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Thursday, May 3, 2018

4:55 a.m. I may have gotten up a little too early, but let’s try. You care to carry on from where we left off?

That fatigued state can become an advantage – particularly if combined with access to the right crystal – in concentrating an errant mind.

Well, I like holding the fluorite wand I recently bought. It does seem to bring me to a calmer, deeper, state. But of course I don’t know what is cause and effect (whatever that is) and what is merely the power of self-suggestion. I often suspect that they are more or less the same thing anyway.

That is a broad statement with many implications, worth considering, but not our day’s target of discussion. Let’s continue where we left off – the present moment as a sort of magic spell.

Yet again, we remind you that we are helping you stitch together microcosm and macrocosm, internal world and external world, psychology and history. We are at the interface between systems of understanding aspects of reality, and the interface between systems is where new revolutionary concepts are to be found, or, let’s say, are to find you.

“You” in this case meaning, anybody who goes poking around in such places.

Yes. It is not for everybody to lead a revolution in thought that sweeps society, but anyone may revolutionize his or her own way of thinking and perceiving.

So, from yesterday’s discourse, if not from previous statements, you should have gotten that the film of dull predicable normality that seems to exist over reality is mostly the result of inaccurate and inadequate concepts. The world – realty – yourself – everything – is alive, full of vitality and potential, unbounded in any real way, and interconnected in all directions and to all depths.

I got a glimpse of this many years ago – decades – before my Monroe experiences. I conceptualized the real world as being always ungrasped by the senses, because the senses could only record what was slightly in the past – 1/30th of a second, I think it is. The direct feed comes from the intuitions, and they experience an entirely different world, more like what we experience in dreams.

What you went to as a pretty firm idea only seemed reasonable to you because something in your mental structure agreed with it. If you had been constructed differently, you would have been unable to consider the idea, let alone be convinced by it.

And from what you have said at other times, it wasn’t “my” idea anyway.

Well –. Remember, there are two very different kinds of mental processing. One is the association of elements, that can continue pretty much on its own and does not require effort, the less desirable aspects of which some call the monkey mind. The other kind is thinking, the putting together of this element and that, and the fishing around for what follows logically, and the continuing critique of the emerging structure. In this case, you were thinking, building upon the initial flash of insight that you sometimes call half an idea.

Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is. That’s why so few people do it.”

Clearly he was not referring to free-associating.

But if the present moment (and it is always the present moment, remember) offers plasticity and the potential for shaping in conformity to the will, the present moment as usually experienced offers constraint, other people’s expectations, necessity, obstruction. How can it be, that both are true? For, they are.

Given that everything is consciousness, it must be a matter of awareness.

Correct. The world you live in is the world you perceive, and the world you perceive depends upon your concepts about it, and your receptors available to perceive it in this way or that, and your knowledge of how to move.

I’m going to number them. It makes it easier to see.

Very well. So let’s look at it, and that will occupy the rest of our session. How is the world dependent upon these things?

  1. Your concepts about it. Surely you can see that your concepts act as filters, determining what you will allow yourself to perceive. Once again, of course, “Which you?”.
  2. Your receptors. This is a complicated subject that might be better subdivided. In short, as your concepts determine what shall not be admitted as evidence, so your receptors determine what may be made sense of, among those things the concepts allowed to enter.
  3. Your knowledge of how to move. This might be restated, your skill.

Notice that all three are, in a sense, the same thing restated. Concepts, receptors, skill are all aspects of who you are as you experience yourselves, and it is in the interaction of that somewhat fictionalized autobiography with the rest of the present moment that constitutes your life, and, in a contributory way, the life of everyone.

I get it and it fades, get it again and it fades again.

That’s often the nature of thinking something through. Glimpses, logical objections, speculation, new glimpses, then perhaps eureka.

So, toward the eureka moment, let us continue.

Reality is seen by 3D beings only dimly, because between the 3D consciousness and reality are screens and filters and daydreams and logical and emotional illusions. All of it goes on all the time. Well, how easy do you suppose it is, to see reality behind all this?

Not very!

So, various disciplines exist that are dedicated to enabling a trained mind – though “trained awareness” might be a better term here – to quiet the distractions such as the monkey-mind’s unceasing and ungoverned chain of associations, and the quiet but disruptive presence of passions, and biases, and obsessions, and clung-to ways of seeing things. All these are what we might call automatic (non-active, non-hostile) obstacles to clearer vision. If one removes filters and screens and actually looks at, ponders, considers, what shows in their absence, some mental rearrangement is possible. This is important work, and little can be done, in most cases, until the mind becomes aware of the presence of such obstacles, and then systematically works to reduce their impact.

But as implied above, there also exist active and hostile forces that must be dealt with. Only, here is where people who have progressed to this point are tempted to move into fear, because fear is the logical successor to any sense of separation into self v. other. So, a few words on this now, and perhaps more later, if need be.

Active and hostile are not necessarily the same thing as malevolent and evil. That is a fast, nearly automatic, logical jump, but it would be wrong. Everything in the universe (that is, in reality, in the All-That-Is, say it as you please) has its opposite, because reality is a rounded whole. It has no jagged edges, no plus without a compensating minus. Your values are right for you. It is to live them that you are here. But that doesn’t make them right for everybody. How could it?

We visited this subject at some length in our discussion of evil.

Yes, and perhaps you begin to see that discussion – and our discussion of sin – in a different light, as a more practical exploration of possibilities and obstacles than first appeared.

It does change things – as always – when we examine the same things in a different context.

Haven’t we always said so?

So, at the moment we are in the preliminary stage of examining your possibilities and options as you live in the 3D world (silently remembering but not always mentioning that to live in the 3D necessarily means living in the non-3D as well). In this context, in the context of the living present moment as being the place of unlimited potential, such things as screens, filters, habits of sin, etc., show their true nature as obstacles. Not active obstacles but more like mirages, clouding your understanding. The contradictory values though are active obstacles, and must be dealt with in a different way. A mirage may be seen through. An opponent must be reckoned with.

But not in the sense of “standing at Armageddon battling for the Lord.”

You will never tire of mocking Teddy Roosevelt, will you?

I just think it [a speech he gave] was idiotic, and was taken seriously.

This is an example of contradictory values being not necessarily evil even though hostile.

And that will have to do for the moment, unless you have something short to add.

No, a good place to pause.

Okay, thanks as always.


2 thoughts on “TGU — Obstacles to seeing

  1. Wow! This was excellent! The scaffolding was very clarifying for me.

    I may get one of those “wand thingies” for myself. Right now all I use is a big chunk of amethyst (my birth stone) to work my crown. Time to explore some stones and crystals.

    Thanks to all involved.

  2. Very rich information. Re-reading yields a lot. I am thinking about the process of pulling half-ideas fully in. That is where the obstacles, the endless distractions do their magic weaving so that the half-idea cannot grow into full size. And it may be a community thing, too. Others upholding a certain structure make it more difficult to pull in the new and different.

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