Steiner on bringing forth what is within us

I continue to be impressed by the level of awareness demonstrated in these Steiner quotations, even though the way he says things doesn’t always immediately resonate with me.

A Moral Duty, not a Selfish Yearning


4 thoughts on “Steiner on bringing forth what is within us

  1. While going back and reviewing the last few days here, I realized that Frank slipped in a session with TGU on the 2nd of January, and then flipped back to a chat with Nathaniel the next day (the 3rd).

    I did not catch that title change the first time. I guess that I really needed my Yoda nap.

    1. I think my question that they addressed came from their post on 2/24/17, so it brought them back into the picture. Frank will know if that’s correct.

      1. Yeah, I usually get the subtle things (e.g., the trail of evidence and what was said last by this being). What I skimmed over was more obvious, the title where “TGU” was spelled out. I then assumed Nathaniel was still chatting. I used that to set up my line about my ‘Yoda nap’.

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