The cow as antidepressant

An interesting find on Facebook, given this morning’s message from Nathaniel.

One thought on “The cow as antidepressant

  1. Very nice thank you.
    But somehow “old news” – to have pets making the most healthy peoples, it is as a fact. The pet`s love is unconditional(even if the humans is not).
    The pets are love expressed, and depression is in essence deeply felt loneliness(somehow is it felt as “loss of love” of some kind). Emotionally is it the same feeling when somebody you love(either a dear pet or a loved family-member)dies. And it is the feeling of “emptiness.” (but it is no death as to remember).
    BTW. I hate peoples “telling me what to do.”
    AHA ! I`m to recal a popular Irish singer once upon a time with a song titled “Not far between Love and Hate.” She was really good and playing the guitar but cannot recal her name sad to say.

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