Questions on healing and creation

Thursday, September 27, 2018

5:35 a.m. Let’s go again.

If you feel up to it, all right.

I think I do. I guess we’ll see.

From Maureane O’Shaugnessy:

[Whenever my light is ‘helping’ someone heal, which it just does on its own without me volitionally controlling it, I heat up all throughout my body tremendously.   It does this remotely all the time. Recently I was looking at a photo of someone long dead and it happened. I often have this experience. My question. Is my light going back in time to help?   And does this then change a person’s timeline or experience within the timeline I’m observing?   Or is my light going to where that soul signature is now and helping? Hope that’s clear.]

[TGU:] Here you see a good example of how your interpretations of what you experience may be severely distorted because interpreted in light of 3D conditions.

Meaning, I take it, that we are unconsciously assuming the primacy of time in such experiences, because that is our everyday sensory reality.

That’s right. Just as someone returned from an NDE may reinterpret its experience of a past-life review as a sequential process, so here. When we reinterpret this without temporal references, the distorting effect of that very strong mental habit of interpreting things in terms of time should be clear.

To begin, we should and do congratulate Maureane on her open-heartedness. That is the prerequisite for such abilities, and, by the way, explains why some people can “do healing” without training and without any very firm idea of what they are doing, or how, or why it works. The heart comes first, by a long, long chalk, and intellect and techniques a long way second.

So now let us look at what she is experiencing. To say it without time references would be to say approximately this: She looked at a photo of a remembered being and felt the energetic connection that she associates with helping another to heal. Her energy, merged with that other energy, produced a resonance that the other could not have summoned, not being focused and honed in the 3D ever-moving-present moment.

That transformation (whether extensive or not, and regardless of its nature) will necessarily affect that entire being. But what does that mean, “that entire being”? Well, think of yourselves. Who and what are you? Present 3D selves (minus your body, once you leave 3D), connected to the parent that generated you, and to all the other beings generated by that same larger being, and in particular to every other 3D experience you have ever had; that is, to all your “past” and “future” lives. Change one, change all, to greater or lesser extent dependent not upon distance in time or space, nor of closeness of relationship, but upon the intensity of the energy exchange.

So, you see, the answer to her alternative explanations is, yes. Yes, or, let’s say, yes depending upon what you mean by any of them.

Change one, change all.

Yes, and the closer you look at that particular bumper sticker, the wider the implications you may discover. It does not refer only to individuals, or rather (given that “individual” is only a relative term) it may be said to have infinite reference, depending upon the scale being examined.

We have heard reality being described as a massive ever-changing kaleidoscope. Change one, change all.

We smile, because you certainly never heard us call it “massive.” Mass is one of those relatively real but not really real terms that structure your experience, but aren’t really in existence. Rather like gravity.

If Maureane (or anyone else, for that matter) finds our explanation unclear or unconvincing for some specific reason, of course we are available for follow-up questions. In fact, we’re going to stop saying that. Take it always for granted.

Okay, shall we proceed?

One more only.

From Jaycee:

[Hmm…. (All of creation – not just this 3D/non-3D world we are familiar with through our senses, but the underlying realer world as well – exists and always did and presumably always will exist, in whatever form.)… Does this mean that nothing ever thought or imagined is new, or does the thought create (we as creators) the item, or does everything exist only as probability until created by thought or imagination. Trying hard to get this concept of `everything is as everything always has been or will be` the phrase ` you can`t tear down the pyramids before they are built` (a phrase `Rita` has used I believe) seems to suggest a time of -non existence- PLEASE clarify.]

[TGU:] There is a misunderstanding involved here, a common one. Addressing it yet again is useful, purely because it is so common. It is simple yet can be difficult to address, because the underlying assumptions are so well hidden, or, let’s say, so fundamental.

Let me try. I have the sense of it. I think you’re going to say, the manifest world and the unmanifest world are the same thing, really, and so cannot be separated except conceptually.

We smile. What you said isn’t wrong, but do you suppose it will mean anything to anybody who doesn’t already get it?

Well – I thought it would.

You underestimate, sometimes, how the proximity to your non-3D understanding when you are engaging in ILC makes some things temporarily clear to you that would not be, otherwise.

If you say so. Then, what did I say, in more understandable terms?

Reversing roles, aren’t we?

Seems like it. But I’m ready to be instructed.

There is no real separation between the 3D world you experience and all the other versions of the world (of reality, we mean, of course; this does not refer to terra firma only) that exist as the logical consequences of different decisions.

The “many worlds” theory of quantum physics, only divorced from time as the filter.

You are being less lucid than usual, if we may say so. Decisions imply duration of time, of course. But we do know what you mean. Every possibility exists and always did exist from the beginning of reality. (And there’s that time function again.) Things manifest in specific orders in specific conditions as a result of specific combinations, but they exist (manifest or unmanifest) always.

Return to the image of the clock face and the clock hands. All reality is the clock face; any specific sequence is the clock hands. They are not only both real, they each are dependent for their meaning upon the existence and function of the other.

And that’s it for today. Don’t come back for a third bite of the apple.

No sir. Understood, sir. At your orders, sir.

We’re smiling too, but periodical reminders not to overdo seem indicated.

Okay. Thanks again.


4 thoughts on “Questions on healing and creation

  1. Jaycee’s question reminded me of a conversation going on this week in Seth Network Australia about impulses. Seth says the mass world is formed as the result of individual impulses. They meet and merge and form platforms for action. This says to me (I think) that it’s the impulse of our awareness/attention that activates possibilities as we create our own realities (that affect everything else!). “Your impulses directly affect the world in those relationships . . . begin with your own life, with your job, or with your own associates. . . ” I don’t know how much sense I’m making, but I’m imagining a path of dropped bread crumbs connecting these things, making old ideas new, and clearer, again.
    I really like Maureane’s question because it comes from her own felt experience. My hat’s off to her for asking.

    1. Excellent, Jane – thanks!

      When I read “…it’s the impulse of our awareness/attention that activates possibilities as we create our own realities (that affect everything else!)”, it felt related to my question about create-your-own-reality or avoid-planning-your-life. I have been a Seth fan for some years now…so much of what he shared felt “right” to me. A possible understanding begins to bubble up: (this may be a given already to you or others, but bear with me as I try to catch up!).
      : ))

      Maybe we ride along on the flow of our (life) existence, constantly being offered a “menu” of infinite experiences. We look at the “menu”, and what “menu item/experience” we (choose to) focus on, becomes our reality, because our focus is what is activating the reality…interacting with the invisible “energy web/mesh” around us??

      Hmmmmmmm…..”curiouser and curiouser..”

      1. I had the same kind of image, LisaC–riding along in an ocean of possibilities and allowing my impulses (maybe the exact opposite of culturally-determined choices) to direct the avenues I choose. I think Seth was saying this is the way to more fully realize our potential, through the spontaneity of our impulses. As he says, spontaneity knows its own order (a favorite quote of mine).

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