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Friday, March 9, 2018

6:10 a.m. All right, ready if you are, I guess.

Then let us proceed. In building up an image of our reality surrounded by – living among – a vast confluence of forces, we must not leave the impression of an enclosed reality isolated from the outside. We are not a flying saucer, an airplane, a submarine, separated by a skin from our surroundings. We are more like animals in the open, breathing the atmosphere that surrounds us, so that in a real sense it also permeates us, includes us not as a something-different but as part of its larger whole. You understand? We are affected by, we live among, these forces. We experience them as part of our lives, not thinking to separate ourselves from them. If you will recall, before we began this discussion, it will not have occurred to you that any given emotions were not necessarily “your” emotions, nor perhaps that a given thought or idea might be not necessarily “yours” except in the way your body is yours; that is, as something that clothes you while you use it, but is not you.

That is – and this is too obvious to need mentioning, except that the process of reorienting yourself may leave certain assumptions curiously preserved in amber, unaltered while everything around them is altered – you live among these forces; you experience them as part of your everyday life, necessarily. They aren’t something outside of life, nor are they something self-evidently alien. Only, they are more than what you experience; they signify more than you could ever comprehend, and have their own purposes. Still, they are a part of life.

The spirit that animates us but blows where it will.

At some point, perhaps we will discuss how people can know more than they can know. That is, how inspired experience can provide wisdom that could not be obtained through logic nor through associational thinking. The various scriptures have been inspired, indeed, and if people ascribe authorship to God or angels, well, that’s one way of seeing it, and who is to say it isn’t as correct as any other way? But that isn’t where we are at the moment. Let us agree that spirit has been described in various places and here is one more description.

Works for me.

Remember, now: All this series is intended to help individuals to work on themselves. But it isn’t exactly a do-it-yourself project, not in the sense of learning a skill or in following instructions in order to produce a given result. It is, perhaps, a set of reminders, or of orienting nudges, so that a given 3D individual may be encouraged to listen to what another part of the same individual knows and would like it to hear as a whole. There is no other way of transferring an understanding, really: One can learn only what one is ready to learn, which in practice means what part of oneself already does know.

And it is in the continual reshuffling of the deck via sexual procreation merging different physical bloodlines that keeps the world from splitting into mutually uncomprehending pieces.

You are on the right track, but center.

Of course.

If we can only learn what a part of us already knows, it is important that various strands continuously intermingle as new individuals, so that those who did not know X now have a part of themselves that does, which opens the way for –

Oh, and this is what you meant [in previous conversations] by 3D individuals being, in effect, knots in the macramé. It isn’t just that different vibrational levels (whatever that means) be brought together in a way that would be impossible if there were no 3D experience to provide the crucible; it is also that each strand brings its own memories, its own experiences, its own connections, and hence its own specific and unreproducible access.

Yes. Continue.

Without the complexity caused by fragmentation and recombination, over and over and over again, the universe could at least theoretically fragment into mutually uncomprehending and antagonistic parts. Like proud families of nobles unwilling to marry outside of their own small circle, the blood would get thinner, the gene pool less diverse, the life-force more fragile and vitiated. Only, I think I have been getting carried away here by analogy and rhetoric. Yes?

There are better analogies available. However, the underlying understanding is correct, or anyway serviceable. The continual recombinations enabled by 3D conditions produces All-D interrelationships that are very robust and productive. Intermarriage produces not only vigorous offspring but alliances among tendencies and – past productions, let’s say – that otherwise could not be.

One of the features of your time – whenever that may be, past present or future – is that it has a certain weather to it that you will take for granted as “life,” perhaps not realizing that it is more, “life as it is at this moment.” A creature that lived only one month would have a very different impression of what life is if its life happened to be in July rather than December, or September rather than March. In any of the four cases, it would generalize quite correctly in terms of its own experience and quite incompletely – so incompletely as to be entirely incorrect – when seen from the perspective of an entire year. Similarly, you.

Everyone’s life at the moment (whatever that moment may be) will have certain definite if invisible limits to what it will be able to think, feel, experience, believe, imagine. To that degree, everyone lives in a separate world. Or, let’s go slower,

Yes, even I heard that sound of you skidding around the curve!

Let’s put it this way, parsing the situation more carefully. As an individual, you will have your own subset of the larger world. Geography, heredity, your own choices will all combine to define your effective boundaries.

Over and above that, your bounds will include some shared with others of your own time. The 19th century in a given place will have certain features that may appear to be caused only or primarily by world events but in fact will have been caused largely by 3D individuals in the overarching presence of “weather” – that is, of the vast impersonal forces as they manifest at that time. The same forces will express differently in different places and circumstances, as is only natural, but they will be the same forces, for that is what the weather is, an overarching influence.

Over and above that – or should we say, under and within it? – there is the fact that each of you is not a solid welded individual but a community of many parts, each of them forged in different times, different lives. So you will react differently to identical external stimuli.

If we have a lot of Eskimo lives within us, we’ll do better in the winter and perhaps suffer more in the summer.

Not a bad analogy, provided you remember that you may also have many African lives, preferring heat to cold, and the Eskimo and the African do not have the luxury of living separately but must come to some modus vivendi, or be at each other’s throats.

And this is a good lead-in to the real point here, which is that not only does the “weather” of the vast impersonal forces (we’re going to start calling them VIF merely to save so many letters to write and read) affect whole generations at a time – that is, everyone at a given time experiences the same weather – but it affects everyone differently because today’s weather in effect also impacts 3D individuals living their lives in other times [that is, various strands], and mutually interacting continually. That’s a little complicated, but complications are productive.

You intend to merely bring that up as our starting place next time, given that our hour is about up, or you want to continue?

Bear in mind that as we redefine things, what you have been told, and absorbed, in one sense will be revealed in another sense, and some productive disorientation is to be expected. Welcome it, as a sign of continued growth in understanding.

When we go back and re-read what we got in 2001, it will read differently, I imagine.

New eyes produce new material, in effect.

Okay. Well, thanks as always.


2 thoughts on “TGU – the times and the weather

  1. Thank you for writing and sharing.

    Today’s posting twigged in several ways for me.

    I am beginning to notice that, very often, your posts here, seem perfectly tailored to what (experiences/understandings) I am attempting to assimilate on that day/in that time. Interesting.

    As well, when you mentioned “When we go back and re-read what we got in 2001, it will read differently, I imagine.”, I chuckled, as I am experiencing something similar, but with not such a great time frame. The information/concepts seem to come to me in segments: I read one of your paragraphs and feel “hmm! …”, read it again 20 mins later, and get a feeling of a further-expanded insight, and so on. Often, after the 3rd reading, it feels like it’s all there. : )

    I so appreciate these “thought seeds”! I have ordered “Cosmic Internet”, and look forward to diving in.

  2. Too funny….your post from this morning is bubbling up in another way – I just had a realization as I was journaling: we don’t need to “be” like others and others don’t need to “be” like us, to validate either’s journey-experience.
    This feels like a very freeing insight.

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