Nathaniel — because we are not alone…

Nathaniel – because we are not alone

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

6 a.m. As so often, this morning’s question is, where do we go today?

You have been following the ins and outs of our explorations with you, but have not been making a fetish of holding tight to explanations. That’s a good attitude. Not the only productive path possible, but a good one. Ultimately it would be an undercutting of confidence to think that you had to be in charge. It would lead merely to another variant of “probably I’m just making this all up.”

Which in a sense I probably am doing.

Only in the sense that you might say you are creating the oxygen you breathe, by willing or agreeing to take breaths. Yes, “we are all one,” but equally, “we are all specialized versions of the one”; we are specialized subdivisions, say.

So, today. Let us talk about good and evil as perceived reality, and about relatively real parameters within the dualistic universe that 3D comprises.

I wonder, sometimes: Do these topics arise because of the things that have been happening in my life, or are there things triggered so that the subjects may arise.

This could be an interesting topic, if we can find the right analogy, because you are hardly the only one to be wondering about that in their lives. The short – but too cryptic – answer is that what looks like an either / or is actually a restatement from a different point of view. But – how to explain the fact?

When a book falls off a shelf in front of Bruce Moen and leads him onto a lifelong quest – was that lifelong quest dependent upon that specific incident and his reaction to it, his receptivity to it?

I would assume not. Life finds a way. If one incident didn’t do it, another would.

Can you see that what you just said could be paraphrased as, “The result pulls the causes, until the causes come into manifestation”?

I could feel the pull from [the word] “existence” to [the word] “manifestation.”

Oh yes. Very different nuances. The one would imply that the causes only came into existence when they manifested in 3D reality; the other implies that the causes always existed as potential, needing only a chance to manifest.

I get that “potential” wasn’t quite the right word.

No, because it has the nuance, still, of “not existing until.” A better word wouldn’t have that silent nuance.

Always “existed within the template,” maybe?

Except that to some this will seem like mere playing with words, it will do.

The reason the two ways of stating things – events leading to these discussions or the topics precipitating the preceding events  — amount to the same thing is that they only look that way if you assume that you are either pulling yourself off the ground by pulling on your shoestrings, or that you are responding to events as best you can and are thus sort of shaping your life, sort of being shaped by it. In either case you are leaving out of the equation the draw from the vastly larger parts of yourselves.

“You are not alone” means more than “you are not an orphan”; it also means, you are not an independent agent at your level of being, any more than one of your blood cells, or tissues, or organs, or appendages (like the hand that is writing this) is independent. They function as if independent within the sphere of their responsibilities – but that is the only way their independence has any reality or makes any sense. To say, “My hand is writing this” is a useful misstatement of a clumsier way of seeing it which would be something like, “The fingers and thumb in cooperation with the rest of the body,” etc. Too involved to be saying, every time to discuss your writing words on a page, but true even when your attention is on the words or even the process. In the same way, your lives as “independent” 3D individuals, even when you remember that the individuals are actually communities.

All right, clear enough. And as you say, we know it but we don’t always remember it.

Not only that; more to the immediate point, you haven’t yet extended that knowing to larger spheres. In trying to understand “afterlife” concepts, you still tend to center those concepts on the individuals you perceive yourselves to be, even when you conceive of yourselves as more than one lifetime. The idea that you, your viewpoint, will be dominant in your larger being is true only in the sense that you are there from one point of view.

I had to struggle to get that sentence finished. Let me. I am getting that you are meaning to say, the larger being is like a diamond with many facets. Looking into the heart of the diamond through any one facet would be like experiencing one life through one lifetime; it would be like seeing one particular connection as the important one when in fact it is the one that is accessible to us – which is a very different statement.

Bearing in mind, as always, the limitations of analogy, yes, that analogy will do. You in 3D have one entry to your larger beings. You after you leave 3D will remain as other people’s possible entry to communication with your larger being, in the way you Frank communicated with Hemingway and silently got not Hemingway as he existed in all his facets (no one could do that for anyone) but Hemingway as he existed in the facets accessible to you and as he extended into his larger self. So when someone wants to communicate with someone else, it is always facet to facet, and it is also always higher self to higher self via those facets. This may not seem important to some and will be helpful to others. As usual.

So, don’t expect to be in charge of our own destiny.

Would you want to be? Is it reasonable for a finger to have a destiny independent of the hand of which it is a necessary and valuable part as an instrument cooperating with others to express a higher will? And likewise, the hand is not independent, nor the arm. So why expect that you as a functioning individual can or should operate in a vacuum as if your being was the center of the universe? In a sense, yes: You are the center for yourself, and should be because in the circumstances (3D awareness) you must be. But as above, so below. Your life makes no sense considered in isolation because there is no “isolation” of 3D from other levels of being.

I thought we were going to go farther into the question of good and evil, partly because of the video on [J.R.R.] Tolkien and [C.S.] Lewis I saw last night, but we didn’t.

Didn’t, and did. No part of your life may be well understood while other parts are firmly mis-understood. “To understand A,” etc. You would never get to understand good and evil, life and death, purpose and drift, love and hatred, while holding firmly incorrect views about other aspects of your life. So – like the flickering universe you are a part of – your life consists of perpetually changing colors (so to speak) as you continually readjust your ideas and experiences of yourselves. You aren’t and weren’t and never will be a finished product. In a continually changing, interacting, self-referential universe, how could you be?

This session will be a waste of time, or a useful review, or an interesting speculation, or a comforting confirmation to various people depending not upon the material (which in a way only reflects the consciousness one brings to it) but on the state of mind of the one reading it. It may serve as a spark one day, to one person, and then never on any re-reading serve in that way again. Or it may continually or repeatedly or occasionally lead on to other things. There’s no telling, and no need for the telling.

And there’s your hour.

Almost to the minute. All right, our thanks as always.

4 thoughts on “Nathaniel — because we are not alone…

  1. Thank you always Nathaniel & Frank?

    And here again, somehow, Nahaniel is refering to how much each individual “seeing” the material “in their own way” when to read it. Depending upon the state of Mind”(or, consciousness) of the reader(s).
    Nathaniel refers to the actual “State of Mind.”

    But what I have tried to “grasp” about evil doings, as obviously it is within our reality of living. Because it IS created in our 3-D-reality–and the THOUGHT-FORMS coming from “somewhere.”
    IT IS created “an evil energy”, and it is FIRST created in he unseen realms. Thereafter manifested in the world. And as everything else about any Creation, it is the ENERGY from the very same Source “used for the creation about everything” – But originally wasn`t necessary TO CREATE at all:
    Such as “The Suffering” wasn`t meant to become MANIFESTED at all. “As from the beginning of time.”
    But IT did ! The HUMAN HISTORY.
    And it is told by many “Sources”- No suffering existed “from the beginning” until THE MANKIND nanifested it !
    F.inst., the same was told by Seth, and also ACIM, if only to mention the two`s. The two all seemingly different teachings do have MANY esoteric similarities indeed.

    Somehow we have to reform what is done as physical manifestations, and using the same ENERGY to rein “the wild horse,” in what was NOT “meant to become created in the first place.” We cannot “destroy” the all-encompasing Energy but Transforming it, the way it was meant to become at first.
    A really strong feeling about it ! We do not “need to learn” by the sufferings in the world.
    Well, only my opinion that is. I have FELT it is true on my part. The suffering is unnecessary but it is created, and must be REFORMED & RECONSTRUCTED “out-of-time.” Supposingly within The Etheric Material. For the very first time to realize in us NOT to have “the need of” to suffer about anything.
    We are what we believe and it is true, and attracting the same.
    Well, I am tempted to tell, Amen….And smiling.

  2. I have come back to this post 3 times already. I am enjoying this slower pace of streaming (2 to 3 times per week).

    This is a poem by Juan Ramone Jimemez (called “I am not I”). It uses “C” perspective (and some separation) to make its point, but that seems appropriate considering the last message of Nathaniel and Frank.


    I am not I.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am this one (over here)
    walking beside me whom I do not see,
    whom at times I manage to visit,
    and whom at other times I forget;
    who remains calm and silent while I talk,
    and forgives, gently, when I hate,
    who walks where I am not,
    who will remain standing when I die.


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