At TMI’s Professional Division seminar

Members of the Professional Division of The Monroe Institute meet every other Spring for a few days of presentations, socializing, business meetings and just plain fun. This years began Saturday night and continues until breakfast Thursday morning. A few pix I took today. Not great pix, but they’ll give the idea, maybe.

Well-loved scenery:

During a presentation in David Francis Hall:

Another angle:

And a third:

Socializing on the porch:













3 thoughts on “At TMI’s Professional Division seminar

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never been there, just read about it–mainly in your work–so its great to see pics. Scenery is beautiful, and the people have got to be inspirational.

  2. That scenery photograph is like having a mind-image come to life: this is right out of one particular scene in J. Edwin Carter’s book! (When I read that part years ago, THIS is what I pictured in my mind’s eye, minus the rock sculpture and bench – the mountains and trees are the same. What an odd feeling….

  3. Further development….what a bizarre experience: after I wrote the previous comment, I felt compelled to go get the book and double-check the part of the story I remembered that had brought the image to mind, to make sure I wasn’t confusing it with another scene. I pulled the book off the shelf and noticed a scrap of paper tucked in, as a book marker. Guess what the page was? The part of the story/scene which had inspired my mind’s eye image years ago, that then matched the scenery photo posted here today.

    Curiouser and curiouser…..

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