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Monday, March 12, 2018

6:40 a.m. EDT. We can continue, if you wish.

We do wish. The fact that you do not know how to connect dots going forward is not the same as our being unable to connect them, only we have the advantage in addition that we could place dots nearly anywhere and then connect them in a pattern that would make sense.

Sometimes I feel like this is a Rorschach test.

Not a bad description of the 3D portion of a life, that.

Okay, so to resume. You can see, perhaps, that in earlier clarifications we dealt with the human experience as if it existed in a vacuum. First we portrayed the human existence (the 3D experience, in other words) in a way to relate it to the non-3D. Then we treated of your functioning, day to day and life to life, as part of the All-D being. Then we began to describe the 3D life from another perspective, with emphasis on human struggles – passions, troubles, all the things one is likely to forget to factor in when considering human life and its purpose. We had to detour somewhat – at least, in some ways it could be considered a detour, because it is off the direct line of what we wish to demonstrate, but it was necessary so as not to leave an unconquered fortress behind our rear lines – to touch on the scriptures, on sin, on the sins, the virtues, the contemporaneously disregarded “spiritual” heritage of your civilization that provides one way to make sense of the world beyond the senses.

I hate it when you do that and are not deliberately punning.

[I meant, repeating a word – “sense,” in this case – with a different meaning. It jars on me, stylistically, and sometimes I find myself doing it in these conversations, which is even more annoying.]

You are not responsible, so don’t let it molest you. The point is that up to that point [and here they did it again!], we considered your lives as if in a bubble, or a hermetically sealed chamber. But now we are opening the windows, breaking the seals, reminding you that outside – and inside! – is weather to be considered. Your lives are what they are partly due to manifestations in 3D of what you are, and partly as the result of the interaction of what you are with the weather that prevails while you are being you. this is only a common-sense view of life after all, seen from an unfamiliar viewpoint.

And this is the job you want me to attempt after we finish these transmissions, or between times, I suppose: summarizing things so that it is more easily seen.

Yes, and of course the work will benefit you as well as those others who profit by it: Work always is its own reward, in that you have invested your 3D-present-tense into it. That is, as you do, so you become. As you are, so you have the resources to enter into the doing.

Everything you have done in your life – this is addressed to everybody and anybody, of course, not to only one person – everything until the present moment (whenever that present moment is being experienced) has been preparation. That doesn’t mean, exactly, only preparation, as if all that living was dress rehearsal. It means your best day is now. Your possibilities are now. Your moment of decision as to what you wish to be is now. How else could it be? Do you think you make a decision and the rest of your life is coasting (or skidding, depending)?

Consider this carefully. The external 3D consequences of your prior life are both determinative and merely indicative. That is, one way of looking at it would say, your life was determined by what you did with it, including all achievement and failure, all missed opportunities and errors, all wrong turnings (assuming you can tell a wrong from an undesired turning), all of it, that seems good or bad from your viewpoint. But from another point of view, all of that mattered only in that it produced you as you are now; it produced you as possibility, as potential new improved you.

I think it depends on whether we look at – oh, it’s first-tier versus second-tier again, isn’t it.

Let’s say that is a way to organize it, only it would be second-tier and third. Your life, looked at as the concrete situation as it emerged from a series of events that played out in 3D, will appear primarily as something fixed, thus primarily as something limited. If you were in Santa Fe, you couldn’t at the same time be in Singapore. If you did this, you couldn’t at the same time do that. The 3D is, after all, if it is anything, an experience of limitation. That’s how it is designed to function. So, first-tier experience is the 3D moment itself, second-tier is the effect on you of that moment, which is not the same thing. And then there is the question of what you do with what you have become, which is another remove from the simple actual experience.

So one level is, “This is what my life has been; this is what it made me,” (or, with greater insight, “This is what I decided, moment to moment, to be). The other level is, “This is where I am now, so that I may judge it and decide what I wish to retain, what I wish to change, what I wish to build upon but convert.”

I take it you aren’t meaning, going back and rewriting the life.

No, in this case we’re meaning, using it as springboard, as a firm place to push off from.

Now, all of this is true, but consider how much more complicated it is in practice when you begin to factor in the existence of what we might call the cosmic weather. No two moments of time are identical in properties, so some are more propitious for this, some for that. If it rains, that isn’t the end of the world, it’s merely a good time to wear a raincoat. But you won’t be going on picnics in the rain, usually, so it isn’t as if the weather doesn’t affect what to you seem rational decisions.

That’s a little sloppy. May I?


I am hearing the old “predestination v. free will” argument again, and thinking this may be a key to reconciling the two extremes. It is because we don’t remember to factor in the vast impersonal forces as an independent factor that we get caught in a logical trap. But the free will aspect is what we are, in that we can choose at any time. The predestination aspect is that we exist among greater impersonal forces that affect us.

We wouldn’t say that is a great advance in clarity.

No, I agree. I thought it would be clearer than I was able to make it.

You are trying to skip forward, we would say. Let’s plod a little longer.


Some moments are going to produce some temptations – some kinds of temptations, we should say – and others, others. This is what you could consider as objective fact of any given moment. There is only one April 14, 1989, and although everyone may experience the day differently, the external basis of that experience will be the same and the internal will differ by person.

So we’re back to seeing life as internal and external, not the external as only the visible manifestation of the internal?

We are moving up a level, let’s say. Refocusing the microscope, so that what was previously differentiated now blurs together somewhat, so that we may better differentiate a different level of being. What was necessary in order to bring you to the point is not necessary now that you are here. So, as usual, it is a matter of reinterpretation. Now that you know in your selves (as opposed to merely having been told) that your internal unconscious tendencies manifest externally, we can take all that for granted and – treating as a unit what until now we considered internal and external – contrast all of that, seen together, with the weather they live in.

Yes, I understand that.

And that’s enough for the moment.

Less than an hour, but more than eight pages. Went quickly. Okay, thanks.


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