What does it mean to be good?

Charles sides tackles this ambitious question, in the light of his extensive reading:


3 thoughts on “What does it mean to be good?

  1. I love this Charles & Frank, thank you very much.
    All of a sudden to realize the importance of ALL meditation because it is “the tool for to reach “back” to our original God-Consciousness. And as Charles telling here….You have to reach to the point by your own, as “to know God/Good,” for yourself. And therefore only through your own inner work(your original “inner knowing”), is it impossible telling others who do not “know” about it – or to have “experienced” the same.
    The experience cannot be “explained” as such. But, the question remains …. wondering; is it within the socalled “state of Conciousness”?

    BTW: As to have understood Seth by now(E.C. likewise) telling us about the Consciousness of all things(all Consciousness`) was created at once “in the beginning.” And the Conclusion(as for myself that is): We are but One Consciousness, created at once….swimming in a Ocean of Energy/Electrical waves – or, made by the Electromagnetic Currents of Consciousness(EEC- units as Seth says). God cannot “know” evil because God is nothing but Love…. or, the original “Force,” or, for the sake of simplicity: “The Power Station” IS God/Good.
    P.S. By all means – it is my “take on it,” not necessarily any others(smiles).
    B & B, Inger Lise

  2. The goodness that can be experienced in the quietness is one thing. How will it stand when someone starts to push you around? When someone is mean to you, how does your goodness take that? Often the christian view is presented so that to be good you need to be a doormat. Let anyone do anything to you. But the truth of me sneaks out of me when working against an opposing force. So an opponent is necessary so that truth can be revealed. And why call it opponent, actually – marriage is one of those cauldrons that can cook the nice skin off. It is a different level of goodness to see the value of opposition. Or evil, if one wants to call it that way. An opponent is someone who catches the limitations of one’s view on life. Who is ready for that kind of love?

    1. AHA Kristiina many good points here, thanks – couldn`t but laugh !
      I`m to recal a Reading by Edgar Cayce which once told: ” It is good to be good but NOT a doormat.”
      Hm, came to be thinkng about the old saying: “A spade is a spade.”

      Frank mentions the old testament and Moses with “the burning bush” somewhere, telling(the burning bush speaking): “I AM what I AM.” And if taking that statement seriously it must meaning all and everything included – you can be a serial killer & torturist likewise…. you will always be forgiven (already forgiven as time is created by the mind)because you are living in the illusory/dream – created world.

      Bliss & Blessings, Inger Lise(I`m not kidding but a bit)

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