Creation and creatures

Saturday, September 22, 2018

7:15 a.m. All right, friends, after a bit of a detour to do necessary 3D things, open for business again, if you wish to continue discussing 3D as the conscious creation of its creatures. At least, I guess you could put it that way –

That is a sufficiently unusual angle of approach to open up new territory, perhaps.

Like I don’t know the phrasing was planted! It was certainly not thought out in advance.

How much of your life is ever thought out in advance? And, when it is, how much good does it do you?

Not cotton-picking much.

So don’t worry about it, not that you do. Let’s look at creation as created by its own creatures. What sense does that make? None at all, if you begin from your conventional view of 3D reality as primary, including such 3D conditions as sequential time as expressed by the perpetually moving present moment. But take that away and take a look at reality “as if” the 3D is not primary but secondary.

Paul Brunton touches on this. The universe (that is, all of reality) need not – indeed, in a sense cannot –come into existence; that only seems inevitable when we look at things as if sequential moving time was an absolute.

And as you well know, it is the taking for granted that 3D conditions are absolutes that derails so many attempts at theological understanding. It is the same with science. In any field of inquiry, the most difficult and most essential thing is to become aware of your unconscious mental limitations of the field. What you take to be “common sense” or “intuitively obvious,” you need to put a cold analytical eye on. It is your unconscious postulates that will trip you up.

So let us agree to set aside the idea of beginnings and endings except in the realm of sequential time. That doesn’t mean that outside of 3D, nothing changes. It means, outside of 3D nobody is frog-marched by a seemingly external taskmaster.

Still, it is hard to imagine the non-3D realm changing without also imagining a change-agent – that is, time passing.

Time is a different thing here. The result is not the replacement of one situation by a succeeding one, so much as the standing next to the previous situation, the next situation. They all exist; it isn’t a matter of this ceasing so that that may come into being. It would be closer to imagine 3D reality as a spotlight, with every new present-moment moving the spotlight onto a new scene. The old ones don’t cease to exist; the next ones don’t await manifestation. They’re all there in potential and in a curious state of reality that is not easily explained.

The critical thing to remember is that 3D reality is projected, from a deeper level of reality. When you absorb that fact, you see why things are just as solid as they appear to be, and yet aren’t, and you see why things may exist beyond 3D without having been projected onto 3D at any particular time.

Now, look at all creation – that is, look at the true basis of the true reality. Yes, in a way it is above your pay grade. Yet it may be grasped, intuitively, if you can get interfering assumptions out of the way. Creation is not exactly the same as ultimate reality. Surely you can see that.

I was taking them to be synonymous until you said that. But I suppose “creation” implies a creator, and raw materials, and purposeful effort.

Whereas reality does not. In this case let us agree to say, reality is what is. It is everything known and unknown, knowable and unknowable. How can the ultimate last layer of reality have been created? If it was created, that means it can’t be the ultimate layer, does it not?

Makes sense to me. Yet I still have a problem with the universe having always just “been here.”

Don’t allow yourself to fall into confusion by unconsciously moving from the universe as “all 3D plus non-3D creation” to the universe as “the entirety of everything.” It’s an easy unconscious slide. Stay conscious. Ultimately – no matter how far behind the scenes you need to go, intellectually, to feel like you are at the nub of things – ultimately there can be no “created out of something else,” or you are not at ultimately.

Agreed. So, reality, whatever it really is, exists, and that’s all we know about it.

You know that it is the master, not the servant of time and space and events. You know that it is all one thing, non-contradictory internally. That’s worth knowing.

And you know more than that – and this is the gist: You know that reality expresses itself (there being nothing else to express), and that, as many “dimensions” as exist, everything is in all of them. And you know that there is no question of creation and destruction in any ultimate sense. What is, is.

“I am who am.” I never understood God’s statement to Moses, or whoever it was. But it would make sense in this context.

So now, imagine yourself to be Reality. Everything, manifest or implicit, is a part of you. The 3D world with its time-oriented dreams and melodramas is one part of what you are, and the creatures going through all that drama are – part of you. Not, like you, or as good as you, or potentially you. You, because you are all that is.

And this brings us back to where we started today. I see it. There’s no point in thinking we are only players when we are also management, stage, and audience. You gave this to us before, sometime, in a different context, but I get it now.

That is an advantage to always circling back; the same thing from another viewpoint shows previously unseen aspects.

If we look at ourselves as players, we may be tempted to look at ourselves as pawns, or victims. If we look at ourselves as God, or World-Mind, or whatever name you choose to give to the ultimate reality we are part of, we may be tempted to hubris and psychic inflation. Only when we have it in mind that we are all both, and more, can we keep it in reasonable and usable perspective.

That’s right. But if you look back at the long trail we had to travel to get here, you will see why so few people come to the same ideas. There’s a tremendous amount of redefinition involved along the way.

So there is.

You are on the final page of your journal book and you’d like to round it off neatly, but this is enough for the moment.

All right. Well, thanks as always. This was particularly interesting to me.

[And, it is true, journal number 115 has only about half a page to fill.]


11 thoughts on “Creation and creatures

  1. So much here but yet I get a glimmer of how it all fits together. It makes me think of Jane Roberts’ Oversoul Seven trilogy, which I’ll go look at again. It feels like we’re operating at a deeper level with your latest posts. Thanks for providing them.

  2. Re: how much of your life is thought out in advance, and how much good does it do you…not much ——— vs ——— you create your own reality.

    This has been a thorn in my mental side for some time now. On the one hand, I’ve always believed that we create our own reality ( Seth… ). For example, If I want to do something or be something, I, myself, must think of it, then take action to bring it about. It feels true that “nothing will be handed to me on a silver platter”. As well, at any given moment, my life situation is a result of my own choices – if my life situation is not good, I am the one who is responsible – no one and no thing else. This seems to have worked most of my life: decide what I want, make a plan, action the plan, achieve what I want – take life ownership. So far, so good.

    But in the last number of years, that process seems to have gone haywire. Actually, things seem to have changed since I “woke up”….started meditating, asking for and receiving guidance. Some things/lessons would wonderfully present themselves…and on a silver platter, with no or very little effort on my part! Some of my friends would shake their heads asking “how did this happen for you?” But for the last couple of years, it’s different. I can decide I want something, make a plan, action it, and it just does not succeed. I’ve never bombed so much, and I’ve tried different perspectives. So, ok, I think maybe my guidance doesn’t want me to do “this, or that”, and I should look in even more directions, and I have – but still no forward movement. I’ve been trying to gather my internal forces, so to speak, and be of meaningful service, and putting a disability I have, to use….it (disability) gives me abilities that can be extremely beneficial to others….I can turn something awful into something beautiful. But, there again, I keep hitting a wall. Thwarted. Over and over again. I just don’t get it?


    So we have the concept that we create our own reality (are self responsible), but we also have the concept of not thinking our lives out in advance. I can see both sides, but, in effect, I end up ham-strung as to which approach to get behind…..trying to improve the quality of my life experience…taking charge of my life…being self-responsible. I do sometimes get answers from guidance, but not on this issue. What the heck? You think I would get something loud and clear. If guidance wants me to do something, okay, I’ll do it, and trust that there’s a good purpose to it. I just want to fill a purpose, be meaningful – but it feels like I am intended to just wait, wait, wait, wait. Years. : (

    It would be nice to have a working process to build upon – do I really create my own reality, and should I keep “throwing things at the wall til something sticks”, or must I just wait around til things come about according to some master plan of which I will be unaware? I have no argument with either one – I just want to be meaningfully useful, and get on with it. If I should be patient….okay….but for how many years? Or is that just wasting my life “time” and being “defeatist”? You see? If I can narrow down which way to approach things, I can try to move forward somehow.

    Any thoughts you or any of the other subscribers/commenters have on this would be enormously appreciated. It’s very frustrating.

    Thank you to all for sharing both postings and comments – priceless opportunities for learning!

    1. LisaC: We’re either in the same boat, or similar boats run aground on adjacent sandbars. I, too, will be interested in others’ comments.

    2. Lisa, what you say describes most of my life. Thank you for expressing it. I think I have said sometime here that I feel like I am a tool for something that does not exist. I can do all sorts of things and life passes but I don’t have a feeling that I am really contributing. Flowing along – not bad but I could give more if I knew what. I have endless curiosity that keeps me moving and makes life interesting. Curiosity is taking things in and I keep hoping for opportunity to bring something out, too, but that opportunity never seems to come. Frustration is a familiar state of being. Am I expecting something that is not relevant? Working on getting used to uselessness. Maybe I need to play more. Maybe usefulness is a useless thought.

  3. @ Martha & Kristiina: I am saddened to hear you both experience this frustration too, but gladdened for knowing I am not the only one.

    @ Kristiina:
    “feel like a tool for something that does not exist”……do you mean that you feel as if you are absolutely here for a meaningful purpose, and that you are consistently intuitively led to that feeling, but because of the lack of hard cold physical evidence (as well as the absence of perceivable movement) you wonder if it’s “all in your head” and (that guidance) “doesn’t exist”??
    Yet inside, you KNOW it exists….

    I too struggle with the feeling that life just keeps ticking along and to date, I feel I have made only tiny, insignificant contributions to individuals. Nothing sizeable. At times, I worry I have wasted my life trying to cope with/overcome my disability. I’m not giving up tho. I really believe that my experiences can benefit others, and will continue to pursue that.

    I also relate to the curiosity you describe. Mine, I classify as insatiable. I stumbled onto some sociology topics and am now auditing a Sociology course. I can see I do not fit our mass culture’s mold at all, and I am finding it harder and harder to find anything worthwhile in popular culture, which is not encouraging. I feel like an unfashionable and unfathomable creature sitting among young people who wonder exactly “what” the heck I AM….I don’t think they can place me…categorize me, according to culture’s definitions. There are no “slots” for me to fit in to. Kinda funny in a way. However, I am guided to live my beliefs, quietly. Do. Live in a simple way, try to help others where and when I can. Never mind about fitting in.
    I guess I just want to do more than that.

    “Expecting something that is not relevant…..Maybe usefulness is a useless thought”.
    That goes right back to “which philosophy do ya wanna get behind?” Frustration indeed. I took my dilemma to meditation (again) last night, and when I asked which was right: create your own reality or avoid thinking your life out in advance? In a TGU-ish fashion, I was told “Both.”

    : P

    One parting thought: I have a nagging idea somewhere in the back of my brain that is trying to tell me that all those little things I am doing for people may be having much larger impacts than I am aware of, and to stop being grandiose and worrisome. That my idea of helping people to reach dramatic “A-HAH!” moments, is sitcom-silly, and I should wake up…that that’s not the way things work.

    Kristiina – you, Martha and I should share a crackling fire and a bottle of wine one wintery eve, and compare notes. Too bad we all live so far apart. ; )

    Thanks for contributing.

  4. I went to a book signing and talk the other night by a woman who inspired envy. She’s one of those people who meets the right people at the right time, manifests what she wants by writing it on a 3×5 card and doing Silva Mind Control voodoo over it, and is clearly having fun manipulating (or moving through?) the 3-D life she’s living. She’s had several successful, fun careers, a few husbands, and has lived all over the country. And I wonder: what’s she doing that I haven’t figured out? I also wondered: what part of her inspires her to write a certain goal on a card — is it really more precognition of an event that is probably going to happen in the 3-D “future”? Did her Guys give her that thought, “start a modeling agency”, e.g., and she just wrote it down and meditated on it — but didn’t really need to because it was likely a preview of a coming attraction? Or is the 3-D personality calling the tune and the all-D arranges the pieces so that the goal is achieved, a la the Law Of Attraction? both? Anyway, she seemed very at home in the world and as Seth would say “the Universe” seemed very “predisposed in her favor”. I’d love to feel that too.

  5. Martha, please – consider taking this one up to the open question table posting! It’s very goooooood!

    The woman you mentioned, I observe from your description that she seems to have had a successful life, when we use our popular culture’s measuring stick to rate it. However, it leaves me to wonder, has she made any lasting beneficial impact on those around her in her life so far (unless we count inspiring envy, or ‘I want summa that too!’)?” Sounds like she’s had an overflowing cup….It sure does sound wonderful….the idea of not having to struggle SOOOO much….wowww….but then is that what life is about? Make your life as good a time as you can? Get things to go your way as much as you can….? Maybe that’s what Free Will is all about – “Here’s a body….here’s a life – now go make of it what you will, and we’ll sit and watch what you choose to do, and why…”. Or perhaps we decide before we come here, approx what we want to tackle/learn, and The Upstairs is in charge of logistical support to all the “Boots on the Ground”?

    Regardless, when I think about an awesome-sounding-life, though, what comes next to mind is the question “When have you ever learned anything from things going your way?” My experience seems to indicate I learn from difficulty. When things are calm, I do not seek out guidance, or focus on my connectivity…I continue daily meditations, but I am only truly half there. It’s when the pooh-pooh hits the fan, that I’m all ears. I was told once in meditation that I do not HAVE to suffer to learn, but that it was what I CHOSE. Sigh. I can see it now. But then – HOW….how do we learn lessons without the hard knock? Hmmm….might take THAT one upstairs too.

    It seems true that the only thing we can take with us when we pass, is our experiences, memories, and what we learned. So, then, is life a choice between (a) sleeping(not being “consciously awake”, so to speak) coupled with physical gratification, and (b) being consciously awake coupled with a struggle to seek answers to endless questions? Ha! Feels like The Matrix, “don’t it”??

    Hoo-Nellie…..yeah, Pandora’s Box to say the least. The pot is being stirred up….

      1. Made me think of a conversation currently going on on Seth Network Australia online. Seth is talking about the importance of us acting on our own impulses:
        “The job of trying to make the world better seems impossible, for it appears that you have no power, and any small private beneficial actions that you CAN (underlined) take seem so puny in contrast to this generalized ideal that you dismiss them sardonically, and so you do not try to use your power constructively. You do not begin with your own life, with your own job, or with your own associates. (Louder:) What difference can it make to the world if you are a better salesperson, or plumber, or office worker, or car salesman, for Christ’s sake? What can one person do? Yet that is precisely where first of all you must begin to exert yourselves. There, on your jobs and in your associations, are the places where you intersect with the world. Your impulses directly affect the world in those relationships (intently).”

        Roberts, Jane. The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book) (Kindle Locations 5247-5252). Amber-Allen Publishing. Kindle Edition.
        Session 860.

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