Bruce in 1998, working

I sketched this from life, then started to paint it, but never got around to correcting the color and the arms. Bruce was working on one of his many electronic projects, in Dave Wallis’ then-unfinished house on Creekside Lane, on the New Land near TMI. I wish I had finished the painting while I still had Bruce living nearby, but it didn’t happen. So, instead of hanging in the Tate, it will have to remain as a reminder of a friendship and of another time. Hard to really feel the fact that this was nearly 20 years ago.

One thought on “Bruce in 1998, working

  1. This is very cool – I didn’t know this artistic side. Would love to see more of your work. Character sketches are not just words – color and shape and pattern tell a great story, one I understand better sometimes.

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