TGU — Magical interaction with the external world

Sunday, June 17, 2018

4:15 a.m. So, guys, yesterday you said we’d resume with more on how we produce external events by our reaction to previous external events. You said, “We are talking now about magical interaction with the external world.”

Yes, in the context, remember, of two other aspects of external reality as you experience it. It is the fact that external events have these three aspects, rather than any one of them, that confuses the issue. Anyone seeing clearly only one aspect, or even any two aspects, will have a firm but incomplete idea of the nature of reality, and this will lead him or her to draw incorrect conclusions excluding certain aspects of what is real.

You mean, I think, they will become materialists, or spiritualists, or whatever, as a result of not seeing how the other aspects can be equally true.

That’s right. They will have lost beginner’s mind, in that respect, and so certain doors will be closed to them. They will be pushing on doors that open toward them, you might say.

So, as we discuss magical interaction with the world, try to keep in mind that the other modes of interaction remain true. They don’t go away merely because this one is also true.

And that brings what seems to be a burst of enlightenment. It is analogous to the levels of control over our health that you once sketched out.

Yes. Don’t go into it in any detail, but give the general idea in a sentence or two.

The level of control over our health that we have depends upon the ground-rules of the world we live in – and that depends upon the level of integration of 3D resources that we can command. You didn’t put it quite that way, but that’s what it amounted to. I put it into Imagine Yourself Well as a table of five levels of being, five levels of interaction, ranging from no effective access to the miraculous abilities of someone on Jesus’ level. I hadn’t seen it till now, but that is a concrete example of what you’re talking about here.

Yes it is. And the central point, for you, for your readers, for anyone in 3D, is: Your interaction with the external world is not under your total control (obviously), but it is potentially qualitatively different depending upon your effective level of integration with your non-3D components. Some people live in a constricted, determined environment; others live in a world of magical potential. Same world. Some people’s every wish is frustrated; others get what they really want, as if by automatic pilot. Same reality. And, even more importantly, some people at a high level of integration nonetheless do not get things they very much want, and no one, even at the highest level, the most magical and miraculous and what we might call miraculiferous level, gets everything they want.

“Miraculiferous” means miracle-producing, or miracle-bearing, I understand. I’m not sure the word is going to catch on, however.

Who cares? It made the point, which is that the highest levels of integration produce miracles, not merely experience them, and even these levels do not get everything they want. This is just common sense, and you can see it anywhere you please, but it is a bit of common sense that tends to get lost as one explores these rarified realms of speculation. In other words, it is an aspect of reality that gets lost sight of when one discovers the truth of other aspects. We don’t want you to be among those who lose sight of it, or you won’t go any farther than established thought has gone long ago.

It can be easy to lose sight of.

It is only a matter of the world being larger than any of its parts. Dion Fortune’s group – and Hitler’s, for that matter – had certain ways it wanted the world to be, but for all their magical abilities, they had to fight for them; they could not merely will them into existence, nor did their going into battle assure their success.

Again (and again, and again), this is only what your experience of the world tells you every moment, only you must integrate what you know in one part of your mind with what you know in another. External reality is as real as internal reality, even though neither is quite as simple as they may appear. They may either one be ill-defined; they do not thereby go out of existence. They must be taken into account, or your mental construction (deduction) of the world will be one-sided and seriously distorted.

Yes, you magically affect externals. No, externals are not under your sole control. Really, we can see that the first statement might not be obvious, but we should have thought the second would be. Only long experience says otherwise.

But let us spend a moment on the question of how and how far and under what conditions your individual selves affect external reality magically.

How. Remember, although we discuss the subject as if it were a matter of a 3D individual affecting a 3D world, the reality is that it is an All-D individual affecting an All-D world, and cannot be otherwise. Although you may be entirely unaware of your non-3D component, still it is there. Although you may be entirely unaware of the world’s 3D component, still it is there. You ignore this only at the price of missing the point entirely. The difference in your level of integration determines the difference in your conscious control of the situation, not the nature of it. Your full being is only partly in 3D; to treat 3D affairs as if only the 3D mattered is to – well, find an analogy.

Any analogy that showed us mistaking a part for the whole, I guess. Someone thinking that the physical radio set produced the message rather than reproduced it.

Good enough. Not bad, in fact. The transmission over the airwaves is invisible to one who places his faith only in what he can see. The radio exists. The program is experienced. But it is obviously superstition to assume that the radio program can have been produced elsewhere and transmitted without wires. A valuable analogy if not over-stretched.

But time is running short today. let us defer further consideration of how, so that we may dispose of how far, and under what conditions, if possible.

How far. The variable, the limitation, is partly within the individual and partly inherent in the time the individual lives in. One’s level of integration clearly determines one’s ability to command one’s innate resources, but even here, individuals vary widely. Two people each in full communication with their non-3D components will not be identical. They will each be their full selves, but that full self will be different. Obvious, isn’t it, once pointed out? If you were all fully awake, fully functioning, still you would all differ. That’s what you came to 3D to do: to express your difference; see out of your own private window; make your unique contribution. And, at the same time, the canvas upon which one paints one’s life and makes one’s contribution is not self-created, but is in existence before one makes an entrance. Again, it is obvious but is easily lost sight of.

As to “under what conditions,” remember, again, that you are All-D creatures affecting an All-D world. External reality could be looked at, for this purpose, as the entirety of all the affected All-D creatures, taken together. Again, a common-sense understanding, though here somewhat unusually defined. External reality isn’t some inanimate (or even animate) “thing”; it is the product of so many individual All-D reactions and interactions to what is presented.

And we will resume with more on the “how” of individual integration with the external world, next time.

So much more, behind the little bit we get written.

It is always that way – but again, remember, words as sparks, not as definitions.

Yes. Okay, see you next time, and our thanks as always.

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