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My friends Michael Langevin and Sofia Axelsson filmed an interview with me last week, concentrating primarily on Awakening from the 3D World. You can find it on this site, at the top of the page marked Interviews, which also includes other filmed and taped interviews including (ancient history, now) a stint on Coast to Coast.


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  1. Hi Frank.

    I might also suggest considering Bob Olson of Afterlife TV. He is a genuinely nice guy, and serves an audience outside of the TMI crowd. An interview with him (usually an hour) would broaden your potential audience (imo).

    I think that Bob’s focus on the afterlife is a direct “content match” for Awakening from the 3D world. Natalie Sudman has been on his show many times, and so has William Buhlman once or twice.

    If you can find a way to network (through your contacts) to Bob Olson, then connecting with him and sending him a book, in that instance, might be a good idea. He reads before he interviews someone.

    This is all just an idea. I am willing to dialogue further about this (by email), if you think that would be helpful to you. I also think that Jannecke Oinaes (Wisdom from North) might be helpful in expanding you to a European audience. A lot of people in America watch her shows also. I do not know her, but she has a weekly hour long show on YouTube. Her guests often seem to match Bob Olson’s guests.

    1. Thank you Frank. I have watched it, very good, and also to have bought your book, a time ago, as you know.

      And Thank you Subtle Traveller for the new information here.
      I have heard the name Jannecke Øynes or ØINES(Oinaes spelled in english) but cannot remember where or when?

      1. She lives in Norway (near Oslo), and is a modern day spiritual seeker who interviews others weekly on YouTube (e.g., channels, OBE people, spiritual teachers). She has thousands of followers.

        Just google her name or “Wisdom from North”.

        1. Thank you Subtle Traveller.
          I have found her name on YouTube. She did a interview with the 90 year old man, Joralf Gjerstad ( a nick-name “Snåsa-mannen”, as he came from an old area/place on the countryside, in Norway…. which is upon the map, called “Snåsa” -Snaasa in english). I watch the YouTube interview with the english subtitles. Always interesting to watch the subtitles in another language. But rather watch the face(and the eyes) of the old man when Jannecke talking with him instead.

          The old man Joralf Gjerstad is the one to have mentioned here upon Franks blog once – I have thought Joralf Gjerstad to be very much the same as Edgar Cayce throughout his own life, and with the similar background & upbringing….” A Church-man” socalled.
          BTW: I am born and raised in Oslo….But Oslo is not the same town as back in my youth that`s for sure. My hometown was within another “dimension.”
          LOL, Inger Lise.

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