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Monday, September 24, 2018

3:20 a.m. Amid private stuff, this interaction with the guys:

Gentlemen, anything to say to me this morning, or do we rest on our oars?

Your idea to throw it open for questions about anything, not merely what we have said, is a good one.

And not necessarily my idea.

Well, yes. But there is no ownership of ideas anyway.

I’ll send out the call.

& & &

So, consider the call sent. If you have anything you can’t get your own answers to, ask the guys, and we’ll see what happens. No guarantees. Maybe some things they’ll say, “Not going to answer that.” But the call is there, anyway.


8 thoughts on “Open for questions

  1. Great stuff Frank (and the Guys) as always.
    And prolific lately as well.

    My first question I mentioned before: is there some perhaps nonorganic entity that
    placed humans on earth and farms us for energy (negative preferred). Ties into the writing by Monroe and John Kreiter.

    I don’t know if this question is too hot to handle but what have they to say about salvation of the soul, and Jesus‘s role in it

    Thanks so much for opening the floor.

  2. “creator and creation … are two words for the same thing. If you can once intuitively grasp [this] you will be living a different life from then on. Everything will change.”

    Pretty strong statement! But I don’t get the feeling TGU is saying we need to do anything particular … beyond living with this knowledge in the background while going about daily life.


  3. Oh man – can’t resist. The question of “create your own reality or avoid thinking your life out in advance?” I may have heard “Both” or it may have been my imagination. Can your TGU comment or expand on that question….and if it is both, then paint it out so it’s clear? “Both”, if correct, feels like more fog for me. Any clarification is appreciated.
    Thank you!

  4. I have been waiting for a good invitation to ask.

    Often when I read or hear channeled material, I am thinking “yeah but…those are just a lot of words that are interesting maybe, if they are clear, but words don’t teach…right.”

    So my question is: If the otherside really wants to impart true higher understanding of the nature of reality, why create all the endless books, recordings, seminars and blogs when a few higher state experiences could get the job done in an oh so fuller and meaningful way? And why shouldn’t that experience simply be given to those who request it for the asking by the higher-self? It certain happens for a few in that way, even when they dont ask sometimes. Why not for anyone who does asks?

  5. Hmm…. (All of creation – not just this 3D/non-3D world we are familiar with through our senses, but the underlying realer world as well – exists and always did and presumably always will exist, in whatever form.)…….

    Does this mean that nothing ever thought or imagined is new, or does the thought create (we as creators) the item, or does everything exist only as probability until created by thought or imagination. Trying hard to get this concept of `everything is as everything always has been or will be` the phrase ` you can`t tear down the pyramids before they are built` (a phrase `Rita` has used I believe) seems to suggest a time of -non existence- PLEASE clarify

  6. Thanks Frank and OverFrank for the opportunity! One theological point has always been danced around in your dialogs, but answering of these questions in recent days has swung the discussion ever closer to this, so I would like to bring it up. Namely, I am curious about the TGU take on the notion of the so called “fall from grace,” which is the other side of the “perceiving things as good or evil” coin, it seems to me. Is this simply a distortion of the notion of free will, turned into an instrument for guilt and control within Abrahamic religions (casting the dragnet wider than Christianity here)? On is there more to say? I have read some /interesting/ interpretations from other non-3D sources, but all come back to the attempt to deny people the opportunity to recognize their own divinity by those “privatizing institutions” TGU mentioned, which actually go back millennia before Jesus. This appears to me to be at the very root of so much of the fear that blocks people’s ability to perceive. Thanks again!

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