Resetting our dials

[Friday, January 13, 2006]

(11 a.m.) It occurred to me, why not an indicator for the seven deadly sins, for instance? The ego would set them all at zero and would want them to be at zero, but that would not automatically mean they would be at zero. So then, I think, maybe an indicator to show where they are. But what would it show? Relative strength one to the other? Percentage of strength from zero to full relative only to itself? And, if such a gauge can be developed, how can it be used? How can it help us to improve? For it we are not as we wish, surely merely noting the fact isn’t all that much help!

It is at least worth toying with. Using my handy acronym LEG CAPS (though recognizing that this does not place them in order of importance, Pride coming first)

[A sketch of seven vertical bars, representing slide-switches, with the initial for one of the deadly sins atop each.]

Before I fill in the slides, I need to consider first what I am marking. If they were polarities it might be easier to graph. That could measure the relative strengths of each polarity. That seems to have more promise. And that implies knowing the virtue that counters each vice. I’ll have to look them up and fill them in. Pride: Humility. That’s easy. It isn’t as obvious for the others as for pride. What is the opposite of envy? An example of the potential use of Christian theology, which mapped and conceptualized this territory long ago.

I realize, much of the Monroe procedure, including the resonant tuning, the energy conversion box, and the general letting-go of control to the “surrogate left brain” that is the total tape experience, is designed merely to temporarily re-set our dials, and to establish a habit-pattern of returning to that same setting whenever we put ourselves in the same mental surrounding by using tapes.

(11:30) Robert Johnson’s autobiography just came, and of course I went directly to the chapter on his meeting with Carl Jung. I came away from it – having not finished the chapter, but just getting the idea where he was going – saying “I have my work.” Meaning: I have my work to do. I have my work to do. I am for once and at last doing my work, even if it comes to nothing in the external world. Very comforting. Today makes eight weeks since my last day at HRPC and I feel like I have scarcely begun to work. I have entered 10k words from the journal just on healing! And still have barely begun.

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