TGU — Timing and interconnection

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

3 a.m. All right, guys, your move. What’s on your mind(s) today? [Pause] I’m ready to go, but I just get blankness, rather than response. Maybe I’ll try again later.

3:55 a.m. Okay, so maybe this will serve as today’s theme. What goes on when I’m ready to communicate and there’s nobody on the line? I sometimes tell people I expect someday I’ll get “Your call is very important to us…”. That’s a joke, but I do wonder why sometimes instead of connections, we get blankness.

Timing. You don’t fully realize it yet, but sometimes the wheels have to mesh.

Care to explain?

You continue to think we are freer of context here than we are. For that matter, you continue to think it is a matter of “here” even though in another category of your mind you know that our “here” and yours are the same “here,” only with a different set of dimensions accented.

You are saying, I think, that what we think of as the non-physical world is tied to the physical world and shares some of its limitations. Or rather, that the non-3D and 3D are both part of the All-D and therefore are the same thing, different aspects, therefore are closer than tied together.

But although it is clearer to you than you have been able to express at the moment, slowing down even more will help both comprehension and expression.

Okay. [Pause.]

What I get is that astrology measures the timing of the forces affecting 3D life, and therefore non-3D life. The non-3D aspect of reality –. Oh sure. The non-3D is tied to us as far as we are concerned.

Better to say, tied to you

No, I lost what you were going to rephrase.

The aspects of the non-3D that you can experience (or contact; same thing here) are those that are in relation to you. So, in effect, you might as well look at it as if the non-3D were as affected by 3D reality as you are. That isn’t really a very complete way to look at it, or think of it, but it will lead you toward something productive.

So, the 3D is affected by what we might call objective conditions: weather, the interaction of vast impersonal forces with our personal lives. And the part of the non-3D that we interact with is, by definition, the part we resonate to at any moment, hence, in effect, a time-bound part of non-3D.

That is twisted, mostly by linguistic difficulties, but yes, that’s the idea. That’s why “on the other side, there is no time” is so misleading as to be worse than erroneous. The other side as you can experience it is always going to be in relation to you yourselves, and you are always going to be enmeshed in a 3D moment. Hence, someone in the 1800s connecting to ancient Egypt, say, is going to experience them through a filter of the 1800s, as you will experience them through a filter of the 2000s. Ancient Egypt isn’t changed, exactly, but the equation is changed because your end of it changes as the clock ticks.

Well, say that’s so – and I’m not doubting you, but let’s take it on faith for the moment – does that explain why I on this end can be ready to communicate, and you on your end not?

But that isn’t what happens. You in 3D are never a stable unmoving platform. You always move with the present-moment, and each present moment is slightly different, as astrology charts.

“Charts” being a verb, here.

Yes. You see, the vast impersonal forces may appear to you like a hurricane, but they much more often are a mild persistent breeze, with little dust devils and cross-currents, etc. The weather, like the time, is always in motion, even if one moment is identical to the preceding moment.

That is, even if one is identical to the next, they are still each one different, distinct.

That’s right. So you, being creatures of time, cannot stand still. Do try to express what you just got.

Well, it may not be that easy to put into words. Let’s say, each of us is a part of every moment we exist in; we are a vital piece of that moment. You couldn’t take us out of it without leaving a hole in the fabric. I was born in 1946. From 1946 until my last moment, I belong to that time; I am a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, and it wouldn’t be complete without me. And, obviously, this applies to each of the billions of people who are in 3D on earth at the same time.

The guys, trying to describe how they saw us, told Rita and me once that to them we look like worms, and they meant, viewing time as time-slices, we were a being that was in the line of consecutive time-slices we fitted into.

This isn’t coming out clearly at all.

You in 3D are part of the landscape of those moments. You are objective facts, say. Abraham Lincoln is a known fact, like Queen Victoria or Napoleon or anyone famous – but the same is true for all the unknown men and women who lived in that century. You are all integral to the fabric, and of course you are not merely 3D creatures. As 3D creatures you are also non-3D creatures tied (from your point of view) to that time. You are each part of the objective fabric of every present moment you exist in.

Let’s assume people will intuit the meaning even if we were not able to clarify it.

Well, if you in 3D are affected by the weather, then by extension you in non-3D are affected by the 3D-you which was affected by the weather.

And so in a sense we are transducers of the vast impersonal forces.

How else could it be?

And therefore we are affected by the non-3D as well as the 3D conditions, and in turn affect them.

Same statement.

So we are impacted by 3D conditions, and decide how we will react, what we wish to be, and our resultant being is what translates to the non-3D.

To the All-D, rather. Don’t go separating the 3D and non-3D to any great extent, it will only cause confusion.

I am tempted to stop here, though it is only about 40 minutes. It feels like this is one of those places where it is well to give people time to absorb.

Nothing wrong with stopping early.

Did I get what we need today, though?

Remember, there’s a big difference between following a lesson-plan and blowing a jazz solo, and today’s was closer to jazz.

Okay, then. Thanks for this, and we’ll talk again whenever.


4 thoughts on “TGU — Timing and interconnection

  1. This session made such sense to me. We and our context/conditions affect non-3D/All D just as contact with them brings in their conditions–which to me are a feeling of love, peace, clarity, etc. It made me think of us as their negative drag!

  2. Excellent post! I find it quite interesting your references to astrology lately. I have practiced astrology for over 35 years but could never quite explain to myself, let alone anyone else, the why and how of astrology working. Does it work because we believe in it or do we believe in it because it works? And it is greatly subject to interpretation, as it the rest of our reality, eh? However, I like the idea that you expressed in your “Individuals and Patterns” blog post: “None of this would be news to an astrologer. The different patterns of people’s lives are clear to them, in a way not clear to people who think others are individuals rather than communities, and who fantasize that people are driven by rational motives such as economics or ambition (which of course presumes that these motives are in themselves rational), rather than the tangled snarl of motives that in fact are in play.” Lord knows astrology charts can show great tangled patterns at play. I usually use astrology to help understand these tangled patterns more than a predictive tool (don’t tell me what to do, thank you very much) but if I think of it as a weather report, I can do whatever I want whether it is supposed to rain on Saturday or not. Anyway, fascinating and thought-provoking read as always!! Thanks!

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