Year-end review

I often, not invariably, take some time at year’s end to glance through my journals to remind myself what happened. This year, I see that i filled 1,500 (!) journal pages, a total easier to comprehend when one remembers that each conversation with Rita or whomever typically takes from 8 to 10 pages, and much of the year was filled with them. First came the sessions that will become “It’s All One World,” then immediately thereafter came the sessions with Nathaniel that will fom another book.

Still, a lot of writing!

3 thoughts on “Year-end review

  1. Fantastic all of it Frank. Thank you for ever more.
    Your splendid work is truly important, especially in helping me and others, for making the firmament all-encompasing. Not many others like you who to manage doing a blog of conversations between all individuals involved as personal and honest in every way as you do at the same time.
    Your blog reminds about the many, and very nice & intimate & openminded/-openhearted, small Edgar Cayce study-groups of 6 or 8 peoples, among the international grouping. And the small groups lasted throughout the many years in doing the online study(from 1996), when to study the E.C. Readings.
    I am to recall once upon a time Edgar Cayce to have recommended the usefullness in SMALL groups at a time. And indeed, I have come to see E.C. was right about it because nobody hesitated (after a while) in telling about ourself &family upon a daily basis. We tried TO APPLY the readings into our daily life, and sharing the EXPERIENCES without any restrictions.
    B&B, Inger Lise

      1. Thank you very much Frank.

        When to read your reply to me here right now – it gave me a kick looking into my bookshelf and to find the old book by Mark Thurston titled as “Experiments in Practical Spirituality: Keyed to “A Search for God,” Book II.
        At THE SAME TIME two more books caught my eyes: The two Seth Books. “Your PERSONAL REALITY” and the other Seth-Book about “The Individual and The Nature of Mass Events.”

        And to read the words from the back-cover of “Experiments in Practical Spirituality”:
        EXPERIEMENTS in PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY is a book for individuals who are on a spiritual journey.

        Jumping a bit down the page(of the backcover): This book is based on the premise that we can understand deeply only a few thoughts at a time–not because of intellectual limitations, but because we have to live and apply something before we REALLY know it (which YOUR BOOKS CLEARLY EXPLAINS likewise Frank).

        And continues: “In time you will find yourself developing new tools for joyful living. As you grow confident using these principles, your spiritual journey will gain added dimensions and your personal search for God will grow ever more rewarding.”

        Mark Thurson says: “We need to test spiritual principles—whether from the Bible, the Cayce Readings, or ANY spiritual teaching—in daily practical application. If we discover that a principle works and that it is applicable, then it is worth believing.”

        Hm, well, well, as usual in me talking too much.

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