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Monday, March 5, 2018

6:40 a.m. I wonder if my view of things is too rose-colored. I sometimes think my view of the world is too innocent still, despite what I know first- and, mainly, second-hand. So I was thinking about people who want to be abused. There was a film partly about women voluntarily participating in masochistic rituals – well, you can’t even call it a ritual. They wanted this guy to hurt them, and it didn’t even involve sex directly, though clearly there was a sexual pleasure in it for them, or say a satisfaction. Primarily it was them seeking pain. Seeking – it occurred to me – punishment. So first I thought, they were trying to punish themselves. Then, thinking about us as communities, I wondered, were they trying to punish other parts of their community? Were they at war? I can’t put it any more clearly than that, but I expect you can. Please do.

This subject has many branches, and may lead us far, but you won’t necessarily find it easy.

No, I get that.

There is always more to learn, and more always requires a platform to begin from. You may look at our work over these 25 years as merely the construction of the platform for these new explorations, if you wish. But of course any platform also serves as a stable place to rest. It is always your choice.

Let’s push on. If it gets to be too much, I imagine you’ll know before I would.

But we wouldn’t give you more than you could absorb. The variable would be how much you chose to absorb; how far you wanted to go.

I begin to see the importance of the individual on my end. Anyone could do it, perhaps, but not everyone would.

Correct. That is the value of the extraordinary individual, as well. Everything that goes into the making of an individual – all the parts of the community that come together in a place and time to create it – is unique, a unique mix. That individual’s abstract potential and its likely potential, let’s say (that is, what it is likely to do as opposed to what it might theoretically do), cannot be duplicated, just in the nature of things. So each of you has a responsibility to not waste the chance, the potential, you represent. Don’t be inflated, don’t be – we need a new word, call it deflated in a special sense – but stay on an even keel to the extent possible, and live your potential. That doesn’t mean, do outdoor sports or travel extensively or be involved in politics or create or be extensively involved in family or hobbies or career. In other words, “living your potential” does not mean anything necessarily external. It means being and doing you. And that’s about as much as we can say on the subject. You, Frank, have diligently pursued this one course, not suspecting that it and not the more urgent and more obvious things in your life was your true center. But the course of time demonstrated that it is. If you had not pursued it, or if you had decided at some point, “Enough, I have a view of the way things are that satisfies me, I don’t want to hear any more,” nobody could have forced you to continue, but what you might have helped us bring forth would have been lost, and any alternative route we would have found would have had its own different flavor, its own disadvantages and limitations, and advantages and possibilities. As Emerson knew, it doesn’t rest on your single arm alone; yet it is true that each of you is a unique window whose contribution could never be exactly replicated.

All right. So, that said, we move to the realization behind your realization.

Imagine, if you would, a community of spirits–. Well, this isn’t the way to go about it.

No, but I have the idea now. We as 3D individuals are communities of non-3D individuals who themselves were – are? – communities, etc. 3D life is a way of melding them through experience into a functioning unit that remains after the 3D part dies.

Yes. This is the view that we now proceed to deconstruct. It was a bridging concept; let us cross the bridge into new territory.

Lead on.

You have been thinking – we have been encouraging you to think – that the creation of a new individual by shared 3D experience is the point of 3D existence. Even though you know that not every 3D individual “gels,” becomes a crystal, attains permanence, your attention was on those attainments. But this is only a simplified view of what is going on. It isn’t wrong, exactly, only simplified.

In fact,

A pause. Going to be difficult to explain, isn’t it? Too many past definitions needing to be torn up?

More like, where to begin? We need to go back a far way, we see.

Well, we have time. You have until I run out, presumably, because I’m willing to continue for the rest of my days. A least, I am as far as I know. Maybe tomorrow I’ll decide to take up golf.

We’ll take that risk. Yes, we have time, but will you and your friends have enough patience as we retrace the ground? Well, I guess we’ll see.

I guess we will. By the way, when you lapse into “I” instead of your more usual “we,” should we infer anything from that?

Not particularly. What good would it do to attribute a particular line of thought to an individual? Yes, you might begin to logically separate out the material, and then choose sides, so to speak, deciding that material from A is generally more reliable than that from B, but that would actually be a retrogression, because you need to be using your discernment all the time, not merely between sources. [That is, in deciding the source of any given bit of information, as well as which source is more reliable.] If “Carl Jung” said something, you’d be inclined to give it great weight whether the something was right or wrong, and whether it was really from the All-D version of the 3D Jung or not. Instead, rely on the only thing you have; listen to what resonates, and then don’t cease to use your discernment on that as well.

So, to begin. Spirit and soul. Spirit, you remember, is eternal, immutable, and comes in two flavors from the human perspective – the vast impersonal forces that flow through the (3D and non-3D) world, and the animating force within individuals. This is one force perceived as two because of human requirements, or let’s say specifically human limitations on perception and ideation. Soul is the creation in a given time and place in 3D of an individual out of a community, and may become eternal or may prove to be only a transient phenomenon.

Within that scheme of things, let’s look at spirit a little more closely, so you can eventually see how it plays out so that individuals may hate themselves, may want to punish themselves not for anything they have done or neglected to do (though that may be an excuse they give themselves) but for what they are.

My immediate assumption, most people’s, I imagine, is that the elements comprising them are unable to tolerate each other’s presence, that being forced to coexist is intolerable.

That isn’t wrong, but it would by itself fail to explain how such a situation could arise. Let us go back to first principles. We really do need to begin with the nature of those vast impersonal forces.

Next time, I take it, since (a) our hour is up, and (b) my energy level is flagging.

Next time, yes. But this wasn’t wasted. This session cleared the field.

All right. Till next time, then.


11 thoughts on “TGU — Beginning to dig a little deeper

  1. ” …will you and your friends have enough patience as we retrace the ground?”

    This friend does, Frank … my guidance is ‘saying’ it’s time to retrace.

  2. Thank you for sharing.

    I really enjoy TGU. Whenever they come forth, I just feel more “ease” or maybe even a familiarity now after reading 7 of your books in the last 18 months. I can already see how their suggested discourse today (over whatever time period it takes) will be helpful. I am looking forward to following along.

    P. S. I wanted to share an interesting tidbit from my weekend. I was listening to a ‘Buddha at the gas pump” interview with Paul Selig. Their discussion started focusing around the topic of our creation, and Paul Selig’s guides used the word “monad”. My ears immediately perked up, because it is not often that I find channels using the same abstract wording or definition to point to something (e.g., monad is an unusual word and not commonly used).

    1. The Monad is done as a basic context within The Theosophical Doctrine of Blavatskys` …. According to the one old book by Arthur E. Powell titled as “The Causal Body and the ego” — The “arrival” of The Monad being activated/created, within A CONCEPT of “the evolution,” or a creation – “forming” at first the Universal consciousness-preparation (abstract not physical)….”the form” manifested as myriads of United Sparks( to form the countless units?).
      According to the book by Arthur E. Powell (and the Theosophical teachings): The Monads (as “the sons”) being “born”, BEFORE the Space-Time existence, and BEFORE their evolution-areas are created…..All Abstract not Physical….
      In the book Powell refers to what it is written in the CHANDOPANISHADEN VI,ii:
      “IT” wills: I AM MANYFOLDING AND BIRTHING MYSELF.” By these “words” arising THE MANY by THE ACT OF THE ONE WILL, Logos. The act of will is the first Logos, the undivided, the Father. Therefore A MONAD defined is the countless fragments/units, of the divine life.”

      Paul Selig is good. I have been listening to some of his “speeches.” But Seth is better in my opinion…..IF making comparisons that is. I`ll guess it is what Frank and TGU have told many a time: Do the best you can with what resonates with your fabric among the belief systems.
      B & B, Inger Lise

  3. Frank,
    I’m here with you and Jim. It happens to be right on with what I was reading this AM. Started out reading Robert Monroe’s “Ultimate Journey” chap 12, where he was introduced to the community of his greater being and where he began to understand his compound nature. (Funny how I missed that on my earlier reads. Stands out clearly to me now that I’ve been reading your recent works, Frank.) Then I traced through “Sphere and Hologram” and the Rita books for the parts about threads and compound beings.
    Very timely.

      1. Thank you indeed, Frank & Jane C.
        I`ll looking up the chapter as well.
        Oddly enough when sitting here with my Lap Top reading what TGU and Frank telling today – RIGHT NOW – a rare view appearing before my eyes, when looking out of my living-room windows (where I can see the view above the Lake) …. Three large(they were 3 BIG ones) white SWANS flying in perfect formation(as a flight squadron)outside of my windows, the birds flying higher than I have seen them do before; as the three Swans did the flying much higher above the Lake than they usually does….The three big Swans never landing where I could be watching them.

        ONE thing to have learned by now – to pay attention to the DETAILS appearing before my eyes unexpectingly.

        Okay, because of Frank and Jane – next step- picking up The Ultimate Journey by R. Monroe again….and The book: “Psychic Politics” by Jane Roberts.

        B & B, Inger Lise

  4. For the benefit of those who don’t have the time to pick up “Ultimate Journey,” Bob is meeting with his ExComm (Executive Committee) for the 1st time, finding out that they’ve been helping him all along. (Quotes are from Chap 12, pg 166 in the Broadway trade paperback edition, 1994.)

    Bob: How far back does this go?

    ExComm: Before you were born.

    B: You had better tell me. I don’t remember.

    E: You wouldn’t You didn’t exist. We made the decision to become human again. We selected the time and place and organized the DNA mix – elements form the physical and elements from us. We took those parts of us that seemed most appropriate, rolled them into one and sent them in. There you — and we — were!

    B: What exactly did you send in?

    E: Personalities, memories. What else?

    B: Yes. . . I’ve tracked some of them down. Does this happen with everyone — with all humans?

    E: As far as we know. Some don’t have as much experience as you do, or as much to choose from.

    The conversation continues from there, introducing some of the personalities, discussing the importance of Bob’s lifetime and what the ExComm hoped to achieve with that lifetime.

    Compound beings. Just like TGU, Rita, and all have been saying. Makes sense to me, considering how I notice my day-to-day thought patterns. Some days, one personality seems to be more dominant, other days a different one. I also notice one over arching presence, like a moderator, because I can pull back from whatever I’m doing into that moderator and ask, “Who’s talking? Who’s expressing right now? Wait — you are not the boss of me!” [Smile]

  5. “So each of you has a responsibility to not waste the chance, the potential, you represent. … living your potential” does not mean anything necessarily external. It means being and doing YOU.
    And that’s about as much as we can say on the subject.”

    ExComm: “We took those parts of us that seemed most appropriate, rolled them into one and sent them in.”

    “most appropriate” …” living your potential”!? I hope this retracing will expand the ‘platform’ so ‘they’ CAN say more on this subject.

  6. Another “wow” session for me. I immediately began to get a picture of how it might work (I could draw it) and really sensed the truth behind spiritual sources saying how important and necessary each of us is. And Jane C added necessary pieces for me on compound beings. Things are clearer than they’ve ever been, all from relying on “the only thing you have, listen to what resonates, and then don’t cease to use your discernment on that as well.” And you, Frank, seem to be supplying it just when I need it. Thanks to all–I retain the vision of the swans, Inger Lise.
    Jane P

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