TGU — The larger life and the here and now

Saturday, April 21, 2018

4 a.m. You guys are worse than a factory whistle. I see a couple notes I have left on my desk: vast impersonal forces and the geography of the 3D; 3D/non-3D individuals on the interface; present moment everywhere; third-tier: how history intersects with psychology.

So, your choice, or, as always, something else you have in mind.

These are all possible entry-points, so let’s go to what they imply in common.

I should add that last time, Thursday, you suggested more on what you called the All-D and the weather.

Again, aspects of the same underlying reality. It is the considering them separately that has resulted in the sterility of thought on such subjects that characterizes religion and science in your era – “your era” meaning centuries, not merely decades or years.

I get that we are in a pivotal moment of change comparable to that of the Middle Ages into the Renaissance and the “modern” way of seeing the world.

Yes, not a new thought to you, and you will notice how the depth, the dimensions of that thought have widened over the years. No longer primarily political or economic but well beyond social, and now, as we go into it, we’re going to show you something of what it is to be a reacting individual in such a change.

I think you are saying that so far, my reaction to the idea has been more intellectual than emotional.

More abstract, rather, than perceived at the “human in 3D’s moving present moment” level. You aren’t just riding along; you are entangled in it, and this you – “you” in general – do not always remember.

The key here is that what psychology shows you is “the world with you at the center.” A danger of imbalance here is that you may come to overlook “you as a product of the world,” which is the province of science broadly defined. You can see – when we put it into context – that we are encouraging you to re-knit the two ways of seeing things, as either is insufficient by itself, though initially they have been considered separately while you learned their end of things.

Here’s the thing: In the new civilization, you (in general) will not learn them separately so as to reknit them when you have gotten a handle on them. Instead, you will ingest the new mixture from birth, hence will never have to do the reknitting. This is of course a generalized statement, subject to many caveats. Still, mainly it is true. But you are far from being there yet (you, as in “your civilization”) and so you (as individuals) have been experiencing yourselves as swimming against the tide. Only now, in slack water, it is easier, and soon the tide will flow with you instead of against you. (Of course, the tide’s point of view is going to be different from the fish’s!)

So, here in slack water, we are helping you reach toward what later ages will have as their starting point in life, but in compensation they will not have the freedom to perceive beyond the accepted framework that you do.

Easily misunderstood, what you just said. I take it to mean, today our perceptions have outrun the common culture, and so we see the provisional nature of cultural understandings. Later, when the cultural understanding has absorbed our highest perceptions, we won’t be able to see into the stage-scenery not because we are less but because the new definitions have caught up to us, and express as much as we can see.

More or less right, and then, you see, there follows a period of exploration and dissection and elaboration, in which 3D individuals investigate and express the new point of view (call it that). When that point of view has been adequately investigated and experienced, there will come a time when new perceptions will have again outrun it, and there will be another period like this one, in which people watch the change of stage scenery. It is a natural rhythm like breathing. However, you hardly need concern yourselves with what to you is the far future. We mention it merely to remind you that every age copes with its truth as best it finds it, and none ever comes to any “the” truth, because what you experience as the truth changes as you do.

Do not take this [life] as an exercise in futility or as a make-work project! Trust that the universe, or God, or however you think of the forces over and above human life, knows what it is doing. You are here, now – wherever and whenever “here and now” may be experienced, reading or remembering this – because this here and now suits you. So, find out how it does. And learn what your part in this here and now implies, and what it requires of you. Only, don’t think it is necessarily a public role; relatively few roles are very public, and perhaps width in extent [of influence] involves less depth in extent. At any rate, find your place and live it, and do not expect that your place will be strange and remote from the life you have been leading. Why should it be? (We might almost say, How could it be?) What will change will be less your exterior life than your understanding of exterior life in context of your interior life.

Another way of saying that is, your 3D life as opposed to your greater self, not only your All-D self (which might be seen as wider in current moment) but also your larger self in terms of “past lives,” connections, etc.

So, to continue with what will seem to some but hardly all as painfully obvious, your 3D component is in a particularly constricted arena, experiencing whatever is going on in that moment of time and space – that particular “here, now.” There is no theoretical limitation of any kind as to how much or how little a 3D life may perceive. Expand as you will, contract as you will, you will neither evade nor transcend nor be maimed by the conditions in which you necessarily live. After all, you came to this 3D moment to live: Why would you expect not to fit into it? Only, “fitting into it” is not necessarily the same as “being comfortable in it,” so don’t assume that if the shoe pinches, it isn’t yours.

So what is the relation between you, “here, now,” and the weather – that is, the external environment in which you have your 3D existence? You can hardly pretend it does not affect you. The person born in Germany in 1915, or England, or the US, or Columbia, or Haiti, or Japan, or China or India is going to have a vastly different experience of life than one born (a) in any different time, (b) in the same time but different place, or (c) both. Your times are your times. Your place is your place. You cannot move to be born elsewhere, and although you may move geographically, it won’t be temporally. So, to be born into 3D is to be pinned at a certain moment of “here, now,” and the rest of life is the living-out of the situation set up in that way.

A reminder: Don’t let yourselves skate over this discussion, but sink into it, and you may surprise yourselves by what daydream-y connections surface, some perhaps of value.

None of this bears very directly on the notes you made to begin with, but you will see as we go on that it has more relation than may appear.

What we want you to take away from this session is deeper conviction that your 3D life and the life of your soul – your deeper, longer existence that is not dependent upon this particular 3D experience – and not separate nor separable, not accidental nor the result of prior bad decisions, do not involve punishment nor being held back a grade in school. You, here, now, are in the right place at the right time, and if you will mediate on that statement – taking it as if it may possibly be true – you will find that things settle in, at a deeper level, and that you find yourselves with new assurance that is not contingent upon anything else in 3D, nor even (if we may put it this way) upon yourselves.

And enough for the moment.

Okay, thanks as always.

4 thoughts on “TGU — The larger life and the here and now

  1. Again and again, TGU hits the nail upon the head of exactly what I am grappling with……and when I finally catch up to the reading. So, not only are postings personally relevant, but also bang on the money – SEVERAL DAYS LATER when I actually read the posting from previous days. A deja vu but not deja vu feeling….can’t describe it, except to say it is certainly getting my attention. Man! What I would give to understand HOW this is all possible….

    As always, thank you.

    1. One simple explanation would be that your non-3D component knows as well as anybody else what is out there waiting for you, and steers you the right way at the right time.

  2. “ … your 3D life and the life of your soul are not separate nor separable, not accidental nor the result of prior bad decisions, do not involve punishment nor being held back a grade in school. You, here, now, are in the right place at the right time …”

    (Lightly edited from) Elias, Session 124, 9/27/1996
    “You are very creative, precise, immaculate beings, your highest expression! Physical focus is not, underline, not your physical classroom, to be learning how to be moving to higher grades! You are your highest grade! (Emphatically)”

    Funny, the Wingmakers said similar things (back in the 70’s) … MUST be a big conspiracy going on!?! 🙂

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