The psychological benefit of writing up your life

This seems particularly relevant in light of today’s session with Nathaniel. Writing a memoir of your life can be a powerful process. It isn’t about the audience; it’s about the author.

2 thoughts on “The psychological benefit of writing up your life

  1. I occasionally sit with my friend’s father, who is 92, so she can run to Santa Fe or have a day in the woods. He is in good shape and sharp as a tack, but he’ll tell me he can think of no good reason to be still alive at 92. He’s more frustrated by what he can’t do (e.g., be as physically active, read much) than gratified by what he can (there’s lots he still enjoys–his food, his daughter, Dirty Harry movies). I think I’ll talk to him about writing a memoir (he could talk into a tape recorder and I could transcribe). He’s not in communication with his two sons, and he hints at other regrets. Maybe he could lighten his own load. Thanks for sharing this.

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