TGU — three views of humans and strands

Thursday, July 26, 2018

6:10 a.m. Very well, guys, humans as prisms, and as the results of prisms.

Well, let’s look at humans as the elementary light that has been so many times recombined. This may turn out to be easy to say, or difficult. Let’s find out.

The point we made is that any given 3D compound-being is made up of numerous strands, or threads – call them what you will – that henceforth function together as a unit, and may, acting as a unit, enter another compound-being as one of its threads. However, this is not an either/or situation. Any such being is not a unit in the way that people in 3D think themselves (experience themselves) to be units. And this is the slippery concept that may elude people. Usually does elude people, so that they wind up thinking things are one way or the other, not conceiving that they may be one way and the other.

The sense that I am getting is that we are at once finished products and the raw material (sub-assemblies, I suppose would be a better way to look at it) for further products. And, come to think of it, we are also the raw material. So, three aspects: Original material, sub-assembled material, input to further development.

Yes, only don’t let yourself be fooled by unconscious assumptions into thinking you are or ever could be only one or even two of three, rather than, always, all three.

As so often, it is a new clarity that seems like it ought to have been obvious all the while. We are the original material, or substance, or pattern, or energy, whatever we should call it to avoid misleading associations. We are also what we have made of it in our particular part of creation, and we are the result of past construction and part of future constructions.

Only, call it “play” as well as “construction,” and you will get rid of the grimmer overtones of your conceptualization.

Hence, we are individual only in a manner of speaking, just as you have said from the beginning. We are individual only as long as one puts limits on how far to look, how much to include.


And, just as you have always said, we are all one; we are all units; we are all communities.

Now perhaps you can see more clearly how perceived divisions among humans, animals, vegetables, minerals – not to mention unbound forms such as other parts of the energy spectrum perceived and unperceived, and other parts of reality beyond that, usually lumped only in magical realms – perhaps you can see why any divisions among things, all of which retain their original “is”-ness, can only be provisional, never absolute.

The units within reality are only units because of the way we slice things.

Well, in the broadest sense of “we” that may be more or less said to be true. But in ordinary terms, such divisions are more or less fixed to your perception and you may (or may not) be able to transcend them momentarily, but you can’t really go beyond them or reshuffle the deck.

Laying out the cards is beyond our pay grade.

Depending upon how one defines “our,” yes. The point at the moment is this: You are you (the current 3D assembly reading or writing this) and you are you (the collection of strands functioning together that comprise that assembly) and you are you (the indefinitely large number of constituents of each strand, and the constituents of each of those constituents, ad infinitum. Hence you are vastly more than you commonly experience yourselves to be, and have access to anything any part of you has experienced, which in effect is without limits.

This turned out to be easier to express than we had feared. The main thing is that, once created, nothing ceases to exist. But neither do the things it was made from cease to exist, either in their new form as part of the newly created unit, nor in their original form before that creation, which itself was the result of prior creation, and on and on backward until you come to the original creation which also is beyond your pay grade, as you say, only is still within your memory, potentially.

It is?

Potentially. The major obstacle in all such recapture is your own filters that prevent you from thinking certain things, or from seeing them in any way that seems self-evidently nonsensical to you.

But these can be overcome.

That’s the purpose of the process of becoming awake, to see clearly.


Think of yourselves – our-selves, we remind you, for it isn’t as if we were divine and you human – think of yourselves as the eyes and also the creative hands of reality. All that complication, all that play of elements, all that drama – do you think any of it is wasted, or meaningless, or tragic? Do you think, as some do, “God sleeps,” or “Life is a useless passion,” or “Man is only a collection of a few cents’ worth of chemicals”? Given your own indifference to – ignorance of – past tragedy, how important do you think first-tier effects are today? And, if you think, “They’re happening now! Of course they’re important!” – then, how about those of 10 years ago, or 20, or 50, or 100, or 1,000, or 10,000? Anything that ever happened, happened in the now. Where else could it have happened? But if you are not all torn up by the Rape of Nanking or the sacking of Rome or the worldwide destruction in past floods or other cataclysms – What distinguishes any of them from your own dramas, except that you are here, now? Two years from now, you will see it differently. Which point of view is “right”? Today’s? That of 2020? That of 3020?

Be careful in your reactions, here. We do not say, “Be indifferent to suffering.” We say, “If you wish to be awake, you must see things clearly and not through accustomed filters.” If you allow drama to persuade you that your 3D reality is real in any absolute sense, how are you going to remember that it is only relatively real, that the players are only relatively units, that your life is only relatively what it seems to be?

All right, you’ve made the point before.

And we will need to make it again, because everything in your lives leads you to think otherwise.

All right, so we have expressed what we set out to express.

Going away for a bit?

We never claimed this was going to be another book. We had some redefining we wanted to do. This is enough for now.

Okay, well, thanks. Till next time.


12 thoughts on “TGU — three views of humans and strands

  1. Frank,
    Hope ‘they’ don’t ‘go away’ for too long … I’m enjoying this flow immensely, and so (it seems) is ‘my’ guidance. Reading the material is a discussion, with ‘me’ and/or ‘them’ agreeing/grinning, wondering, doubting, seeing a different perspective … in short, a growth/learning process I’m familiar with.

    As a kid I was excited and awed by the wonders of electronics and science … my path into and through college work and degrees, establishing an engineering practice, and 50+ years of engineering work have of course changed, deepened, and expanded that excitement and awe.

    I resonate with this line of knowledge (‘TGUism’ 🙂 ?!) and find the same kind of growth going on. Guidance says the change (from ‘woo-woo’ to ‘this is real and what I/we do’) is in me and my connection to guidance, in you and your connection, in those attracted here, and in the race/culture as a whole. Magical!!

  2. This posting brought to mind an image of “future” assemblies – including and/or choosing to express or not, my “now-me’s-strand(s)-in-the-making”….if time is simultaneous, then could future 3D “souls”/thread assemblies possibly contain a thread which is the end result of my present series of 3D choices that I am experiencing as “my life”? And if so, is that pre-determination in some way? Or, are there infinite “futures” simultaneously occurring based on infinite choice probabilities of each “soul”/thread assembly at any given moment…..?

    Phew…this gets very large very quickly. I see for the first time, the inconceivable numbers of threads and threads of threads, and threads of threads of threads, and on and on, that are connected with “me”. It makes more sense of the following experience:

    Once, in the summer of 2016, during a rough spell after the passing of my Dad, I had a vision (meant to encourage me – it happened as I was out jogging at night, and missing my Dad – scenes began to pop into my mind, like watching a movie from inside) of lives whose knowledge and experience that I had access to, if I chose. It looked like a paper chain of people, all connected at the hands and feet, and seemed to stretch out into the distance farther than I could make out. Possibly, that vision was an example of the concept being discussed in this posting, only, back then, all I could take away from it was (a) I was not truly isolated (thus the “chain” of lives “lived”, and (b) I had LOADS of access to knowledge – if I CHOSE to make use of it….or I could go it my own. Allowing me more “choice” to hone in on what I want to experience, or become. Interesting. I can expend my 3D lifetime any way I want….do I want to expend time on dead-end activities, or……..pursuits and experiences that will further what and who I want TO BE? Hmmmm. Today, I can see further into that vision, with additional perspectives including the “actual access”, thanks to this posting and Frank’s Black Box Sessions transcripts – which I am still working through.

    As seems to happen so often, the TGU postings hit RIGHT UPON THE HEAD of concepts milling about in my mind at that time. Last week, I was struck by the sudden thought that any and all of my ego-woes were truly insignificant when viewed from the perspective of me-after-3D-experience. What would really matter to “that” me? I began to experience a change in perspective, the biggest aspect of which (seen so far…probably much more to come) being that I could enjoy giving and loving all I wanted to and it ABSOLUTELY WAS IRRELEVANT what others did back for me. My choice, completely my choice in what to put out and what to experience from it.
    Former “hurts” no longer seem as big a deal, seen from this new perspective. What matters is what I do… I happy in my being…am I living in joy and focusing on what really matters….and finding out what really matters? Or am I stuck in a cycle of watching to see if I’m being taken advantage of and carefully maintaining balance?? Ugh! NOT a fun way to live AT ALL. I suspect PERSPECTIVE is something that will continuously expand but fine-tune, as well.

    Phew!! This posting is, I’d say for me, one of the biggest ever. It is cementing lots of “mind-floaties” into highly useful concepts.

    Thank you all so much for sharing. I am so grateful for these insights – I sure do look forward to further TGU discussions. : )))

  3. These are some of the most exciting revelations I’ve ever read. Somewhere in the session, I thought, “They’re really explaining how everything can be One,” in a way I could begin to fully understand. At another point, I thought, “This is really what is meant by ‘now.'” The discussion of divisions, that we might transcend them but can’t really “go beyond them or reshuffle the deck” is one of the clearest and most honest things I’ve read. And the idea that the “original creation” is “still within your memory potentially” just shook me. I could go on and on, the point still being that I felt my understood foundation of me shift. This is more than wonderful.
    And I agree with LisaC and Jim–I appreciate so much everyone’s comments. Added insight.

  4. As I read Lisa’s comment about “future 3D ‘souls’/thread assemblies possibly contain a thread which is the end result of my present series of 3D choices that I am experiencing as my life,” I got the image of a future self wondering who the hell was this trickster in the group of guides?!? I could see my wicked sense of humor and my love of messing with people when they get too serious coming through to do the same for a future soul-in-the-making. And I began to laugh. Laughing turned into cackling until I had tears in my eyes and my sides hurt. Yeah, I can see a future-soul-in-making wanting to whack me in the head with a board or fire me from the team, at the least.

    I got this one. And I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. This is going to be fun!

  5. This just tickled me — I don’t know why — and I couldn’t contain my laughter. Probably it’s a good thing the dog doesn’t hear so well and I live by myself! The laughter was such a gift! I decided I needed to lighten up and not let a current life decision weigh me done so much. Just go with the flow, listen for the unseen help, don’t force the river. Life is good. Life is always good, even when it doesn’t seem that way.

  6. Thanks again Frank I’ve read all your books and enjoy the continuing material
    from TGU.

    Have TGU ever commented on Bob Monroe’s loosh parable? Are humans
    being enticed into negativity by whatever
    or whomever would be doing so?


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