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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

6:30 a.m. I’d like another go, if you’re ready.

Very well.

One cannot do one’s best work while half not there. This is as true of life itself as of any specific part of life. Presence makes the difference. What woodworker or potter or carpenter works while only half there? It cuts against the grain, so to speak.

However, do not interpret that to mean that dreaming – daydreaming, actively creating, living in a state of reverie, fantasizing – is necessarily not a worthwhile part of a life. But even there, one should be single-mindedly there. You see?

I’m not sure I see anything beyond the obvious.

What is obvious to one will not be to another.

Well, even if your occupation at the moment is day-dreaming, throw yourself into it, don’t do it with half your mind.

That’s what we knew you concluded. That isn’t quite what we mean. It isn’t so much a matter of concentration as of awareness. What you do, know that you are doing it.

You’re going to have to explain that.

People commonly experience the world through a haze of screens, story, automatic association of ideas, many things. You might say you go through life absent-mindedly, and it requires some sort of crisis to get your attention. But it isn’t a matter of intensity of consciousness, nor of single-mindedness, nor of exalted (nor non-exalted) ideals or visions or understandings. It’s just a matter of being there. But what does that mean, “being there”? it means being a clear screen for your non-3D self, you might say. It means channeling the 3D world for the rest of your All-D self. It means being the news reporter you came into 3D to be, whether what you are reporting is the inner life of a sheepherder in Mongolia, or of a drug dealer in Columbia, or a fisherman or farmer or factory worker or store clerk or mother or father or priest or harlot or anything. Every life is a unique window, no matter how many other lives might be described as similar. And everyone’s news report is necessarily personal and unique, no matter how similar.

But isn’t data from someone who is only partly there as valid as any other?

It is. We have said many times that “the other side” has no preferences or judgments about what decisions you make. Well, we may have preferences, but we don’t try to enforce them. You are there to learn what you want to be. There isn’t any other way to learn that but to see what happens when you play in traffic. But we cringe, sometimes, perhaps.

But bear in mind, these conversations are not for everybody, but for those able to comprehend them and interested in implementing them. This pretty much rules out people content with living in a way that is automatic and distracted.

Your lives matter to the whole, as everything interconnects. You sometimes have to stretch to be able to believe that your life matters even to the 3D world you experience, so you may have to take our word that it matters to the All-D world that is so much deeper than the 3D world your senses report (and largely invent). So – live them as best you can, living our your pattern. The 3D world is not what it seems, and there is more to life than you can experience while in 3D, but in 3D is where you are, so make the best of it.

And we do that how?

By being open to it, not shrinking from it. By being awake and not half-awake or asleep. By living in a default state of love, joy, expectation, connection. It isn’t hard, it mostly requires that you decide to be that way, and then remember the decision.

So, you said you were going to give us a few concluding remarks. Were those the ones you meant?

We have given you everything you need, and we wish you well, and for all of you, we aren’t going anywhere – we are available when contacted. That doesn’t mean we may not wish to discuss other things at other times, but this is a reasonable place to pause (or perhaps conclude), yes.

Well, speaking for my friends as well as for myself, we thank you for all this. It has been an enjoyable ride and perhaps cuts even deeper than we know at the moment.

If you will work on your summary – no small project – you will find many questions coming to mind, and we will be very glad to address them as they arise.

That sounds like a plan, thanks. And I get that of course that goes for anybody reading these conversations. As they work the material, they have as much access to answers as I do.

Of course, and that is part of the message we have been delivering all along.

Okay. Till next time, then, whenever that turns out to be. Thanks again.


6 thoughts on “TGU — concluding remarks

  1. Thank you to all involved.

    This process with TGU since March has been validating, but personally very difficult for me to stay focused upon at times.

    This has been a long trail hike for me. In early 2015, I had my first out of body experience and met my guidance in a later OBE … then nearer the end of 2015 I discovered Frank’s writings. Now 3 years later with Rita’s messages (1 to 4) and Nathaniel quite intensely after that for less than a year, this has been an intense ride. I could sometimes see a layering of this current TGU material with these prior focuses and their messages (e.g., a building, development and expansion).

    Overall, I sense that I am ready for a break from participating and keeping up here on the blog.

    Finally, the last 2 days of TGU’s message made a great deal of sense to me (e.g., resonated). With their whole message now packaged and their stopping place clearly presented, I am looking forward to going back to the beginning of this series and reading through this newer TGU material as a whole message.

    I wish well to all that have been reading along here.

  2. Thanks, Frank, for doubling up today and rounding off the conversation before you break for your TMI class. This past week’s missives have given me much to chew on, especially the past couple days. I totally got the flickering in and out of autopilot (trance/asleep) mode like a half powered fluorescent light tube. I’ve been chatting with my TGU about ways to establish the habit of being more awake, more present. That might differ for each of us, maybe? I’ll be interesting to read what others offer.

    Your TGU offered, “By living in a default state of love, joy, expectation, connection. It isn’t hard, it mostly requires that you decide to be that way, and then remember the decision.” I like that. That’s living in an expanded state with grace for my fellow sleep walkers.

    I hope you and Dirk have a marvelous time at Discovery. I hope to take that program soon, as I think the Mind Mirror is a cool feedback tool.

  3. Frank,
    There have been a number of ‘conclusions’ in the 3-plus years I’ve followed/participated in this line of knowledge. For the first time I’m not saddened to come to the ‘end.’

    For me, you and TGU have done a bang-up job of pulling things together. These last four posts are particularly coherent, so much so I’ve edited them into one readable/’studyable’ document. Between work with my own guidance, rereading this recent cycle of posts, and working on my All-D growth/awareness, there’s plenty to keep me busy until the next ‘cycle.’

    My profound thanks to you, TGU, and my ‘fellow travelers’; it’s been a wild ride!

  4. Just catching up with the recent posts now. As so often, my life has many points that resonate and appear to be in a sort of communication with what you post. This happens more than I care to comment. It feels I just repeat myself, and what does it matter that I see so many parallels to my life?

    It looks like we are put to the task of going further than just noticing similarity. Living and communicating from the wider life, all-D or whatever the name (to me since a child, I have named it the real world, the inner knowing of world). I do notice there is a hesitation in there. What if it is true what our education says and showing my real face will make me an outcast, shamed and ridiculed and all that? Just saying this shows how ridiculous it is, but also shows to me how strong the conditioning is. What is it that I see when the iron bars of prison melt into the air? The scope of responsibility becomes entirely different. Making oneself comfortable in the prison cell “they”(parents, culture, politics, whatever) put me in is one thing. Holding an inner opposition of sorts – being a comfortable victim with a compelling story why hiding (or whatever hold-out pattern one happens to favor) is absolutely necessary. Seeing the prison melt and knowing my little counter-culture has no opposing force to keep it upright – a completely different thing. In a way the guys seem to be saying that they are kind of tired that we are pretending to hide when we are all comlpletely in plain sight anyways. The hiding game has lost the thrill and it is time to move into something else.

    So, this blog and the comments are truly valuable to me. Much gratitude to Frank and all participants. Looking forward to whatever will be next. I am not into tattoos really, but love, joy , expectation and connection are words I’d like to be written on the inside and outside of me. How to re-member only that out of all the stuff swirling around?

  5. I liked what TGU said so much, I rephrased it as an affirmation I take in every day….

    What I do, I allow myself to know that I am doing it. I allow myself to constantly be “awake” – in the All-D sense, and not half-awake or asleep. I allow myself to live in a default state of love, joy, expectation, connection. It isn’t hard, and I allow myself to be that way, and then I constantly remember the choice to be that way.

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