For what it’s worth, I went through my file of 2018 conversations, stripping out all but the headers, to see if a fast glance would help hold it in mind. I don’t think it does, actually, but since I’ve already done it, and in case it may be helpful to someone, here it is.

2018 book of conversations



TGU — Beginning to dig a little deeper

TGU – seeking a preliminary image

TGU – Beginning on the vast impersonal forces

TGU – the times and the weather

TGU – appearance and reality

TGU — walking your path or non-path

TGU — life amid weather

TGU — myth and reality

TGU — our lives as chains of consequences

TGU – toward a new mythos

TGU — politics, ideology, and consciousness

TGU — conflict as mirroring

TGU — widening our nets

TGU – Tying it together

TGU — Finding the meaning

TGU — Participating more actively



TGU — Our lives among good and evil

TGU — living for self v. living for others

TGU — Finding a direction

TGU — working with a dream

The Common Thread

TGU — Third-tier politics

TGU – Third-tier effects

TGU on the common 3D dream

TGU – Our nature as creators

TGU on the 3D contribution

TGU — The geography of the present moment

TGU – The non-3D sharing our space

TGU — Pay attention

TGU — The larger life and the here and now

TGU – the process of sketching reality

TGU — describing the world

TGU — two viewpoints, soul and spirit

TGU — The higher self

TGU – Finding deeper reality

TGU – Our 3D lives and the weather (1)

A dream

TGU – Our 3D lives and the weather (2)

TGU — linking things up



TGU — Invisible connections

TGU — Obstacles to seeing

TGU – Fitting in and seeing purpose

TGU — Evil and consciousness

TGU — Living contradictions

TGU — A simple question

TGU — Evil, guidance, and scripture

TGU — Individuals and patterns



TGU — Private and public worlds

TGU — Holding definitions

TGU — Opportunities and fixed ideas

TGU — Timing and interconnection

TGU — Internal and external

TGU — Prayer and religion as magic

TGU — Assistance from our future selves

TGU on superstition


One thought on “Headers

  1. Since this is the same kind of thing I’m working on, I gave it a first glance, based just on headers and whatever intuition was at work:

    March Vast impersonal forces

    April 3D elements and connections

    May Individuals & patterns

    June the merging/interfacing of 3D & vast impersonal forces

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