That Phenomenal Background, available as an E-book

Originally published as Babe in the Woods, this is the first volume in a trilogy  centering on the changes and choices that accompany the dawning of a wider awareness.

Kindle version, the only version available so far, $3.99

8 thoughts on “That Phenomenal Background, available as an E-book

  1. I bumped into this today – some newer technology that might interest you. It is about $25.

    I regularly use both clustering (right hemisphere) and writing (left) in my work with my own TGGU (guys and gals). This single device allows both activities. I am considering one for myself.

    Note, however, that it probably requires wireless access (e.g., like a router in the home).

    1. Thanks, but that isn’t me. (a) I don’t trust or use the cloud. (b) You’re talking to a guy who is in the process of filling in journal #109 (the first having been begun Sept 6, 1966). (c) The Luddites knew a thing or two.

  2. ….it is hereby (promptly) done, my SECOND KINDLE BOOK in history.
    Thank you very much Frank.
    P.S. And I, who never wanted to read other than a good old-fashioned PAPER-BOOK. Oh well, my old habits changes whether liking it or not.
    The world is about changes or? SMILES(a bit tired)

      1. I DO Love to read your book Frank ! And I`m working with EACH chapter intensly. I am “recognizing” many same EXPERIENCES to have had myself throughout the years. Your descriptions of the process in “Babe in the Woods” about everything makes it much clearer to “grasp it.” Wonder if it is – at last – to see what I, myself, to have experienced FELT AS similarities ! Such as “to understand” the process for all of us involved.

        I`m into chapter 6 by now.
        Thanks a whole lot for it !

  3. I loved this book. I loved it. I recognize the fictionality of it, but also appreciate the energy of the reality of the work, the energy of the invitation to explore the unknown, or really, I should say the so-called unknown. We don’t know what we don’t know until we come to know it. Books like That Phenomenal Background introduce the seeker soul to the possibilities of the more that is all around us, within us, with us, of us.

    Did I say that I loved this book?

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