this not a good example of the value of writing things down? How else would I remember today thought and emotion now long past? How else would I be reminded of things that helped then, and can help now?

Lovely, helpful practice, writing.











4 thoughts on “A message in a bottle

  1. … and perhaps friends not until now heard of.

    I have subscribed to and read most of your prolific postings for over a year now but not commented until now. In part this is a shyness around unfamiliarity with your vast and dynamic body of work. I have bought and read Rita I and II and then decided to back up to “The Sphere and the Hologram” and have Rita III, if I may call it that, queued up on the bedside table. Adding in your daily postings of current ILC sessions and retrospective sessions from ’05 and ’06 plus periodic visits from Smallwood and I am experiencing a decidedly non-linear relationship to your ideas and those of your non-3D friends.

    I am starting to realize I should not be discouraged by the vast body of your work – that this non-linear approach might be a useful one.

    Mostly now I am just writing to thank you – and perhaps reinforce the notion you may have that there are countless “listeners” like myself out here. Well… probably not countless but at least un-counted.

    I look forward to your next books – but also to tomorrow morning when you will inevitably have preceded me into awakening into the day and posted something new or old and fascinating.


  2. It is strange to remember or meet impulses from past. Read a bit of Gurdjieff (the Fourth Way) and how true it all is! And ask me how I know…I must have been 17 when I snatched that book out of my fathers’ hands. He had just bought it but reading a few sentences made me feel I need it desperately. Back then I felt it is true but now I know.

    Desperation: could you describe it a bit more? I have some things going on here: I have had my household god-symbols crashed, probably by cats chasing mouse. Frustrating inertia and headache. Insight into the method of how I have repressed anger. Insight into the absurdity of survival fears in my circumstances. Insight into my inability to control any of this. Just endless strategies. Insight into how our consciousness-field molds children into the limited existence we have. Not exactly happy-making stuff. And yet – there always is that and yet: I know this is part of being cooked into ripeness. Getting the right ingredients in, even if some taste quite dreadful. It is needed for no grander reason that me be more of the me I can be. Another day in growing up – maybe a bit more into the wider perspective. Even in the worst of days it is more interesting than anything else. Especially when there is someplace where one can exchange some words about what is happening in this wilderness that you, Frank, have been mapping far, far longer than me. Just having emerged from pitch-black darkness into a starry night – even if the stars are far away, makes a vast difference to me.

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