Reversing desertification?

I don’t know if this particular idea will work, though it seems that it ought to, but this is for sure: If we don’t find ways to stop and then reverse the processes that are turning our world into a desert, we’re going to wind up like Mars. All that talk about exploring other planets. Well and good, but how about preserving this one?

4 thoughts on “Reversing desertification?

  1. I love her idea, and her model says it would work and would produce 4x the electricity the world uses. We need world solutions to energy, not just local ones. Not all areas are equal, able to produce their own solutions.

  2. As luck would have it, I’m currently reading “Sowing Seeds in the Desert: Natural Farming, Global Restoration and Ultimate Food Security” by the late Masanobu Fukuoka. It’s about rehabilitating the world’s deserts, using very little water, by seeding to create functioning ecosystems. He cites examples of applications of his techniques from all over the world. Anyone who is interested in regenerative agriculture will find it interesting. His philosophy of life also makes it a worthwhile read.

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