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Monday, June 18, 2018

3:05 a.m. We were to resume with more on the “how” of individual interaction with the external world.

Yes. We realize that it will become difficult to keep all the branches of the argument in mind. At some point it may become useful to construct a skeleton of the argument, so that the essentials can be grasped visually all at the same time. Sequential exposition, instantaneous recapitulations, you see. One more alternation to keep in mind and practice.

Yes, it is already beyond my ability to recap.

But for right now, let’s look more closely into the question of how it is that you can (and do) affect the world magically, not merely directly. It must be evident that this cannot be a matter of 3D interaction alone.

It is when you mention it.

All right, so. Considering yourselves as if you were 3D-only results in certain distortions. Considering yourselves as if you were 3D-only individuals interacting with 3D-only surroundings compounds those distortions and produces a conviction of helplessness in a hostile or indifferent world. Our present enterprise has been all about re-considering yourselves and re-considering the world – and now re-considering the interaction of yourselves and the world – as All-D beings experiencing 3D limitations. That is all we have been doing. In fact, this is all we have been doing with you, Frank, from the beginning.

Colin Wilson’s hedgehog, I think it was, or maybe badger. He quoted someone as saying that some writers were foxes and knew many things, and others were hedgehogs (or was it badgers?) who knew one thing. He defined himself as one of those who knew one thing, and said he had been writing the same book over and over again, all his life. And I have realized, relatively recently, that that’s me too, and not necessarily only as a writer; I have been learning and teaching one thing, and that is that what we seem to be, what is culturally accepted as an accurate definition of us, is not adequate. I have moved from definition to definition, from explanation to explanation, but what it all has had in common was a feeling for the “why” of existence, and, more recently, the “how” of it.

And it was a matter of “Ask, and you shall receive.” Any thirst that is deep enough will automatically provide the means to slake it – if the hunger is primary and is followed up on. Our part in the matter has been to suggest alternate ways of understanding that were, as best we could, tailored to your personality and essence. You, repeating these, in turn provide enlightenment for those whose being is close enough to yours to respond to the same “flavor” of information. Those sufficiently different will not respond to this but will not be left unfed. There are many ways to suggest people toward the truth, and each way must be suited to its audience.

One truth, but many appearances.

More or less. Let’s leave it that not any truth applies to everyone. What may look like entirely contradictory descriptions may still represent steps toward truth for those at a certain position. After all, neither you nor they are going to find a “the” truth. At best you are going to find the truest truth you can relate to.

So, to continue. You as All-D beings, experiencing yourselves primarily as 3D beings, naturally experience an external world, as we have said. That external world, though, is external to you only insofar as you consider it, experience it, as 3D-only. In reality you and it are not separate any more than you and your fellow humans – or, shall we say, your fellow sojourners in 3D, because this is not confined to “human” as you understand it – could be considered separate. You are all part of one another, and of us, and therefore of the “external” world.

“Therefore” may need to be explained.

Oh yes. The fact is, there is an external world only in the sense that reality may be experienced as it would be if 3D were all there is.

For two paragraphs, I have been hearing in my head Castaneda’s (or don Juan’s) description of reality as tonal and nagual, which I take to be a description of the world as seen externally or internally, sensorially or intuitively.

But, without verging on to others’ description of reality, let us acknowledge it and proceed our own way. The fact is, All-D – that is to say, entire reality, not merely the stripped-down version of it that may be experienced directly by 3D senses – is not divided as the 3D version is (or seems to be). Therefore, in effect, All-D reality has different rules than 3D reality, or, we could equally well say, All-D reality is different essentially from 3D reality. Only, there is only one reality, but the way that reality seems to “obviously” be depends entirely upon the vantage point from which it is considered. We regret having to harp on this point – which will seem so obvious to some – because it is not obvious to everyone, and even to those to whom it is obvious when stated, it is easily forgotten or, shall we say, left unattended in a separate mental bucket at any given time when one is concentrating upon something else.

In the way we are explaining the world (that is, reality), in the All-D we are indeed all one, and therefore there is no “other,” no “external world.” And therefore – another therefore – you affect the world directly by what you are, at least as much as by what you do. And even this sentence requires careful consideration.

Yes, I get that. But it evanesces, and I am left with agreement without specific understanding.

What you do may be paraphrased, “What you will; what you actually intend.” But that in turn depends upon what you are, for what else is will founded on if not a being who wills? What you are determines what you wish, and in turn is determined by what you were, which is determined by a combination of where you began at a previous instant and what you chose at that instant.

Seems like that could be said more clearly. We are whatever we are as a result of past decisions, which our free will exercised upon pre-existing conditions.

And thus, as we say, what you are at any given moment is as important as what you specifically will. Another way to say it: Your unconscious will (that is, what you have made yourself to be) is as important as your conscious will (that is, any specific immediate intent). And this is how you affect external reality, by adding your vote to any issue.

I know that isn’t clear enough as stated, though I can feel toward it.

You as All-D beings affect other All-D beings directly, which means you can affect All-D reality directly, for the 3D trance is a result of All-D beings in concert. (In discord, too, but you know what we mean.) How greatly or how little you affect it depends upon many things, primarily your level of being, and your intensity of application at any given moment, and how well or ill your intent fits with that of others. But that is where you affect your 3D external reality, and not (as seems to 3D eyes) directly in an “external” world.

Next time, perhaps we will suggest a few specific examples of the kinds of interactions – conscious and otherwise – that characterize 3D beings, affecting 3D reality “magically.” But enough for the moment.

Things seem to be culminating again. Thanks for your long effort to sketch our way toward a more coherent understanding of things.

Our thanks in turn, to all who have come along for the ride. It takes two or more to communicates, even if “all is one.” We smile.

Me too. okay, till next time.

One thought on “TGU — More on how we interact with the “external” world

  1. Great work, Frank! I find it very rewarding reading your stuff. I have found success (i.e. manifesting my intentions) recently to be much easier, when rather than focusing on manifesting my “desires” or “intentions” to think of just “allowing” desires and intentions to manifest, thinking of the All-D me as being there with infinite potential, ready to be more fully experienced as I permit myself to open doors to what I desire, and shut doors to what I don’t. And of course the doors I choose and the potential that manifests is a result of who I am, and that is unique and individual, as it is for all of us. Your writing is a brilliant reminder to me that “who I am” is NOT just a 3-D individual experiencing a 3-D world! We are MUCH larger ALL-D selves, and when I permit myself the ability to perceive the All-D-ness of who I truly am, life does literally transform, and my reality is new. Your writing has truly opened doors, and I’m grateful for my resonance with your muse.

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