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Monday, May 28, 2018

4:04 a.m. Yesterday’s discussion hit home for at least one of our readers, guys. So, thanking you for that, how about more? But I don’t know where you want to go next.

It might be a good time to discuss contradictory motives and their effects on a person.

Using what is current in my life, again.

In general, we would say it is a useful starting point for anyone who wants to get into closer connection with their larger purpose, their guidance, their higher self – to start from what is active in their 3D life. Now, you may think that is obvious, or you might think it counter-intuitive – some will experience it one way, others, the other way, depending upon their psychological composition. But either way, try it. It will add a new dimension to Be Here Now. Your present moment is never whatever it is, by accident. What is active, is active as part of a pattern, it is not free-floating.

I think you are saying, whatever is active is available to be worked on.

Worked on, and worked with. Sure. Why do it the hard way, looking for something remote?

Counting cats in Zanzibar, again.

Precisely. What is here, now, is here and now for a reason. Or, another way to look at it, what is here, now, is within reach.

Now. We say contradictory motives, or cross-purposes, and you think of your own struggles. Others will do the same. But it will help if you allow us to discuss yours specifically rather than only in general terms. Examples have more impact than truisms and generalities.

I am reluctant, as usual, but as usual I will reluctantly trust that you know best. I do trust your intentions, and even your discretion.

And besides, you hold the pen; it isn’t like you could be forced into disclosures you do not wish to make.

Well, it isn’t all that clear cut. I cannot be forced, but I can be seduced. I can be led farther than I might go on my own. Of course, “on my own” is a funny phrase, in context.

Still, it is always up to the 3D individual. Even Edgar Cayce in trance, or Jane Roberts in trance, would not have had their confidences betrayed while having surrendered conscious control of their communications. How much less would you or anyone practicing ILC be subject to such betrayal. Being in close contact with the rest of you might – probably would – change your judgment of where to draw boundaries, but it would not lead you to go at cross-purposes to your own welfare as seen at a higher level.

I think you just said, our All-D selves might weigh embarrassment on a different scale as our 3D component would, but it would not do anything contrary to our 3D best interests.

[A pause.] We’d have to think about the latter part of that sentence. We know you thought it obvious, but, not always.

You’re thinking of martyrs.

We’re thinking of altruists, let’s put it that way. But it isn’t a brief aside. If we pursue it now, we won’t have time to go where we were going. Or – maybe we will, come to think of it, because in a way they are two aspects of the same subject. One’s 3D-defined purposes and interests are not always the same as one’s larger self’s.

Let’s begin, anyway, with cross-purposes as they express on a mundane level, and perhaps that will lead to more profound questions, perhaps not.

And you want to use two examples rather than only one. Why?

Because it is like using more than one metaphor to triangulate you toward understanding something that cannot be flatly defined. What you want to concentrate on is not the specifics of either conflict, but what the two conflicts have in common. Thus you use specifics to arrive at generalized statements, you see.

All right, well, I know you want to talk about my trying to lose weight versus my wanting to eat things that undercut the purpose, and my wanting to write up a description of a full-week program for Monroe versus my absolute resistance to doing the work. So let’s see what those two cats look like when they are out of the bag.

And for those in the studio audience, as you like to say, remember that although you don’t need to do this in public, you will very likely meet the same reluctance to deal with these conflicts. That is in the nature of things. If there were no reluctance, there would be no reason why the conflict would not be smoothed out – reconciled – easily in everyday life. It is the snarls and tangles that can be dealt with this way and – in the absence of help from other 3D individuals – perhaps only in this way.

Now, it may surprise you, though from here we are always a little surprised at your surprise, as it can be hard for us to really feel the isolation in the present-separated-moment-of-time that 3D imposes

The qualifier went on so long that I lost the end of the sentence.

It may surprise you that the topic of cross-purposes is tied in with the discussion of vast impersonal forces and vast personal forces and active associations across time and space via your internal links. But – it is.

You really want to lose weight, not only now and then, but permanently. Yet as you approach any of your lines of progress [they mean, benchmarks], counter-forces rise within you to sabotage your progress. It feels like a civil war, and is. This ought to – but usually doesn’t – show you that you are also a representative of – a surrogate for – larger forces.

Not yet clear.

Personally, you assumed the burden of your very overweight father. Impersonally, you thereby assumed understanding of (empathy for) others in his – now your – condition. You don’t – one doesn’t – transform by intellectual understanding alone, nor by physical experience alone, nor even by both together, or you should have been free of this long ago. It also requires – and potentiates – an encounter in the here-now.

What kind of encounter?

Bringing it all into consciousness, a la your robot work. If you cannot confront your robots in the present, you cannot confront them at all.

But being aware of the conflict does not in itself solve anything.

Resolve anything, you mean. No, it doesn’t. and there is not time here to describe your robot work. But it is a good segue to your second problem, procrastination.

I need to outline a five-day TMI course. Thought I would do it last week. Am meeting absolutely massive resistance to doing the work. When I get down to it, I can do it in a few hours’ time, because I know what I want to include and robot work is part of it. But meantime I am conflicted to the point of paralysis. How many times have I experienced the same thing?

We have not gotten to the analysis. Do you have the will and the concentration to continue?

I think so.

In the case of overweight or fat or obese individuals, and in the case of people crippled by internal ill-defined conflicts, one’s personal struggles are paralleled by the impersonal struggles they represent and exemplify. That is, your lives are not as private and separate from your fellows as you usually experience them to be.

You live your lives representing yourselves and representing your type of self (put it that way for the moment), and sometimes the two roles conflict.

Hard to see the concrete expression of that.

Oh, you see it easily enough, you just don’t see it in this context. When the light dawns it will be one of those “Oh, sure, that’s nothing new” moments, but the seeing of something in a new context is the something new.

Your father was among other things a jovial fat man, generous, easy-going, open, approachable. He was other things as well, obviously, but we cite these features because they are typical of Jupiter’s influence in a horoscope. What is Jovial but Jupiterian? That’s what it means.

Now, society knows jovial characteristics and expects them, or is not surprised to see them together, put it that way. To a degree, a fat man carries society’s expectations. To a degree, he sets or reinforces them. Do you understand what we are doing, here? At one and the same time, a person is who his or her horoscope defines – that is, a mixture of characteristics and tendencies; what one might call one’s spiritual heredity as one’s genetics are one’s physical heredity – and is representative of forces affecting the world that express those things.

I’ve got it, but expressing it is going to be a bitch.


Everything characteristic of a moment is included in that moment. So when we are born we embody a mixture of the forces as they express at that time.

Yes. Continue.

We continue to be affected by the changing forces of the on-going present moment, all our lives.

Hence progression of the horoscope, yes; hence astrology’s usefulness, if it can be rightly understood and rightly employed. It is the only mantic art specifically tied to time. And?

We are always going to live out the interaction of those forces active at our birth, as they and we progress and as we choose.

Hence you are free only within limits. That is the predestination end of the polarity.

But as we choose, we affect our internal balance.

And to some extent affect the non-personal blend of forces in the world around you, yes. That is the freewill end of the polarity. The world is different not because Carl Jung incarnated embodying certain conflicts and synchronies but because starting from there he chose his way into doing the work he was so uniquely suited to do.

But he did the work, and that’s what I envy.

Sometimes you have to push through. Remember how he decided not to be an invalid, and what that struggle taught him?

Yes I do, but I’m not going to write it out here. People can find it in Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

Well, you, in your very useful, very helpful reliance upon the influence of the moment, underrate the importance of exercising your free will. Receptivity and choice can be a polarity too.

Eighty minutes so far, 12 pages. Do we need to do more, to finish?

Let us merely wrap it up in a package. Your lives are both personal and impersonal, both personal and social, both personal and abstract. That is not saying the same thing three times, but saying three different aspects. And now we can pause.

I feel like saying, “Wow” not in any sense of surprise but more like, “Whew.” Thanks for all this. It may take a while to type up, only I get it: I don’t need to procrastinate; it is a choice.

It always is.

Very well. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “TGU — Living contradictions

  1. I know when I’ve written most of the session into my notebook that it is a good session for me. I started off loving the reinforcement of the idea that we need “to start from what is active in [our] 3D life,” then I was laughing out loud at the discussion of weight (hearing the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups calling me from the cupboard), and then blown away by the the discussion of astrology as a vast impersonal force and vast personal force (I think that’s what you were saying)–“So when we are born we embody a mix of the forces as they express at that time.” I feel again shifted and changed by what you’ve written.
    FWIW, my current favorite astrological site is I’m Sag, ruled by Jupiter, but with Capricorn rising, ruled by taskmaster Saturn (there’s a contradiction right there), and I so identified with your two personal examples of contradiction–about food and about having a small job I’m procrastinating on. I also wonder if my purpose is the same at 70 as it was at 35, when I had no doubt about it. Anyway, it seems true to me that what can seem most personal to us can be most universal, so I thank you for sharing your examples. It just keeps coming back to choice–choosing to be happy, to be doing, etc. And, BTW, if you’re going to keep comparing yourself to people like Jung, I’m going to have to eat a lot of chocolate to comfort myself for not being Jung.
    LoL. Thanks again.

  2. Frank,
    I add my WOW! (As I did yesterday to Jane’s WOW but post didn’t get through.)

    These two posts are setting off a fire-works display of sparks … guidance and I are scrambling to ‘pull it together.’ My deepest appreciation, as always!

  3. Yes, second the wows. Concerning the robot: those exoskeleton things that feature in some scifi movies. It is as if we start out being a passenger in a destroying or just dysfunctional remotely controlled machine. It takes some courage to step out of the steely machine with a lot of ammo, to be the vulnerable mere human. And is it so (stretching the analogy a bit) that one has to somehow get the machine off the remote control to steer it oneself before one can step out? And as I have noticed a need to attend to my weight gain – nigella sativa seeds support the metabolic function. Plants are not a fast miracle cure but can be a pointer to the body to speed up some things.

  4. I practically never wake up in the middle of the night to read this blog in my e-mail, but I did just now. Wow. I resonate highly with Frank’s food issue, plus I just finished off a container of the TJ’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups yesterday! My health suffers because of my food choices, and I am finding it extremely difficult to do something I did easily a few years ago – eliminating sugars and carbs. I keep feeling like I am only procrastinating for just a short amount of time, but that short amount of time has now stretched out for years.

    Talk about sparks – TGU are surely getting my attention and giving me ideas to consider.

    I am so very glad for this blog and for you, Frank. Thanks!

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