The dangers of over-reliance



A couple of long-lived perplexities cleared up here, mostly — how can information from the guys be real and yet sometimes wrong?

(2:30 pm.) So on the one hand, wonderful material and it resonates with people. On the second hand, Tom wants to know more. On the third hand Mary Ann sets me a blind question and you guys strike out entirely but with utter confidence. And on the fourth hand Rita gets a sense of me becoming a performer for people. And on the fifth hand there was that request from ______ that I shot right back at him, saying you do it. A lot of hands. So how does all this come together and – mostly – how can you guys be wrong?

We know a sincere troubled question when we hear it, and the sincerity deserves an answer regardless other things.

Rita is right as to the temptation. You will remember that Cayce wound up in jail one time and he wasn’t even being tempted into new territory.

If you were to be sure that anything you said was true – this is different from Psychics’ Disease – how?

Ouch. I hadn’t thought of that.

Over-reliance on intuitive powers, we remind you, is something we did warn you against.

What I’m getting between the lines – and I can hear you saying “exactly!” before I even finish writing it – I get that I can’t get certain kinds of information from you.

It is a delicate balance on our end. On the one hand, not to put any barrier to access. On the other, not to encourage dead-ends. Your choice, always, but we do not need to, nor intend to, facilitate the making of what we see as bad choices. And this moves us into deeper waters than first appeared. As you see, we are continually needing to open a topic with a greatly over-simplified bird’s-eye view so that, once you have oriented yourself, we may proceed to enter qualifiers, contradictions, caveats, and swirls and eddies.

But we can explore conscience, and the choosing among paths, and our nudgings, and free will, at another time. Too bad you don’t have more acquaintance with theology.

I can hear a hint. I bought the books. I just can’t make them read themselves. I get this: This is expanded access, and it is real access. But nothing obtained in this way is to be taken on faith any more than information obtained any other way.

Exactly! Exactly. No less – but no more. It is a question of resonance, and willingness to go one way rather than another – and of guidance considered at a whole new level.

I begin to see.


3 thoughts on “The dangers of over-reliance

  1. Reminds me of what Ruth Montgomery, Washington reporter turned psychic, said at a talk here in Dallas in the 1990’s. She said she didn’t follow what her guides said blindly. She always ran it through her own discernment. She felt that God had created her with that discernment, and she should use it appropriately. She also knew that guidance was on different turf that she was, and she was the one who would have to live with the results in the physical.

    Ruth was an interesting person, well worth the read on Wikipedia. Her books were very popular, and she was an early herald in the New Age movement here in the US. As I read her bio in Wikipedia, I remembered that she predicted several world events that did not come to pass, specifically WW III in the late 1990’s. Several things have happened that could have exploded into world war, like the events of 911, but didn’t. Maybe we heeded the prophet, as a people, and changed our ways enough so that the predictions did not come to pass.

    And that has always been the job of a prophet: warn the people ahead of time of impending doom so that they may choose another course of action. A prophet’s job has never been to just predict the future. That is a soothsayer, and the biblical Old Testament Hebrew Law specifically forbade consulting such. We often confuse the two.

  2. Frank,
    There have been times I felt you make the process (that I see as ‘connecting more consciously with guidance’) too complicated and fuzzy and stressful. This post helps me see how different our (yours and mine) reasons for working at that connection are.

    In my first conscious connection (TMI’s Guidelines ’98), ‘she’ said “We’ll be doing life together.” (amazing how emotional that still is for me!). I slowly learned this meant
    – minimal verbal and visual interaction,
    – ‘in the moment’ of living life nudges, flashes of ‘maybe this is better than that,’ pushes toward more awareness more of the time to make daily life easier/more fun.
    – connection that is totally personal and unique, between parts of myself.

    This post seems to say that (very early on) you were making connection for information for others. I can see and feel how much more difficult that is, how that shapes the connection. And for me this example reinforces just how unique and individual such a connection must be for each person. Again I appreciate your hard work … the sparks just keep flying! 🙂

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