TGU — Three modes of interaction with the external world

Saturday June 16, 2018

5:05 a.m. Given that there will be a hiatus of at least a week as Dirk visits and we do the Mind Mirror program at TMI, there’s no point in insisting on a day’s rest today. I’ll continue through Wednesday or Thursday, and perhaps you will arrange a natural stopping-place.

Easily done, in that starting- and stopping-points are arbitrary anyway. So if we are to continue, let us look at the different ways humans – that is, citizens of the All-D experiencing a span of consciousness limited to 3D perceptions in 3D conditions – interact with what we are calling the weather.

You said we could look at it in three different ways:

  • External events are the weather,
  • External events are affected by the weather,
  • External events are produced by the weather (via our reactions to it).


Did I get that right?

Close enough. and if it doesn’t quite make sense to you, surely that’s as it should be. If the concepts are already clear, where is the need for explanation?


  1. External events are the weather you live in. What does this mean? First, you must remember and grasp, not merely parrot or accept, that there is no “external” as such. Everything is of the same substance; the word “external” may mean “seemingly unconnected to one’s direct being,” but that is about as far as the meaning can be stretched. You are of the same substance as the rest of the universe; it’s all one thing. We are all one thing. There is no “disconnected” any more than there is an “elsewhere” or an “other.” All distinctions are approximations, not exact descriptions of relationship or – still less – lack of relationship.

Now, to say – as we do say – that “all is one” is not to say that all the parts of the one are experienced as one. Your own experience every day tells you otherwise, or else how is it that one can teach another, or learn from another? How could there be any interaction of any two things if there were not relative separation into different units? So, keeping in mind that anything may be seen as individual or connected, recognize that the bottom line is that sometimes it is useful to think one way, sometimes the other way. Nothing is absolute. But within that realization, realize that extremes are never true. They may be true as one end of a polarity, but only in that sense. Ultraviolet light may be separated out of white, but it does not exist as an absolute, only as part of the spectrum.

We’re drifting off course, sounds like.

We may be stressing the connectedness of everything more than is necessary – but we doubt it. That is a concept easily agreed upon but only applied now and again, because all your sensory evidence argues otherwise.

So, external events seem exterior. They seem to be disconnected from interior events, call them: that is, your inner world. So, to that extent exterior events may be said to be the weather you exist in. Your inner life is affected by the events around you, and you cannot control these events. If you don’t like the election results, or disapprove of a war, or wish you had clean air and water, or grieve over the continued existence of poverty and suffering in the world, or even, on a more personal level, want this or that external influence on your life to go away, well – too bad. External life exists and you must live your life within its confines.

(We trust no one will take this for an absolute statement, but will keep it in the context of the discussion.)

  1. External events are affected by the weather. Perhaps a clearer way to express this would be, External events have their own logic, and follow that logic. If you have not already built the pyramid, you cannot look at it, nor can you write on the walls, nor tear it down. More to the point, if at a given moment you are in the middle of World War II, your next moment obviously will begin from – the middle of World War II. There are no magical discontinuities in events. You do not experience in external life (as you do in dreams, perhaps) a building suddenly appearing or suddenly disappearing. Things happen in the context of the stream of events that produced them.

(We feel we must remind your readers that quarreling with the definitions, thinking of objections or contrary arguments, is counter-productive until you have heard the entire structure. It is true that logic attempts to test each building block as you go along, but that is the weakness as well as the strength of logic. Don’t succumb to the temptation if you wish to proceed to new understandings. The time to apply logic is after, not during, and certainly not before the new structure is proposed.)

  1. External events are produced by your reaction to previous external events. Certainly as a description of the 3D world as experienced commonly, this is a truism. After all, that’s what you do! Events produce an effect upon you, and you react consciously or unconsciously, constructively or destructively, and your reaction helps set up the next set of external circumstances. After all, billions of humans react at any moment to the events of that moment, and that’s how pyramids get built, or get torn down. That’s just common experience.

However, when you look a little more closely, you see that this applies on an inner as well as an outer level, and accounts for psychic influencing of external events.

That needs explaining, as I know you know. I have a very fuzzy sense of it, and at the same time I get that it will take only a light touch on the binoculars and it will come into focus.

This third definition is the main point here. This is the primary interaction of inner and outer worlds, of subjective and objective reality.

When people first escape from the 3D trance – particularly from the materialist explanation of the 3D trance – they face a lack of theoretical structure for what they nonetheless feel is true. This is natural; it is the bird emerging from the egg. The 3D aspect of the bird is entirely confused at the change in situation. The non-3D aspect of the bird knows full well what is going on, what is required. Birds, unlike humans, do not suffer from an interruption of sure connection between 3D and non-3D, so you don’t see birds pausing while trying to get out of the shell, wondering, “What’s the point of all this? Why should I have to go through this? Why am I not somewhere else or something else or some-how else?” Birds don’t suffer 3D-only consciousness any more than they suffer envy that they are not jaguars or otters or humans.

But the human’s situation is different. As a baby, yes, as a young child, usually, yes. The connection is uninterrupted, and so the baby can rely on what are called instincts. It breathes; it sucks; it systematically and enthusiastically exercises the various functions of the body as it conducts its pre-flight tests. But as a slightly older child, or a teen, or an adult (circumstances vary by individual, of course), or, more rarely, not at all, the connection is broken, usually by social interaction, society (meaning those with whom the new individual interacts, who have themselves been shaped by their society) insisting that their sure connection is illusion or even illness.

To those no longer in conscious touch with their non-3D components, the world is internal or external, inner or outer. When people first begin to realize, or remember, that the 3D trance is only a trance, a sort of strained and maintained state of attention on this rather than that, or rather than on this and that, they need a new way of thinking of the world (of thinking of their lives). They are tempted to go off the deep end.

By which you don’t mean, get impractical.

Well, that too. but mainly, they are tempted – you should know! – to build theoretical structures to support their new experiences, their new perceptions, and such structures cannot hope to be as sophisticated and elaborated as those that have been constructed previously over many thousands of years. Religions, philosophies, shamanic practices, all are available, all would serve somewhat to express the new experiences and perceptions. But, only somewhat. New wine requires new containers.

I feel you rounding this off, and of course it has been our hour, but are you quite finished with point number three?

Hardly. That may serve as our beginning next time. We are talking now about magical interaction with the external world.

Okay. See you next time. Our thanks as always.

One thought on “TGU — Three modes of interaction with the external world

  1. This is a bit off-topic … but I wanted to comment about your Mind Mirror reference. When you mentioned Judith Pennington in a prior post (a while back), I dug down a bit further to find out about her work.

    Related to this, I have been using a new meditation (e.g., a spatially-focused meditation from the Hathors and Tom Kenyon) for 3 months now. I am a daily meditator. And seemingly related to this … just over 2 months ago, I began hearing music as a result of this addition to my meditation library. I use lots of sound assistance when meditating. The Mind Mirror Program apparently delves into these things (e.g., even referencing the development of hearing music, using spatial recordings).

    For myself, now sitting at my desk reading, the music just kind of shows up. At first this development or manifestation of music was surprising, un-explainable and perplexing. Initially, I thought that it might be physically associated with the tinnitus in my right ear, but then it showed up in my left ear (e.g., so now I am not as convinced of that explanation). Then, in a non-physical experience, before the music showed up my uncle and father presented the message “we have something for you” … so I questioned whether the music was related to their involvement (e.g., the soul of my father is part of my personal community).

    Overall for the last two months, I was struggling with defining it as a physical or non-physical manifestation (e.g., using the metaphor of my own weather conditions). I have now learned to focused the music. Once the music starts, I can guide the tune of the music or think my own tones. Then, the tone I am thinking arrives. This is why I began questioning whether there is more than my biological brain involved here.

    The music often spontaneously starts now as I listen to hemi-sync recordings while meditating (especially a plain focus 3 recording and a 2nd focus 21 recording from Patty Avalon). Your reference to Mind Mirror triggered or sparked all of this, so I thought to spontaneously share this here.

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