Rita’s tenth anniversary of liberation from the 3D world

Ten years!

Hard to believe, but today makes ten years since Rita Warren made her transition from the 3D to the All-D world, 3-19-2008

This week I am at The Monroe Institute, attending its week-long Professional Division meeting. Given how large a part TMI played in Rita’s later life, naturally she is in my thoughts.

Even when I took this shot of Rita on her motorized wheelchair, on what turned out to be her final trip outdoors in that manner, I thought, “Someday this picture is going to be very symbolic. And so it has proved to be.


3 thoughts on “Rita’s tenth anniversary of liberation from the 3D world

  1. Thank you very much for the pictures Frank.
    FELT the pictures very intensely.
    The glance at Ritas eyes to show her sharp & clear Mind, as if telling “something.”

    And by looking at the one picture when she is sitting in the electrical wheel-chair for a last trip into the nice country-surroundings there gave me a rather special dream last night !
    — Well, Rita seems to be showing up in my dream last night because my dream went like this:
    “I stood alone along a road looking around me waiting for “somebody,”don`t know who or whom, when a car all of a sudden to stop beside of me. The chauffeur asking me if I wanted to come with him for “a drive?”
    Hm, well, guess who “the Driver” was? Yeap, it was Frank, and with the car filled up with family and friends….Hardly a seat to sit down when to enter into the car because of all “family-members” placed into the car.
    I were placed between Franks “mother”(Franks “mom”, a grey-haired cosy lady—but not looking as the picture you to have sent with Ritas`), and a younger brown-haired, cute lady, all sitting in the back-seat.
    Clearly a young brown-haired lady with a baby-daughter(newly-born), and Franks grandchild was there also. And Frank of course, a very proud granddad.

    We were driving into the beautiful. green, sunny, countryside (a country-road), which showing up very nice LANDSCAPES. All of us in good mood but crowded.
    And Frank driving the car.
    I was asked to come home with the whole family(Franks`) because there was a party — and when coming home to Franks`—-more peoples showing up, and the house filled up with all the peoples, almost impossible to move oneself – but everybody smiling and laughing, no problems with the crowdy rooms. And then, when coming into the house with all peoples, asking Frank where the bathroom was? And Frank pointed to some stairchases to go upstairs – but going upstairs it was a queue up outside the bathroom door — And one lady suggested to go downstairs into the basement because another bathroom was there.

    Well, into the dream, when to go downstairs, seems to have forgotten all about the bathroom – I went into the living room area where(still croweded with peoples), A LOT of glassworks, all sorts of nice glass-figures, all colors of glass-figures, made as miniatures into 3 or 4 glass shelves. The glass-shelves stood not along a wall, but each glass-shelf stood beside each others freely in the midst of the living room. I had to be careful moving between them, and nearly came to pull one of the glass shelves down upon the floor(Oh, I became nerveous, and in the last minute grasping the glass-monitor before to smash all of it)…. And, Frank told me only to push the glass- monitors away(carefully).
    – And then told Frank of I had to go, and thanking him for “the nice drive.”
    But what, IN PARTICULAR, happened in the end of the dream, was in me(in the dream), was grateful for Frank, who was INVITING ME into “HIS` LANDSCAPE JOURNEY.” (obviously crowded).

    P.S. Looking up your pictures from the TMI-area this (selfsame) morning likewise. The area looking very beautiful. I LOVE the nice landscapes. Thank you.

    LOL, Inger Lise.

    1. Neat dream. Clearly I “There” live a much more social life (and in more elegant surroundings!) than I “Here.” Not a bad analogy, in fact, though of course your dream is going to be about you, not me. But then, as a card-carrying Leo, it’s ALL about me! 🙂

      1. Thank you, he, he, I am to understand what you to have told here. Very true Frank – As always is it about the emotions & feelings within a dream – (not neccessarily my own, as we are able to be picking up the emotions by others likewise, especially in the lucid dreaming).
        But Rita REALLY to have some “sharp eyes” though! And witty, since the dream occured the very same night after looking at your pictures. I have come to see a dream is really fortcoming as “natural” as our daily life. First made in Framework 2, and then projected into Framework 1. Seth: “All of us working as world-“Dreamers” (we are all dreamers)…And the veil is made thinner and thinner.
        Smiles, Inger Lise.

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