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As I begin tre-reading the manuscript I am calling Rita 4 (until I can define the theme better), i see that those conversations went from the final day of June to Sept. 17, and what i am tentatively calling the book of Nathaniel went from Sept. 16 to Nov. 21. That’s quite a lot to have accomplished, more or less in my spare time.

Also in 2017, Awakening from the 3D World was published by Rainbow Ridge Books, and That Phenomenal Background (originally Babe in the Woods) was published as an e-book by Crossroad Press.

Big year. Not bad, for an old guy.

5 thoughts on “Busy year

  1. I knew it was a lot because I’ve probably copied about half of most postings into my journal for further exploring. They’ve certainly made my own explorations more meaningful, and I’ve ended up applying your/Nathaniel’s ideas and concepts into my life and the work I do. I know whatever you do next may or may not be shared in this forum, but I wish you the best with it, and I hope to experience it again.

      1. I can suggest something here.

        Setting up a forum (in concept) is pretty simple – (1) choose-buy your preferred software package and (2) then choose a place for it (a server). However, setting up and running a forum takes work – it is a different kind of work from writing and maintaining some contact with your readers.

        Instead, what about partnering with someone who is already established. I am thinking of someone like Vicki Short (the moderator of Afterlife Knowledge). She knows of your work here. You each connected with Bruce (Moen) the day after his transition to non-3D. Vicki may be reading this comment, because I shared your post with her the other day (I was briefly a member of Afterlife Knowledge). She could easily create a Frank DeMarco sub-forum within the broader framework of Afterlife Knowledge. You each could talk to Bruce about it (A, B and C perspectives). 🙂

        The reason I also suggest this is the landscape of the Internet has changed. Long time established Forums are dying out (like Astral Pulse and Aardema’s EIC) and in great contrast Twitter-Facebook (with everyone owning a cell phone) are thriving. This shift is not over, as your future readers (younger people) are not connected to forums.

        Investing in a forum with some $$$ seems reasonable, HOWEVER you investing time in running a forum seems a distraction from what you seem to really enjoy doing (communicating with non-3D and sharing it). This is certainly my C perspective.

        If you have any questions about what I am saying, you can email me.

        1. An interesting idea. No, I certainly wouldn’t want to do whatever work is involved in running a forum, but I would enjoy seeing it up and running, and participating it in as appropriate. Can you send me Vicki Short’s email address? Or, if you know her, perhaps see if she is interested in the idea. If not, no harm done and no need to pursue the idea. If so, we’d have to explore possibilities. Thanks for the idea in any case.

          1. Yes, some ideas. That is my intention.

            I do not know her (Vicki) personally, but I will get her mail for you. I simply see a lot complementary overlap between Bruce’s work and what you are about (and how you want to expand that).

            I will email the information to you (instead of posting it publicly here).

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