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Sunday, April 8, 2018

6:05 a.m. The method for remembering dreams (keeping pad and pencil nearby and writing what you remember as soon as you awaken, and in the dark if possible) that David Solomon recommended does have potential, I can see that. Of course, sometimes those one- or two-word references that seem so clear at the time look pretty cryptic when you come to try to remember what they meant! Of the three sets of words I wrote down, at 12:40, and at 5:45, and sometime between, the latest one is most easily understood, and seems worth sharing.

TMI Board meeting. Scott Taylor. Trying to make a global fix and seeing it can’t be done. (Computers.) Bob Holbrook and I caution against despair, via website.

Clear enough, surely. (A) Beware of thinking you can fix things globally. (B) Use what means you have, to spread the word Don’t Give Up.

There’s more I could say about this, but let’s have a word from our sponsors.

Dreams are a word from your sponsors! And when you get a dream, should you concern yourself with who those sponsors are? Parts of yourself? Others? Past lives? Angels? Demons? Departed friends? Saints? God?

No way to know. This is one of what I call the Useless Questions.

No way to know, partly because the distinctions are less real than they appear, as we without bodies are less distinct than we may appear, and as you within bodies are less distinct than you may appear to yourselves. The only safe test is, by their fruits, you shall know them. So, when you receive a dream, pay attention to it, take it seriously, but that means testing it. That is, test the meaning for you of following whatever path it may seem to indicate for you. If it is a true guide, it can never be diminished by close examination. If it is not, close examination is all the more indicated.

In my experience, dreams don’t always indicate a path. They don’t even always make sense, or make a unit, though I realize that of course I may not be remembering them right, or may be forgetting important parts (almost certainly am forgetting important parts). Still, they don’t always point somewhere.

When in doubt, meditate on them. That isn’t recounting them, or trying to use logic on them, or thinking about them, so much as settling into them, into any part of feeling of the dream you can remember. The trick is to let your non-logical, your non-sequential part of your mind, take it. Sequential processing won’t take you where you want to go.

Noted. Is that our theme today, dreams?

Our theme might as well be the theme from your dream, rather than the abstract discussion of dreams.

As you know, dreams make use of puns – not only in the form of linguistic double entendres, but of rebus-like associations, and metaphors set into solid images. So, in computer terms you speak of making a global change, meaning, “Everywhere in this document where you find A, replace it with B.” It is fast, efficient, automated, and therefore carries with it the potential to do massive unintended damage if the programmer has not thought through his definitions carefully.

We used to say, paraphrasing an industry stock phrase, “One computer working for two seconds can make more mistakes than two men working a lifetime.”

And with this background, the source of your dream knew an analogy that would draw your attention and would be comprehensible, you see.

I do. It’s obvious. They (whoever “they” may be) have to come to us where they find us.

So this is a way, memorable for you, to say what to another might come as One Size Does Not Fit All.

I shouldn’t think I’d still need to be warned that self-development comes one at a time, rather than in batches of people.

Perhaps that element was context for the rest of the dream, rather than being meant to be a message in itself.

I hadn’t thought of that.

When you put it in combination with the other elements, you get a different nuance. Perhaps it is always an error, if an error difficult to avoid, to consider in isolation things that come as one.

So, it was a TMI Board meeting in which someone was trying to make a global change; Scott Taylor, whom you like and respect, a university professor and expert in NDEs, was involved; you might look at what he symbolizes to you.

Intelligence, altruism, experience, credentials, competence.

You see? Even Scott, even at TMI among the board, may make a mistake in trying to make a global change if he doesn’t think through the logical possibilities. But you can’t look at only this part of the dream without looking at the other part: Bob Holbrook and you are using a website to caution against despair. What does that add?

Well, Bob is my co-trainer for the weekend course: He made it go, he gets where I’m coming from and helps when I need it. Plus, we’re compatible.

And the two of you agree on the importance of using the TMI tools and community to help people wake up.

Only in the dream it says don’t despair, as if that is our primary message.

But put the two halves of the dream together, instead of considering them separately, and what do you have?

You can only reach people one at a time, but there is no reason why you should despair over what seems so slow a program.

That’s one possible reading. Another?

The Internet gives us the chance to reach the world, only we need to be careful of unintended consequences? But still the message is, don’t despair?

And there are other messages, perhaps, tailored specifically for you. It’s all in the teasing them out.

But this is enough. Your interest is waning, the clock is ticking, and there’s no use beginning another discussion at this point.

So much less to transcribe, then. Thanks and we’ll see you next time.


5 thoughts on “TGU — working with a dream

  1. I remembered a bit of a dream for the first time in a long time. It centered on a picture of Lady and the Tramp on someone’s desk in an office and people’s responses to it (positive with some gentle teasing). Following your suggestions for analysis, settling myself into the feelings evoked, I wrote several pages of what could be gotten from this dream. I was amazed.

  2. Hello Jane and All.
    Dreams are really fascinating.
    Lady and the Tramp, how beautiful ! The most Adoreable Feelings & Emotions arising only thinking about the cute old movie now – lovely remembrances.
    All the old Disney movies, and the old cartoons, are as a whole wonderful world of the Magic of life. The small children watching the Disney`s and to them (within their innocent mind) it became real.
    Jane Roberts telling once to her friend Susan Watkins, from her experience back in 1963, were Jane R., said: “My first insight (after “meeting” with Seth) is that when you look at something, you create it.” Pretty cool is it not?
    As for myself and others nowadays:
    I have come to realize MANY of us to have had similar dreams lately about what happens around the Globe(the Globel Affairs),” feeling the pressure of the world.”
    – If watching the news on TV – Let it Be….As the old Beatles Song: “Let it Be, Let it Be, speaking words of wisdom, let it BE….. Easier said than done many a time, that`s for sure.

    1. Hello Inger Lise! What you say connects this in my head: the news is a very strong way to create shared reality. And moving into a different place, different creation may require turning one’s look away from the currently prevailing one. And nice to see you here – we are on the same side of this earth ball so almost neighbours.

      1. Absolutely true Kristiina – agree.

        Well, since we are into dreams and its reality right here and now — Here comes one dream to have had last week — The “theme” in my dream obviously was about the funeral and “the Circle” of life.

        A very lucid dream by the way: All the participants in the funeral came dressed in black clothes. At first all looking very “ordinary” as if within all “the common7ordinary” funerals. But soon it changed into “a New-Age” scenario.
        “The participants” in the Funeral – all dressed in black clothings but modern, were asked to do A CIRCLE outdoors at the graveyard – doing a Circle about the one grave there.
        In my dream, I was quite surprised how many peoples to be there(not suspected by me obviously). AND a lady I did not recognized, with a microphone in hand, stood up upon a footstool to ask if the peoples in the Funeral-Circle to be “holding hands” when making a Circle.
        And I am (from above) watching the whole scenario. I was also looking at the one particular lady who stood outside of the Circle, she was felt as somehow hiding “in the back-ground,” She was felt as the daughter of a newly dead friend by the way(not long ago dead, but I was not in the funeral).
        Within my dream, she, the young lady, was observing the NEW AGE FUNERAL CEREMONY with amasement, obviously a new tradition, all new to her.
        The other lady who held the microphone upon the footstool in the Circle, calling forth “the young background lady”, who stood outside of the Circle and asking her to come forth. And asking the young lady to step upon the footstol to SING a song.
        And giving the title of the song for “the outsider” to sing: It was one word clearly told: “Wonderful.” And the peoples who stood there, smiling.
        The end of the dream.

        When to awaken in the morning thought about the given word: “Wonderful” as a song? Hm, well, wonder if my lucid dream was telling “The Circle of Life is Wonderful.” But somehow also becoming conscious of the fact; “in becoming APART from the Circle.” And more or less concious about death “is no more:” Loosening the old “grip” so to speak. Maybe becoming independent of the old patterns?

  3. Inger Lise! Such a rich dream. It would take me days to try to sort such a dream. Definitely seems about transition. And not just death is no more, but a feeling of excitement and/or celebration as well. A great dream to hear about, and it inspires me to keep my notebook handy. I wonder if there would be a similarity or common themes to any of our dreams? Mine, I think, was about remembering the sweetness of new (romantic) relationships and not being afraid to love in that way (e.g., because we fear not being loved back and/or we don’t want to be married). Also, thinking of it as romantic adventure. Now, that’s more than I would generally ever reveal in a public forum, but it’s pretty freeing to do so. Thanks for sharing your dream.
    Jane P

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