What you don’t know about LED lighting CAN hurt you!

This one-hour TV show produced in Oregon features my long-time friend Dirk Dunning, discussing the hazards of LED lighting: hazards that he learned about, painfully and first hand, within the past year and a half.

A very unusual format: Host Dr. Don spends the first half-hour getting his guest to talk about his background, asking provocative (but not confrontational) questions to produce more than the standard resume. The second half is devoted to a specific topic of special interest to the guest, in this case, LED lighting.

Now, if you don’t care about LED lighting, maybe you should move to about halfway through the show, and go directly to Dirk’s explanation of the situation. You may find yourself more interested than is comfortable!

In any case, Dirk is a fascinating guy, as I have known for more than 15 years now, and I think you will find the show worth watching.

2 thoughts on “What you don’t know about LED lighting CAN hurt you!

  1. I was very fortunate in that I started OBE’ing about the age of 9, scared in the beginning but slowly adapting and accepting that I may be different but it was my journey, I only told my mother, she did not seem shocked, told me to pray about it and not worry about it…made me suspect that she also had some thing similar to me happen to her. I found I could go thru walls, doors, I could fly, and got a buzzing noise when going thru power lines, so it was fun to me…fast forward to now, I no longer use Hemi-sync cd, I can get into position and go into meditation, all seem to be different, but same order of events for most part, I think I ended up most times in what RAM and Moen referred to as focus 15…in fact have to state intent to stop if it becomes too constant…as I don’t go into deep sleep mode unless I do, so end up not quite rested physically enough…but Its been a wonderful experience for me, I cannot say much online as my family for the most part is fundamentalist Christians, raised Baptist but now I don’t attend church, I still have my basic Christian beliefs but I have to take care of me, we are all as ONE anyhow…father was descended from Cherokee/Lumbee Indian tribes of NC/VA…I appreciate very much the work and writings of Frank D., so much info hard to digest all of it, esp with limited education. Life is Grand, Live it to the fullest possible always.

  2. I had read before about the LED lighting dangers some where, seems as if there is a ‘catch’ to everything, trump was saying birds being killed by windmills….I seriously doubt that.
    Most of my bulbs here are LED, now what is next I wonder?
    Anyhow I realized my comments above were not relevant so I post here, thanks again for all you have done and still do, its most important work.
    Richard Harris

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