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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

7:20 a.m. All right, guys. More?

You are receiving feedback from unknown individuals, indicating that this material has been helpful to them over many years, unsuspected by you.

You mean the woman who wrote that she discovered my blog years ago.

Yes. For you and for everyone, the situation is the same: You never know the full effect of what you do; neither do you necessarily know what is your “real” work and what is “just filling the time.” The kindness you extend to a stranger – possibly only a passing smile – may be used on behalf of that person at a critical time, you can’t know. The slightest thing you do, for well or for ill, may have a great effect on another, and then who can estimate the effects of the changed other, or those changed by those who have been changed? Your opportunities to do good or evil are constant, extensive, and usually veiled (in their effects, anyway) from your conscious 3D awareness.

Again, this is said for all to hear! There is no alibi in saying, “I am only an unimportant person who cannot change the world.” Of course you change the world! Your presence changes the world. Even if you sat in a corner all day, you would be changing the world by what you didn’t do but might have done. This fallacy of insignificance is a major crippler of potential, the “what’s-the-use” factor.

Somebody defined a cynic as a disappointed altruist, or maybe it was optimist. [“Idealist, I think.]

The former, we would say; and there is much truth in that statement. So, in your day to day lives, do you want to spread disappointment or hope and confidence? Give them your case history.

Yes, I was just thinking about that, big surprise.

In late 2005, I left active participation in Hampton Roads Publishing Company and thought I was going to write a book (a book) about healing and guidance. I got sidetracked, so I thought, into talking to Smallwood, then other specific entities, as opposed to “The Guys Upstairs” that I had gotten used to talking to over the previous dozen years or so. This was, I thought, entirely private, but I shared it with the Voyagers Mailing List, a Monroe-oriented list that I had indirectly helped create, which is a different example of the same point you’re making, come to think of it.

No reason not to mention that.

Okay. I was on a list [in the early ‘90s] that was centered on Castaneda, and got involved in talking about Bob Monroe. List owner Tony Sanders got interested in Monroe and created VML even before he himself came to do a Gateway.

Unintended consequences.

Very much unintended, though of course I was delighted. Your point, I take it, is that I touched Tony, Tony created VML and that list touched many, and of course Bob Monroe touched not only me and others who actually met him, but many thousands who did not.

However, stay with the obscurity theme.

Yes. So, in 2003 I had become friends with Melynn Allen, at a TMI program, and in March 2007 she emailed me that I should start a blog because that is what I was doing in effect on VML anyway. So I did, and now this morning I find that a woman I have never met has been receiving assistance from that blog which only existed because Dirk Dunning and I extended a kindness to Melynn [in the 2003 program], and so on and so forth.

The theme should be clear enough. At no time did you see the importance of your day to day activity that you were not concentrating on, that you did as an overflowing of what you are. And neither did Dirk, and neither did Melynn, and neither did Tony, and neither did Bob.

And Bob was helped in crucial ways by, for example – I’m blanking on his name, but he was the only academic (so far as I know) to encourage him.

It is an endless chain, and any given link would have its own chains stretching in various directions. So you wrote your books and wrote your blog and even in doing what you are concentrating on, have little idea of the links connecting to links connecting on to links. And this is disregarding the parts of your life you aren’t concentrating on. Friendship, family, casual meetings, remarks on Facebook, name it. You all exist in a mostly invisible but indestructible web of relationships and always will. As we say, the alibi of “I’m not important” does not wash. The true distinction, and it is not an important one from our view, is visible v. invisible. Each has its advantages.

And, to round off the theme, we should add that there is no final accounting, no end of the chains. While there is life, there are consequences, and consequences of consequences. Those who you have changed, ever so slightly, by your good or evil actions remain changed as the starting place for their future beyond your interaction.

I think that is susceptible to misinterpretation. I get that you are saying, not that they are changed forever, but that the consequences that flow from any one such contact flow from a person who was – slightly or significantly – changed by it.

Yes. Actions have consequences, and, by the way, thoughts and intentions are as potent as overt actions, for remember these interactions take place in All-D, though you perceive them (usually) only within 3D limitations. So, even if you never meet the person again, still you did meet, and perhaps neither of you is unchanged. All the rest of your lives may be affected.

And presumably other lives to come, we being strands.

What is “past life influence” or “Karma” or ingrained [tendency, if not that?]

Charley Tart! That’s the name I couldn’t find. He encouraged Bob Monroe when no one else in academia would have. So, anyone touched by Bob Monroe, no matter how indirectly, owes something to Charles Tart.

It is a good example. And Bob probably did not seem to Charley like the main reason for his own existence, nor the major thing he was there to accomplish. They touched, and enriched each other’s lives, and each went on to do his own life’s work, perhaps never really knowing the extent of his own effect on the other.

And this is enough to make the point.

Only 40 minutes, but [good in that it means] so many the fewer pages to type up – six and a half, though, more than I’d thought. Okay, thanks, and hasta ex proximo.


5 thoughts on “TGU — our lives as chains of consequences

  1. Wow, it is strange right after getting the news that my 49-year-old little brother died yesterday, to feel compelled to read your blog, Frank, only to discover that I was the spark for today’s topic! So, I am not quite a complete stranger. I e-mailed you years ago after reading Muddy Footprints, and then again a year or two ago asking for chronological links to the blog so I could read it in order. Also, I call out to your non-3-D self a lot. And today, I would appreciate any assistance from you or anyone else who can help me connect more consciously with my brother Michael.

    1. Glad I’ve helped. You are a stranger in the sense that we haven’t met physically, and thank you for spurring me to get the posts into chronological as well as reverse-chronological order.
      In re your brother, two pieces of advice: (a) Give it time, and (b) Be receptive rather than feeling you need to be proactive. What I mean by these is that
      (a) Although we don’t know exactly the relationship between 3D time and non-3D time, there does appear to be some passage of time involved. Seems to differ by the individual, according to rules that I, at least, do not know. So, be prepared for a delay of anywhere between nothing at all and forever. In other words, don’t press.
      (b) You won’t need to do the extending to your brother; merely be open to him extending to you. You can do this easily enough merely by holding him in love, remembering his and your lives as they flowed together, and sending him that love and best wishes. One thing you might do — only, don’t invest in receiving results from it (lest you cripple your openness) — is to hold imaginary conversations with him, you saying both sides of the conversation, filling in what you imagine he might have said in response to whatever you say. The results will surprise you, sometimes. In any case, don’t press, but have faith that all is well.

  2. (Continuing…) Frank, you have made a huge difference in my life. And I believe that many others who have read your books or blog feel the same. Even just the name of your domain is extremely powerful in conveying the idea of paying attention to our own experiences.

    1. Dear All… a reply to Laurie Lynne Tucker today …. I was thinking about my own brother`s “passing over” at the age of 48 years old. It was back in the 1980s. My brother was three years older than I am.
      Two years after my brothers death to have had a rather amasing experience, never forgotten, by his “seemingly” physical appearance, and his presence, came “walking into” my bedroom after to have had a afternoon nap. Seeing him as clearly as any physical person; and my brother looking the very as a youngster. Well, a sort of looking timeless, as being still alive. My “dead” brother`s message to me was asking me “To Wake Up.”

      If interrested, it is a book titled as: “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” by Annie Kagan, with the forewords by Dr, Raymond Moody….and subtitled: “How my bad-boy brother proved to me there`s life after death.”
      The book is available at the online Amazon Bookstore.
      My best wishes to you.
      Love is the answer,
      from Inger Lise.

  3. Frank, your writings ARE having enormous impacts in the quality of my present life, and therefore – my entire future. One of your entries last week triggered a series of thought processes for me, the result being that I was able to free myself from a VERY painful and LIMITING pattern that was plaguing me my entire life. I never could see it, before. Now I can, and suddenly my existence has SO much more potential for actually DOING. Your writings are somehow triggering awareness-waking for me. I suspect each person takes away something different & specific to them, from each of your entries. Yes, I will go forward and, through my heightened freedom to create, serve, give back, support….the consequences of reading your blog will spread out like a pond-ripple. I am thankful for this.

    To Ms. Tucker, a solemn hug of support to you. I don’t know if sharing my experience will be of any benefit to you, but I will offer it. When my father passed, I was meditating at home at the moment of his passing. ( I did not know until later, when the phone call came. ) I was about 15 mins in, when I felt something “nudge” gently at the edge of my sensed awareness. It was my Dad. He came to help me go forward – to coach me to reach my potential in what is to come. The communication that followed represented a beginning for me. In the months after, his consciousness would pop up at the most unexpected times, and offer support, and the occasional joke at a memory long forgotten. I knew I just had to “know” he was always there for me, when I needed him, and he was. I could mentally reach out at any time, and “take his hand”, and feel his support. Frank is right – have conversations with your lil bro. It is my experience that he will be there with you. Sometimes, grief and the shock of loss might seem to make you feel “disconnected”….cut off. But in truth, you are never disconnected from….jeez, what do I call it? Spirit, All That Is – Was – and Will Be, God, Source, Higher Dimensions….take your pick. I believe it’s all the same.

    Love & Thankfulness to you both.

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