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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

3:15 a.m. Proceeding –?

Everything we have said to this point leads to this: The world is magic and is to be influenced by magic. You, as humans, are magic and are to be influenced by magic. Now it merely remains to show you magic when it is right in front of you.

I don’t get that you mean “magic” in any metaphorical way.

No, quite literally. Everything is alive, everything is conscious, everything is interconnected. Of course it is all magic; it is only the limitations of thought and feeling imposed by 3D conditions that prevent you from knowing something so obvious. But it isn’t magic in effect if the trance is deep enough.

The 3D trance.

Yes. The trance that says What You See Is What You Get. The sensory experience – and all the philosophies hung from it – that argues that what can’t be measured cannot exist. The science and the religion that argue that either there are two worlds or only the material world, with anything else being superstitious foolishness. The world – reality – is magic. One more time: Alive, conscious, interconnected.

So what we commonly consider magic to be – the interfering with the laws of nature by the application of directed will?

That is the wider world seen through a crack in the 3D trance. The materialist who allows for an afterlife, or ghosts, or effective witchcraft (the cursing of another, as an example). You see? It is the assumption of the primacy of 3D rules, only with bewildering exceptions. It is an allowing-in of contrary evidence, but only the least degree.

Now, if what we are saying is true, look what it clears up. Those things that fly directly in the face of common sense, that cannot be explained in terms of accepted physical laws – and here we could append quite a list of phenomena! – but are nonetheless fitted in, badly, to a materialist context. At the same time, the many deep ends off which various religions drop: demons, hobgoblins of all kinds, invisible traps for the unwary, celestial wars over the fate of helpless individuals. Most of all, the endless contradictions in the evidence. All these problems stem from attempting to understand All-D reality out of an assumption that 3D reality is the known quantity. The assumption may be implicit or explicit, but that is the root of the problem.

Now, we don’t want to leave the impression that the solution to the problem is impossible. It isn’t. But the problem can’t be solved at the level it is posed. As with contradictions or paradoxes, it resolves only when seen from a higher understanding.

So look at reality as being all one world; All-D rather than 3D-only in nature; experienced by humans as 3D and non-3D (or as 3D only) until they learn to, or remember to, experience with their whole being rather than with only their 3D senses and a usually automatic – that is, usually unconscious – assist from their non-3D component. From the more unified point of view, you see that of course the wellsprings of the 3D part of the world are not limited to 3D causes and manifestations. Of course events transpire in 3D, but only after they are precipitated from All-D conditions. Of course – in short – the world and all its workings is magical in nature. And of course that can only mean that you are magical in nature, unless you are somehow different from everything else in the All-D world!

No, it doesn’t feel like it, perhaps. Or if it does, it feels like it only now and then, or only in specific circumstances, usually as an exception to the rules. But “what it feels like” is not a reliable guide, because that amounts to “as it is interpreted to me by my particular mixture of sensory and non-sensory apprehension.” Not a reliable guide! The result may be sensory disorientation and non-sensory nonsense.

Couldn’t resist that play on words, could you? Non-sensory nonsense.

If we had not mentioned it, someone would have; the pull linguistically was very strong.

When Jesus said that someone with faith the size of a mustard seed – that is, in even a miniscule amount – could tell a mountain to move and the mountain would move, he was trying to express something – or rather, he was expressing something – that totally contradicted sensory experience. If he was not speaking metaphorically, and not speaking nonsense, what was he pointing to?

I get that “faith” isn’t quite the right word.

It could be, but so much depends upon what the reader or listener understands by the word. It did not mean “faith in me,” nor even, quite, “faith in what I am saying.” More like, “attunement to reality, perception of what the laws of nature really are.” This, for “the laws of nature” in this case means the laws of All-D nature, not merely the laws of a special case such as 3D-only.

If you really see how things are, you see, you will be able to perform incredible feats of magic. Not that the ability to do magic is the point. It isn’t. The point is that seeing clearly shows you the real nature of yourself and the world and the unsuspected larger world beyond the 3D trance. Everything Jesus said and did aimed at providing a wake-up call for those ready to respond to it. “He who has ears, let him hear.”

Instead, they made him a god. Easier to deal with that way.

That isn’t quite fair, or, let’s say, isn’t fair to all. To some, yes. Those who did get the message – those who were ready to wake up – did wake up. They are not necessarily the ones who left an obvious mark upon history. Those who somewhat woke up were transformed, but not unrecognizably, and are known as apostle and disciples. They changed who they were; they changed their attitudes and their behavior (“See how these Christians love one another”) but they continued to regard 3D as self-evident and separate from the “spiritual” or “celestial” or “afterlife” reality that would only be experienced after death. They interpreted the words of Jesus as if he had been giving laws rather than helpful instruction; lived in fear of punishment and hope of salvation – that is, they lived in expectation of an external judgment – rather than in joyful, even playful, freedom. They experienced a new birth of freedom, to put it in Abraham Lincoln’s words, but only within a 3D context. What they did experience and to some degree transmit was enough to transform the world. But perhaps it was only a halfway-house understanding, after all.

But what about you? You are at the end of 2,000 years of that message being passed down, even if in distorted form often enough. Can you say that your mental and emotional world has been liberated by that message, or have you, too, not mostly missed it?

The reality is magic, and magic is defined, among other ways, as the ability to affect your surroundings to reshape them in conformity with your will. But that definition contains a whole host of terms themselves requiring definition.

We almost despair of making our point and having it heard. If Jesus had so limited a success, how can we expect to do any better? For, you will read what we say and maybe assent and maybe assent with reservations, but you will not apply your assent. You will not realize – make real – your greater freedom. And if you do not apply what we have given you, it is just an outpouring of words, nothing more.

I suppose some concrete practical down-to-earth suggestions would help.

That, they would not.


Because this is not a matter of a theory to be explored, or an equation to be solved, or even a working hypothesis to be lived. It is an insight, or it is nothing.

You mean, either your hints allow our non-3D component to give us the reality of it, or nothing happens.

We hesitate to agree or disagree with that way of putting it. Remember that each of you – each of us, remember – is different, and will be told different things out of our total experiences. Not only our 3D experience; not only our All-D experience of this particular lifetime, but out of our entire experience, which in context means our Sam’s entire experience. You don’t all have the same Sam; you don’t all have access to the entirety of the Sam you do spring from; you don’t at all have the same present-day 3D opportunities and insights. So, some have greater potential to receive a greater insight than others.

Then, if no practical suggestions for us – ?

We have already made the only practical suggestion necessary, and we have made it many times. Concentrate on waking up.

Jesus said unless you become like a little child, you can’t enter into heaven. He said the kingdom of heaven is right here, right now, not somewhere else or somewhen else. Those two statements give you all you need.

If we have ears to hear.

Well, can you deny it? It is the parable about sowing seed on fertile or rocky ground: The harvest depends not upon the seed, but upon the receptivity of the soil it falls on.

I got the idea, the other day, for a little book to be called Advice from Jesus, re-stating what he is recorded to have said, only looking at it as helpful hints rather than laying down the law.

Gee, did you? Where did that idea come from, do you suppose? Only, you don’t need to be the one to write it. Anyone whose eyes are open to what Jesus was saying can write it. Once you look at it with different eyes, it will be obvious enough. Jesus for the Age of Aquarius, so to speak.

Thanks for all this. Our theme for next time?

Maybe a couple of concluding remarks, nothing more.

Hmm. Okay, till next time.


4 thoughts on “TGU — Reality as magic

  1. I didn’t want this session to end. It’s so remarkable, so profoundly moving and transforming, I had tears in my eyes. It brought so many things together, illuminating what an All-D perspective is, and how, here in 3D, we’ve worked so hard not to have it, until we’re trying to disregard as unimportant a mountain of “bewildering exceptions” (like the measured effect of prayer or what Nature tries to tell us, or the evidence of all our own knowing). I knew I’d been automatically trying to reduce an understanding of All-D to fit my 3D requirements. Now I realize a 3D understanding leaves out too much (throwing the baby out with the bathwater).
    So, here we are. “We almost despair of making our point and having it heard. If Jesus had so limited a success, how can we expect to do any better? For, you will read what we say and maybe assent and maybe assent with reservations, but you will not apply your assent. You will not realize – make real – your greater freedom. And if you do not apply what we have given you, it is just an outpouring of words, nothing more.”
    Thanks many times over, Frank.

    1. I think you have brought out the most moving point in today’s conversation, Jane. First time I have heard (felt) their sense of lost opportunities. Jesus, weeping over Jerusalem, saying, “How many people tried to tell you, and you would not listen!”

  2. From one of the less erudite among us, wow. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I had tears in my eyes, too, Jane. And am (again) finding myself reading this blog at an unusual time/place – at work on a break. (First time, ever.) Thanks, Frank and TGU.

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