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In the June issue of The Echo World, Central Virginia’s metaphysical monthly paper, I promised the readers that I would report in August on what if anything happened in the Discovery program at The Monroe Institute that was going to wire us all up to the Mind Mirror. (August issue, rather than July, because deadlines for copy for the July issue would have been June first, or, in other words, before the program began. Even I am not that intuitive.

August issue is just out. If you are so unfortunate as not to live in Virginia, you can look at it here:  http://theechoworld.com/Magazine/magazine.html


3 thoughts on “Mind Mirror report

  1. Interesting article, thank you!

    One thing I’ve meant to ask: on Monroe Institute web pages there’s mp3’s and I’ve noticed the brain wave stuff seems to work well for me. Would you have any recommendations among what is available (because there’s plenty to choose from)? Or do you use music at all?

    1. I don’t use it, but plenty of people do. I think if you contact them (or HemiSync.com) and say what you want to use it for, they’ll have recommendations.

  2. Monroe Products at hemi-sync.com has snippets of each track. You can listen to about a minute of a CD to see if you like it or not.

    Also, check the Resources tab of The Monroe Institute’s website for free stuff, if you haven’t already. Many interesting recordings from the Explorer work is there, and it makes for good listening. You will need to create an account and sign in to view those pages, but that’s no big thing. TMI is careful not to overload us with emails.

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