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Monday, April 9, 2018

6 a.m. I’m hitting on maybe three cylinders out of six, but if you know where you want to go with this, I’m ready and willing. If not, maybe we’d better take a break, maybe a long one. I don’t like feeling like I’m just running in place.

We’ll say it once again. It is time for you to take a more active part in planning, not only in executing.

I don’t see how I can plan my way into new ground.

Well, Dan’l, you might look at it this way. You were led over the mountains through the Cumberland Gap, and you sort of followed your nose into the wild unpeopled forests, and looked around, and returned with your own tales of “the dark and bloody ground.” But once your townspeople got interested in Kentucky as an idea, and asked you to lead them out of North Carolina, you couldn’t keep winging it, could you? You had to have a plan of some sorts – not necessarily your plan; in fact it would scarcely be possible for it to be your plan alone, involving so many people. There comes a time when exploration gives way to settlement, and that involves drawing maps of some kind or another.

Nice to see that you have absorbed what I know about Daniel Boone. But if you know that much, you know that by leading his neighbors into Kentucky, he continually spoiled what he loved, and he continually had to keep moving ahead of them, seeking “elbow room.”

And maybe that was his character, and his fate, and maybe there was nothing wrong with it.

Maybe not. But he didn’t go from being a solitary explorer to mapmaker.

Actually, he did. And maybe he never thought of himself in the way you do. You look at the result of his life and see backwards. He, though, lived forwards, never dreaming where or when he would die, even. A significant bit of information, surely? But, living forwards, you don’t know even that much. How could you expect to know things like your third-tier effect on yourself or others?

A third-tier effect on others?

Well, you weren’t there with him when he killed a bear and carved the fact on the tree, were you? That was his first-tier experience. It can never be yours. He remembered it, though. It became a part of him. That was a second-tier effect. You – that is, his posterity – sort of remember it with him, although of course your ideas of his memories can never be exactly the same as his own, and can be and often are entirely different. But the third-tier effects exist for you and for him, only they are different because you are different. For him, the third-tier effects are how he shaped his life as a continuing result of what he had lived to date, culminating in his final summing-up of that life (which you will never be privy to in 3D, as it is none of your business, as others will never be to yours, for the same reason; it is a different story once you leave 3D constraints). For you, though, that is, for his posterity individually and collectively, the third-tier effects of his life are implicit in the way he shaped the country and your idea of the country. And of course this means your lives are experienced in an environment composed of third-tier effects of third-tier effects. Abraham Lincoln’s life, Theodore Roosevelt’s life, Earnest Hemingway’s life, Zane Grey’s, and everyone influenced by any of them, all are different because Daniel Boone lived. None of them shared his first- or second-tier experiences, but each of them was partially shaped by the third-tier results of those experiences.

I keep hearing “The Boone and Crockett Club” that I think Roosevelt founded, for sportsmen and conservationists.

You can’t imagine that Boone foresaw that, or any of it, surely.

This is the intersection of psychic exploration and history, then.

It is, shall we say, the intersection between 3D and non-3D experience.

That is very interesting. I have only known one other person in this life – Kelly Neff – who was equally interested in what seem to be two unrelated, even countervailing or antagonistic, subjects. Maybe now I begin to see why we were both interested in it.

Now, you see, here is an unexpected connection that can lead you to new conjunctions. But how many will be able to follow you into Kentucky? A few, the few who are already treading along with you because their own background (which is to say, their makeup, their constitution) had them close enough to catch the scent. But for most people, whose background is very different, your reports of the new territory will be too vague, too ungrounded (to make a bad play on words) to connect to.

To return to the question of, “What’s in it for me?”, or rather, “Where can I go from here?” We repeat, you are going to have to take a more active part in shaping the reports of the journey, if it is not to be largely lost.

You say, “we repeat,” but I don’t know that you have quite said that before.

Well, we’re saying it now. What is it to sell a couple hundred copies of a book, or to have it ephemerally appear on a website, in pieces? You ask too much of your readers.

I see.

Of course it is sobering! Do you think Daniel Boone crossed the mountains thinking to do it on automatic pilot? He was conscious day by day. What he was conscious of was his environment as he experienced it – that is, through eyes and mind that had been shaped by his previous experience, not so much by the pattern of what he was to be. When he hunted for his food, it was with skill learned in the Yadkin Valley [of North Carolina], not with skill acquired in lands he had not yet visited.

Yes, I get it. We always have to face new challenges feeling ill-prepared, I suppose.

Not “always” and not even “ill-prepared,” necessarily. But in the absence of the experience you are about to acquire, how can you already have had it?

Via strands from other lives?

That’s a different story. Center, if you wish to go into it.

We have 20 minutes. Let’s. [I center.]

Daniel Boone knew what Daniel Boone knew. That is, he built upon second-tier effects, as you all do. But “seen or unseen, God will be here,” as Carl Jung knew. What Daniel Boone knew included things he didn’t know he knew. What people call instinct, innate talent, natural bent – all those enter into your life from somewhere, and where do you suppose? Now, there’s no use defining things that are always going to be half outside your definitions anyway, but roughly you could say that a person’s strands are a connection to many lives. To greater or lesser extent, they are available resources. But what are they? Not first-tier experiences, obviously; you are not there but here. Second-tier? Well, in a way. You may feel what those strands felt; you may deeply empathize. But mostly they are third-tier in that they let you build upon what they became – through their reaction to those events. So, your strands tie you directly (if not necessarily actively) to everything and everybody else in your – psychic lineage, let’s call it.

Again, the interaction of 3D and non-3D.

You have to remember in different contexts (and we know it can be hard to do): 3D and non-3D are not separate! They are part of the same unit – the All-D, we are calling it – that is larger than either. So it is less “interaction” than invisible connection available to be seen by those with eyes to see.

It seems to me that everything you have been doing – you, Nathaniel, Rita, other “guys,” individuals like Jung, Hemingway, Joseph, etc. – has as its common thread just this inter-stitching of 3D and non-3D.


Well, that was a little more enthusiastic a response than I expected to what seems a pretty obvious statement of fact.

It is obvious to you now, here, as part of this temporary joint mind, and in response to our leading you down the garden path today, but we can only assure you, it wasn’t obvious to you an hour ago. You have caught sight of certain aspects here and there, and in toto the message has been there, but we can’t say you’ve seen it as the center of gravity that it is.

Now do you see why you need to be writing a summary? Or, more likely, more than one summary?

Possibly I do. Knowing what isn’t knowing how, of course.

The only way to learn how is to do it. It is in exploring Kentucky that Daniel Boone learned Kentucky and, for that matter, learned exploring. To himself, for the longest time, he appeared to be just another hunter out of the Yadkin Valley, one of his townsmen. But in doing what was right in front of him, what was most natural to him, he did something totally unprecedented. And it was the nature of his precedent that, in its third-tier effects, would shape his country’s future. Kentucky was not settled by [that is, was not populated by resident] Indians; they held it as neutral ground, set aside for hunting. No other state would be [found] in quite that state of vacancy. But the settlement patterns would be similar even if they were often accompanied or preceded by Army detachments.

Something keeps prodding me to remind people that Kentucky was the first trans-mountain state, admitted in 1798, even before Ohio, as a result of Daniel Boone’s (and others’) leading of his countrymen to settle there.

Before Ohio, before Louisiana, and therefore a model for things to come. Can it be said that Daniel Boone’s personal following his instincts, and his following where his life led, was of interest and importance only to himself? This has nothing to do (in this context) with fame or reputation. Boone wasn’t particularly famous in his day for quite a while. But it has everything to do with third-tier effects of third-tier effects of third-tier effects, etc.

Now, since you aren’t particularly interested in the 3D world for its own sake, perhaps you’d better point this up for us.

We didn’t say we aren’t interested in the 3D world for its own sake. We are very interested in the 3D world – but only in its proper context, as part of All-D, not as separate from the non-3D or as the only game in town.

Now there’s your hour and a little more, and hopefully you feel a little better about all this.

I can’t say I feel any more confident, but yes, I do feel more oriented. It is a new idea, or anyway a new realization, to see the integral connection between 3D and non-3D, so that it is no longer an either / or, but a necessary continuation, one of the other.

So you see, dismissing 3D life as Maya is true enough in its way, and represented a step forward in awareness at one time, but no longer. Now it is a well-trodden path suitable only for those who momentarily need such a path. Similarly, dismissing anything but 3D – the materialist position – is not only equally untenable; it is dying around you almost minute by minute. But if you wish to light the way, you must be a beacon. Relatively few people are oriented by a light concealed under a bushel.

Very funny. All right, that’s 70 minutes, and a very satisfying if challenging session. Our thanks as usual.

[And I note, this is nearly 2000 words!]


12 thoughts on “TGU — The Common Thread

  1. Thanks, Frank, for this morning’s missive. I’m right there with you. I feel like an explorer in new territory. I also feel like a stranger in my old land, so we must press on. I’ve been reading your blog and works now for 3 years (since PD in 2015). It’s been quite the shift in thinking for me, yet I see where more work is needed.

    Much of my life has been influenced by a type of Christian worldview that sees the world as broken and in need of redemption. It looks for a savior to step forth, set things right, and usher in peace. That apocalyptic worldview has percolated into everyday American life. We see that the world is a mess and look for someone to show up and make sweeping changes. Every media source presents us with more bad news – reinforcing this idea that the world is broken. So it is easy to see the world as a place where we just need to “hang on and get through it” until we get to the afterlife, which will be perfect and peaceful.

    So when TGU says things like “all is well, all is always well” and “3D and non-3D are inter-stitched,” it bumps up against my apocalyptic mindset, reminding me of work that needs doing. It’s like trying to go uphill against a strong breeze. I don’t readily see that 3D and non-3D are all one thing, because I imagine the first to be problematic and the second to be preferred. It’s hard to imagine that “all is well” after watching the 6 o’clock [PM] news or reading a newspaper. That’s even more reason to filter how I get my news now. And even better reason to make time for meditation/contemplation, which gives me a wider viewpoint.

    So thanks for today’s and the past few offerings. I’ve had much to chew on. It’s good stuff!

    1. Thank you, Jane. For you, and for all who comment here and by email and in person, know that your comments really do help. I was thinking, last night, about how wide and how widely unsuspected our influence is. I forget the specific example that came to mind, but it was carom shot after carom shot, with no end to it in sight, and it’s just a matter of our living our values as best we can. As Thoreau pointed out, we don’t have to go count the cats in Zanzibar. (Though, gosh, if we don’t do it, who will? And with the budget cuts and all, and the threat of unsuspected feline overpopulation….)

  2. I was thinking, “This is how we choose our strands–third tier effect!” I’m so glad you stitched that together–how 3D and non-3D connect, showing how they’re not really separate.
    You also reminded me that we get to our felt truths realization by realization.
    And JaneC reminded me what this shift we’re in is all about. As one source says, we’re moving from an evolutionary model based on saviourship (being saved and saving others) to one based on our own transformation leading to our own mastery, based in our own realizations (
    Another good session. Thank you.

  3. Hi Frank,

    Your work is fantastic. When TGU wrote a few days ago that Bob Monroe’s cosmology was apocalyptic, it astonished me, and I realized it was true. I see clearly that where TGU is coming from is very different viewpoint, and I see that my views on that have shifted as well. Humanity may or may not survive itself in this TSL, and that’s not the point, and beyond our certain knowledge anyway. The upshot of “third tier effects” for me is that we each are able to massively change EVERYTHING by our actions, and our thoughts, beyond our ability to comprehend. I can tell you, they certainly affect my sales results as a Realtor! Reminds me of what Bob said about the “Noetic Bet” – which paraphrasing is that if enough people get to a certain point, then reality changes and “good” things happen! (of course WHO’S good is that! smile) Might not make your Guidance course in May this time, Frank, but to all his readers, go if you can, it’s fantastic!

    For “carom shot after carom shot” also see Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience book called “Dying To Be Me” to see what happened for that book to be published!

  4. It almost looks as if we are all on the same boat, in some strange way. So encouraging to read about others’ journeys! Right now I am getting serious prodding about working my way into right livelihood. My work pretends only 1st tier or 3D exists. I do not want to put my lifes’ work into supporting something I know is not true. And, of course, this brings up all kinds of inner opposition. A weird place to be in culturally. Having always had a secret life that seeks to center on truth – and even finding friends on the same journey – and still upholding totally opposing position for a living. It seems right now we are getting some encouraging kicks in the rear parts to wake up, smell the coffee and MOVE.
    Personally I’ve gotten this urge to start (try to, that is) teaching something like relaxation (and actually it is not relaxation) but techniques that support brain plasticity. Self directed brain plasticity. All personal history and maybe it even stretches further, but everything is stored in the body. So you can’t just lie down and relax. There is new research on the vagus nerve that point in the direction where a neurological reset can be found. So that we can start thinking some new thoughts instead of repeating the same old. How to collect the courage to turn into a different direction?

  5. Thanks to Andy W. for mentioning the “Guidance Course.”

    May I ask what this is, or where I can read info about it?
    It’s sounds neatorooni….!

    1. Go to for a description of the course. It’s a weekend course — Friday evening through Sunday morning — taught by Bob Holbrook and me. Give us that time and we’ll (probably) be able to show you (a) that you already are more psychic than you know, (b) that you already connect with your non-3D guidance on a regular basis, and (c) how to do it more effectively and easily.

      1. : )
        Your “Go to” had nothing after it – maybe you posted a link? Could you try again or maybe email it to me? The course sounds great!

        1. Let’s try it this way. Type in the following, of course substituting the proper punctuation for the words dot and slash, without the brackets, and not leaving spaces before or behind them. The two [%20]s go in without brackets too.
          www [dot] monroeinstitute [dot] org [slash] Accessing [%20] Inner [%20] Guidance

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