Answering two questions

Answering two questions

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

2:30 a.m. Questions? You want questions? We’ve got questions! Let’s start with Jim Austin’s.

[“creator and creation … are two words for the same thing. If you can once intuitively grasp [this] you will be living a different life from then on. Everything will change.” Pretty strong statement! But I don’t get the feeling TGU is saying we need to do anything particular … beyond living with this knowledge in the background while going about daily life. Comment?]

It is always a difficulty, whether to answer a question as stated, or as it may be intended. We will try to do both. yes, you don’t need to do anything, but no, that isn’t quite our meaning. The ambiguity here centers on that word “do.” If your understanding of life is transformed, but you continue your usual routine, can you be said to be “doing” anything about it? So, no, no particular doing. Only – which you? Or, in this case, what has happened, and is happening, to the you that has come to a new understanding?

We said, everything will change. That means, really, your relation to everything will change. You being transformed is the equivalent of everything on the other side of the your interactions being transformed, in the same way a mathematical equation will be affected in every way when anything on either side of the equal sign is changed.

So, living your life in this new understanding may be externally unaffected or may be radically transformed or may be partly changed and partly unaltered; there isn’t any predicting. But you will be different, which is the desired result.

You could say the third-tier consequences will be transformation, regardless of the way the first-tier experiences are structured.


And I felt your influence guiding me as I hesitated in that sentence, resulting in a clearer statement. Sometimes such influences are more evident than other times. Appreciated, either way.

We think we have responded to the letter and spirit of the question, but if we have failed, or if our response raises further questions, of course we will be available for further questioning – for follow-ups, as you say.

I was a little surprised you dealt with that one so easily. Okay, then, another, this one from Lisa C, and I’ll bet this one will take you a bit longer.

[Oh man – can’t resist. The question of “create your own reality or avoid thinking your life out in advance?” I may have heard “Both” or it may have been my imagination. Can your TGU comment or expand on that question….and if it is both, then paint it out so it’s clear? “Both,” if correct, feels like more fog for me. Any clarification is appreciated. Thank you!]

This is one of those questions that may be dealt with extremely briefly (and that will satisfy some, who will intuitively get it) or may need some exposition, for those whose starting place is a little farther away.

Briefly: There is no real contradiction between the two statements. The contradiction is merely apparent. Turning the knob of the viewing lens shows that it is a linguistic rather than an essential tangle.

In other words, words are impeding understanding rather than assisting it.

Well – let’s say words are reinforcing a certain way of seeing things, and therefore obscuring an alternative way of seeing.

The seeming contradiction is this.

“Create your own reality” seems to say, consciously decide what you want, and magnetize it to you (or, pull your life toward it, however you choose to see it). “Avoid thinking your life out in advance” seems to say, let your unconscious (or rather, your non-3D-focused) mind decide, rather than trying to sculpt your life to 3D expectations. Contradiction, right?

Not to me, but I see where you’re going with it. It wasn’t clear before you and I addressed the question.

And that is the nature of guidance, of course.

Who is it, who creates your own reality? And, how is it done? At the same time, who is it who avoids thinking out your life (that is, planning)? Depending upon how you define that side of the equation, the equation is going to come out differently.

If you create your own reality by conscious thought, conscious action, at the 3D level, then clearly that is a contradictory process to avoiding planning on a 3D level. That is the only way it is contradictory. But if the creating and the results of the avoiding were done only on the non-3D level, where is the aspect of choice? Where is the use of free will in continued choice?

It is a collaboration, you see, just as guidance is a collaboration, or ILC as a source of information and wisdom.

The “you” that functions as if it alone were running things (as if it alone existed, for that matter) does not live in the real world, but in a subset of the real world that it mistakes for reality. Living only in the basement, it has no idea of the first or second floors, let alone the attic or roof or great outdoors.

Just for the sake of completeness of statement, we could add, a being that lived only outside the house could have little idea of the reality of living inside; that is, non-3D beings who have never entered the 3D boot camp can have only a theoretical idea, not really a first-hand understanding. They can and do experience it second-hand, but that is the difference between reading about a game or a war or a romance, on the one hand, and participating, on the other.

On a practical level, return to the point of the original statement, that to realize that creation and creatures are the same thing. Realize that and you realize the actual unreality of many of the elaborate puzzles that the 3D experience, and the 3D mind spinning its logic, produce.

I think we haven’t had the bell-ringer yet. What you said is complete to me, and yet at the same time I can feel that some won’t get it.

It’s very simple, really. Stop thinking of yourselves as separate from the non-3D part of you, and these conundrums disappear. In just the same way, you, Frank, no longer worry about whether a given thought is “yours” or “ours.” Your new understanding recognizes that the question is only partially meaningful.

Yes, and not helpful, so why fool with it?


And somehow we have spent an hour on this, though with fewer pages filled than usual, so rather than go at a third question, I’ll wrap up here, unless you have more to say on this one.

Well, the same addendum as for Jim’s: We’re always available for follow-ups, and of course that means available directly, not only or even necessarily primarily through you, Frank.

Okay. Well, our thanks as always.


11 thoughts on “Answering two questions

  1. This is what was triggered in me by the questions:

    Crossroad was the image I started with. Movement with a choice concerning direction. And even wanting to move may be not a choice that can be made on this side. To me it appears that I have been repeatedly kicked into movement. Life keeps kicking you until it really starts to hurt and you move, and notice how much better everything gets when you finally managed to move. It is as if life continually trains us to move, either from inside or from outside. A sort of wrestling with some opponent all the time. Sickness, dreadful life circumstances, poverty – all these are situations are presenting a challenge: how will you move with this? Will you remain passive? Fight? Fight as a mean destructive creature? Or fight with good humour and imagination? Play dead? Run and hide? All of this is choices that reveal what sort of person you are and what are your automatic stratgies. It is something like wrestling with god, as Job did. Jung’s perspective is that Job trained god to do the right thing. He just refused to take the wrong answers god offered in response to what Job was doing. So this wrestling is making both parties more conscious. Also the other side – it seems they need the movement, too. The friction of the movement – that is some kind of fulfillment of life. And it is also like a dance that has different phases: harmonious flow, confrontational challenges, chaotic not-knowing, creative expansion, resting in stillness. We (or I at least) are continually tripping up in wanting to hold on to some preferred state and excluding others. This is the judging that turns everything into a useless battle. Preferring to be still while life offers white water rafting in rapids makes for a useless battle to make a raft in rapids stay still. That is futile work that wears off and depletes the worker. Finding out the skills needed in rafting: high alertness, watching out for stones, steering with oars: that is useful work that will not deplete but rewards the one doing it. And when life offers stilness, the preference for fast and furious will make the experience into a frustrated and frustrating push. Judging as a pre-set ideal: this is what I want (stllness, for example) and it will colour perception so that reality is not getting into full view. Judgement will lead to corrupted awareness. Discernment is what helps in making choices that are appropriate for a situation, whether it is preferred or not. So we are stuck with working in the world. We can work at suspending judgement and embracing whatever life brings in good humour, working with, so to say, or work against life, struggling and fighting to turn this into that. And to continue the dance metaphor: if you get good at dancing with someone, there is no telling who leads and who follws. One will get chances to influence how the dance turns out if one has been able to aquire the skills of moving and being moved by life. Being a rag doll for life (the playing dead strategy when challenged) will not cut it. God/life does not like doormats.

    About the crossroads – it is like being in crosshairs of time and space. Time and space create a sort of light-beam that sets the stage for being/god to act out its’ beingness.

    What I really want to say is about opposition. Crossroads means you have to wrestle with something. A choice, inner or outer. You wanna move but it does not go. You wanna stay but get constantly kicked. This has to do with brain-state criticality, too. Brain system can end up in a rut, so to say. Psychedelic drugs can help in shifting from the nasty groove. It seems guidance is doing something similar. Forcing us to act so that our strategies become visible, so that we can improve on them. If we choose so.

      1. I truly know it in my bones. Just need to figure out how to get the steady persistence engine started. If there’s white water anywhere that I can somehow sense, I am already there. If there is steady persistent work going on, I seem to fade out. Someting I need to examine in me. Oh, of course: make the white water into a reward for some snippet of steady work. Interesting, by the way, how salary work corrupts the whole idea of work. Or that is how it has happened for me. My excuse for not doing the work I should be doing is that I do not get paid. What if Mozart thought that way? No debt and only music that got paid. I don’t mean to compare myself to Mozart – he is just the image I use to beat me up for stupidity. If I want to create something the reward is that I get to be creative. Creativity and gravy train are different things that only occasionally run in the same direction.

        1. Kristiina, I don’t see that you shouldn’t compare yourself to Mozart. We are creative beings, and that’s what we enjoy doing, whether it is polishing motorcycles because we love them, or training horses (for the same reason) or writing music or fiction or sketching, or whatever. “My excuse for not doing the work I should be doing is that I do not get paid.” Do you think it is any different for me? But I decided not to measure the worth of what I could do by the amount of money I could make by doing it. Why should I die not having done what I love doing, merely because nobody would give me money to do it?

  2. Thanks Frank, this response throws ample ‘sparks!’ I’d rewrite my last sentence to read “living with this knowledge to inform choices and decisions and growth while going about daily life.”

    It’s really the same kind of process needed for any change in oneself. Using part of TGU’s words: to constantly, calmly, non-obsessively ask and pay attention to “what has happened, and is happening, to the [me] that [slowly grows into] new understanding?”

  3. Phew. Wow. So many thoughts.

    I’ll start with Kristiina: you said two things above, that literally knocked me out of my seat.

    First, “And when life offers stillness, the preference for fast and furious will make the experience into a frustrated and frustrating push.” I’d never thought of my circumstances as me being offered stillness. That thinking shifted my perception, and I can see now, WHY I was offered stillness. Stillness no longer is chafing. THANK YOU for sharing that thought!

    Second, “Judgement will lead to corrupted awareness.” That feels to me to be a profound truth, AND a useful tool for me to whip out when I catch myself being judgemental (which sadly, is often. I am still in that lesson). It is useful to me as a tool in that my desire to not corrupt my awareness or miss out on an opportunity to see clearly, outweighs my desire to judge others.
    Thank you for that one, too!

    Thanks to Jim & TGU for offering “…constantly, calmly, non-obsessively ask and pay attention to ‘what has happened, and is happening, to the [me] that [slowly grows into] new understanding.” This one struck me as well.

    I so encourage others to please share their thoughts – you never know WHAT can affect another in a positive way. It is the SHARING of thoughts and perspectives that enlarges the understanding of us all.

    Now, on to my response to Frank & TGU’s response to my question. I read through this several times, each time seeing a bit more. A few things came to me, and I will share them.

    While in the midst of reading the part about creatures/creation, a long-ago memory came up. It was a vivid dream I’d had, during the 3-week-long “Awakening” experience I had in 2011. In the dream, I was a tiny little “spark” of energy(?), one of an infinite number of tiny sparks, all flying through space, on our way to re-join with The Totality/The Whole/The Source/God (whatever descriptive you prefer – they all work). Each of us was unique, yet first and foremost, we were a tiny bit of The Whole. We were all constantly linked to and aware of every other spark, both connected but maintaining our individual identity at the same time. Each spark knew EVERYTHING there was to be known about every other spark, and there was only acceptance. It felt GREAT to be that little spark, to be fully and completely accepted, to be “included”.
    This dream occurred before I’d ever read anything about consciousness, Source, or meta-physics, but I intuited that it was trying to show me a larger picture. This memory is what surfaced as I pondered TGU’s “…creation and creatures are the same thing”.

    When I read “non-3D beings who have never entered the 3D boot camp”, it made me wonder how many of “those with no 3D experience” are there within TGU, and how much free rein do they have? And that reminded me of a very difficult period in my life a few years ago, when I sat on the grass high on a hill, looking across at the mountains, in the midst of personal angst. I ran my fingers softly through the grass, and mentally said to them (presuming they had not lived as a human in 3D on earth yet) how HARD it was to do this, and I sensed an acknowledgement from them, that they understood it was hard, that it was accepted as a given in Non 3D-Land. This also came up a day or two ago when I railed against my own TGU, telling them I felt as if they were “forgetting” how actually HARD it was, HERE, in the 3D….rather like “Hey guys, easy to say, harder to DO”. And again, I sensed some bit of acknowledgement. And Lo! Lots of very helpful perspectives began to pop up here, and Lo again, the same perspectives were popping up outside of this blog, coming from various unconnected people in my life. There’s my confirmation. It would seem as if “they” actually do listen, outside of times when I’m whining and wallowing in self-pity. It seemed to indicate they’re not perfect, and if so, I LIKE that!
    Additionally, it’s nice to know I can get fully peeved at my TGU and they don’t take it personally.

    Back to the answer “Both”, and that creating your own reality and not planning your life are the same, as creator and created. I am thinking I can create my own reality by not planning my life out…(Ha!)…..follow my life’s guiding “flow”, see where it takes me, observe, experience, learn, evolve, all according to my thoughts and choices at each moment? Life seems to NOT be a thing which sits, doesn’t move, stays the same. I suspect “planning” would work out every time if life WAS something that was consistently the same….nothing is in motion…changing? But life seems to BE movement, almost an ordered chaos, always in motion….and as such, HOW could “planning” have a chance at consistently working? Too many random variables at play??

    What’s everyone think….am I getting any of this??

    Thanks for listening to random ranting….I appreciate you all.

  4. Ah, thank you Lisa this is so beautiful! What I sad was something I needed to hear myself to endure chomping at the harder nuts life offers. Amazing in itself that it can be relevant to another! And the way you speak about your guidance sounds like you have an intimate relationship. A real treasure!

    Feels like the longer we all can be sparked in turns by one start, the juicier, stronger, better it gets.

    1. Absolutely, Kristiina!

      And – (by the way) – you are EVERY BIT AS GREAT AS MOZART!

      No doubt about it. No spark is worth more than another. All contribute. : )))))

      Giant hug!

  5. One of my favorite things to do in the morning after breakfast is to sit down with a cuppa coffee and read Franks’ offerings and the thoughts that have sprung up for others. I am really enriched by your willingness to share.

    @LisaC – sparks from a large bonfire is a continuing image for me. The sparks rise up with the heat to disappear into the night, on their way to who knows where. This is the image I get when I think of us each leaving the whole, the One, on our ways to explore the great unknown. Your image of unique, aware sparks flying through space to rejoin the Totality completes a picture for me. In fact, it moves me to tears — of joy?

    My religious upbringing provided me with answers of how and why we were created, how we fit into the plan, and who God is. But I became dissatisfied with someone else’s answers in my early 30’s (something about getting divorced started it all) and went looking for my own. I’ve been much happier since I embarked on this quest. (I’m sixty something.)

    @Kriistina – keep chomping on those harder nuts of life. I’m glad to hear you and LisaC both remind your TGU that living in 3D is tough. We are the “boots on the ground,” the ones with “skin in the game.” Nothing happens instantly here — until it does, and we’re all a bit shocked when it does.

    1. Jane C, thanks for sharing.

      I too, read Frank & TGU & Commenters’ “insight-jewels” every morning, favorite fresh coffee in hand, perched by the window that overlooks the rising sun….and almost always, insights or ideas/views come up, and I jot them down in my journal. This has become part of my life, and I am so grateful for the catalyst! I too, find great opportunities for learning in ALL the comments.

      My sparks dream was a profound and joyful experience. Words just can’t describe how wonderful it was to be so understood and accepted by all, and for all to know I felt the same about them. Such unity. How nice it would be if we could experience this, in the 3D. I think the human ego component would be completely overwhelmed by it tho….as it exists at this time. Nevertheless, I am so grateful that I was shown this, among many things during my Awakening experience. Next to my experience of pregnancy and childbirth, that awakening period was the most blissful 3 weeks of my life. It felt like I was in a different dimension, but HERE…..every single experience brought joy. I hope I get to experience that state again. I’m glad you were moved by the sharing.

      I too, grew up in a family that had ties to an organized religion. As a young child, I remember listening to services and KNOWING that what was being spoken as “truth”, was not the way things really were.
      I just wish I’d read Jane Roberts back then. But I was too smitten with ancient Egypt, ghost research (Holzer) and UFO stories.
      ; )
      I’m grateful to be on my quest for understanding…to become more wisely compassionate and more compassionately wise, but it does seem a tough journey – unlock one door to comprehension/self awareness, and you can see even more doors to unlock….and so on. Having a method of sharing, as we do here, really helps me keep going, as the seeking can be exhausting at times….there are so few who understand.

      Thanks, Jane C.

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