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Thursday, March 8, 2018

6:20 a.m. So, friends, among other helpful suggestions are one from Ramona Thiessen suggesting astrology and one from the person calling herself Subtle Traveler suggesting the image of a vortex – and I gather from the images I came to overnight that you like these, that they may serve as halfway houses, though not as ultimate destinations.

Not much use in looking for ultimate destinations, travelers. But it is nice to have some place to spend each night.

Yes, here is a serviceable image, a sort of orienting image which, not exactly correct even in outline, certainly not in detail, nonetheless will provide an orientation, a bit of scaffolding. So think of life for the moment in terms of this image: Suppose all of life – or, no, let us start smaller, by necessity – suppose all of 3D life (and All-D necessarily as well, but it will be easier to visualize if you hold your image to an idea of the tangible physical)

Shall we start that sentence again?

Imagine us smiling good-naturedly. It is a little cumbersome, starting, a little clumsy, sometimes. But how much easier once we’re on the scent!

I know. Okay, I won’t interrupt again except at need.

Bear in mind that what we are to attempt to sketch is indeed all of All-D reality, which as usual means all the 3D you experience via your senses and all the non-3D that you experience via your intuition (or not at all). Take all of the All-D and envision it as one small sphere traveling in a steady orbit around the imagined circle of a vast vortex, a tornado of vastly powerful forces that are at once fluid and yet in orderly relationship. Think of a tornado. If you were within the tornado’s organized but chaotic energy, and were interacting with it in a way that affected you but did not tear you apart, you’d have some idea of what we’re getting at.

The vast impersonal forces are here being pictured as an organized whirling storm – Jupiter’s Red Spot, a permanent swirl – immense, well beyond your limits in any direction, organized yet shifting in relative terms as the very chaos continually affects the interaction among the components of the storm. And 3D reality – all of 3D reality, you understand, not merely the planet you live on, nor the solar system nor galaxy nor island universe, but all of 3D reality seen and unseen, known and unknown – all of 3D reality (and of course the non-3D components that are inextricably part of it, but here disregarded) is as one small planet traveling a galaxy.

Vivid analogy, if a little slippery.

We are only at the beginning. There is so much to image.

I heard you. [It’s a matter of my] Centering. [I do so.]

Always a good plan. Slower is surer. Faster, too, in its own way.

So now if you envision the reality in which compound beings always exist – for how can a compound being exist outside of All-D, and how could All-D exist beside itself, so to speak? – you see this: a surrounding environment of vast forces doing their own intricate dance, called up by larger forces and conditions of which you know nothing; existing, changing, maintaining, with a focus beyond you – for all of reality is conscious, remember.

Within that supporting vortex are all pairs of opposites, all triads of three-way relationships, all partnerings of forces at whatever level of complexity, and it is as if all these swirling interacting forces are held in their overall orienting pattern by a central attraction, or, one might say, by the conditions in which it all exists. By analogy, think of a cyclone, a tornado. One might say of a tornado that it exists only when certain conditions organize it, and this is certainly true. One would not need to posit a central organizing feature to hold it together, but one might, and it would save the phenomena without adding clarity; in fact, at the expense of greater insight.

In essence, adding a non-existent central organizing feature would be to add an epicycle to make the theory match the observed data.

That’s what we said, yes. So, one need not posit a central attraction as if it were a sun (in physical terms) or God (in metaphysical terms) when in reality one is observing an entire system operating according to its nature. This does not touch on the question of who or what created the pattern, or how, or why. What it does is to place all of such questions in the category of “Would be nice to know, but we don’t need to know it in order to study what we can see.”

Yes, I like that. But then, we’re pretty much always in that situation, aren’t we? In life, I mean.

Indeed you are, and it’s well to keep it in mind, for it never changes merely because you graduate from 3D existence into your less constricted non-3D existence. You never know everything, but within the mystery you can always be learning something more. We’d all be in a fine mess if we had to know everything in order to learn any given something.

So envision yourselves on an unending journey in a stable if changeable vessel – 3D reality – traveling safely amid organized chaos. The winds of the vortex are powerful enough to tear you apart – you, and all your and our reality – but never do, because reality sails those skies in the way prudent sailors sail the seas amid typhoons – by yielding when necessary, and using the forces when possible.

Nice image, but ships do sink sometimes, in storms.

It is only a vivid analogy for the sake of providing scaffolding. We will use it as long as it is helpful and will ruthlessly discard it when and if it has served its purpose and begins to retard understanding.

So, to this point we have sketched this typhoon as if it were on the outside of All-D reality and All-D were sailing in it self-contained although blown around by it. That is one way to see things, and although limited, it is not invalid. That is the way in which people live their lives without considering the things they cannot see. They imagine that every day is more or less the same as every other day, not counting the weather and the seasons and the progression through life from babyhood to old age. In other words, not counting most of life! Still, it is no impossible way of taking things, to treat each day as a successor of its predecessor and as forerunner of its successor and otherwise the same. It is pretty limited in discernment, but it serves.

This would be the temperament that believes in chance and coincidence, and uses them to account for changes that come on their own.

That’s one example of it, yes. And the more closely one looks, the more closely one finds underlying unity in all things – every aspect invisibly connected to every other aspect, so that even color or other apparently nonessential characteristics are in fact (but in not so obvious fact) as tangible and interconnected as any other. Weight, color, smell, taste, other things – each is connected to their like, and their complement – in ways that are real but not obvious.

Hence divination systems.

That is how they arise – someone notices, and systematizes. They are never exact, because the system is only the hardware, you might say, and the individual mind employing it the software – and the interpretation of the person for whom it is used the specific interpretation, but, broadly, yes, that is why divination systems work, and why they never work exactly.

Thus, astrology will give you a feel for the weather inside and out. But bear in mind, astrology as a system uses the solar system as measurement, and cannot measure the vast forces of the typhoon in which we live and move and have our being. So, it is a tool limited by the range of its knowledge – “range” meaning both its extent and its acknowledged and unacknowledged limits. For one thing, it considers the planets as representatives of forces, but in practice often forgets and treats them as objects in their own right, which is a different thing entirely.

So, a good beginning, and another hour and more for you, and an hour’s typing still to come.

No complaints from this end. Many thanks, as always.


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