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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

6:15 a.m. “Desire.” That’s the word that finally rousted me out of bed where I lay half-sleeping. Other dreams had been going through the old film projector, but the single word “desire” gave me the sense that this was the theme du jour. Am I correct?

You can be.

Meaning, it’s up to me to follow your lead or propose my own.

We smile.

Yes, I get it. That’s the point in a nutshell.

It is. What you desire in life is what you get.

It certainly doesn’t seem that way.

That is because you are not thinking of it correctly. “You,” meaning everybody, you know. Statements meant for you alone are few, and are given separately. Even matters concerning you alone may have applicability for others, and so are given here as a “twofer.” But your own filters assure that no messages too personal for other ears get recorded. It is because you, personally, have wide filters that we can use you this way.

“Twofers,” I should say for the studio audience, is a very old piece of slang. Two for the price of one; “twofer”; an unsuspected or anyway fortuitous advantage. I would offhand expect Americans to understand it, but perhaps our overseas friends might not, so there you are. For that matter, “for the studio audience” is a bit of obsolescent slang too, left over from radio and early television. You guys may need a younger camel.

You will do for the moment. Now, to proceed. The very word “desire” often suggests sexual desire, whereas “desires” suggests many random appetites. Neither meaning will do here. Here, at the moment, we are using the word “desire” in only one way, as meaning the thing you really want in life.

Good that you made that clear. It isn’t the way we use it typically, as you say. But do you mean to imply that we usually (or always, for that matter, or ever) want only one thing in life? One at a time, maybe? Or, one more than others? How do you mean it?

Perhaps we should rephrase and rather than say “the one thing you really want in life,” say “the one way you want your life to be.” For life is not a simple thing, and desires are not additive but are inter-relating and (to coin a word) inter-transforming. Those whose lives consist of desires all of which flow in the same direction lead remarkably able, efficient, single-minded lives. Those – on the opposite end of the spectrum – whose desires are in deadly conflict with one another may have all they can do to hold it together, let alone accomplish anything or find a moment of rest. And everyone else, as usual, may be found on the bell curve between these extremes.

Yes, all right. So, what I was intuiting as I lay in bed was that this was going to be about – “follow your desire, it will not lead you astray.”

Not so far wrong, but not quite that simple either.

Why does that not surprise me?

Matters are always precisely as simple as you wish them to be; no more, no less. But that simple statement is going to require some explanation.

Yes, I should say it would.

“You,” in the first place. As usual, it is vitally important to understanding to know which “you” you’re referring to at any given moment. Who is the “you” who is doing the wishing? The 3D you? The 3D-you in working harness with the non-3D you? Both of these, with the active assistance of other non-3D friends? It makes a difference, as you can imagine.

The 3D-you on its own (and realize, here, no 3D-you is ever on its own, but it may often enough feel like it is on its own, and it may pig-headedly proceed without accessing its own deeper knowing, disregarding conscience, intuition, “irrational” caution signs, etc.)

Had to bring that sentence fragment to a halt, merely because it was getting too long to hold in mind. Proceed.

The 3D-you on its own may have its own ideas about what it wants out of life, and those desires will automatically complicate or simplify the life as far as that life is under its command. But of course, 3D is where you make decisions. In a sense it is not where you make decisions and set up the problem.

The 3D-you acting in cooperation with its non-3D component – in other words, living in cooperative contact with intuition, with hunches, with knowings – will be less inclined to confuse superficial and essential desire. It will not be so easily misled by surface appearance, and by that we mean not only external (or, really, externally-perceived) forces, but internal currents and their eddies. And so on and so forth.

I get it. The deeper we live in connection, the truer our compass.

Yes, with the caveat that it isn’t necessarily conscious connection. But yes, as in physical life, the more attention you pay to your compass, the less likely you are to lose your way.

So, you say our lives are always as simple, and only as simple, as we wish. I think you still need to give us some evidence of it. I will say, I sort of get an inner assent, but it is against the evidence of experience.

It is not against the evidence of your personal experience, if you will examine it. You have come to a nice simplified existence that suits you. but where you are going wrong is in thinking that desire manifests immediately and automatically.

I do see. Yes, I was thinking of my turbulent past, and I keep forgetting that you-all don’t so much care what we have been through, as what we come to.

What you make yourselves (what we make our-selves!) by your / our decisions, yes.

So what does this mean? Look  at what a person came to be, to see what his or her desire was?

Subject to the unchanging and unchangeable fact that you can’t really judge anybody’s life, yes. Abraham Lincoln was haunted – foreshadowed – by the feeling that he had been created to do one momentous thing. He knew, even though nothing in the intellectual or religious thought of his day gave him any excuse to know or any support in knowing.

It’s on the record. He said that to somebody – I think it referred to the Emancipation Proclamation, but it may conceivably have referred to saving the Union. The former, I’m pretty sure.

Well, he knew. And in support of that knowing, you might say – or equally, you might say to support that knowing – his life’s desire was to reach a position of influence. So, you see his mainspring, and let us remind you, you see it a whole lot more clearly than he ever did! The 3D Lincoln lived in a clutter of impressions, desires (with a small “d,” so to speak), ambitions, enjoyments, harassments, distractions. He had his logical mind always there to pooh-pooh any thought of his really attaining such a post, or of the times bringing such an opportunity. Ye he married the woman whose consuming ambition could only be reached through his career, and who continually prodded him as he needed. His story-telling ability, his kindness, his sociability, his humility, his awareness of his own worth without a sense of his ability to stand out from others – all this led him to political prominence, and his inclination to deep thought gave him better understanding of his time than those around him in his own professional and political circle, and so lifted him in their estimation.

The 3D-Lincoln didn’t plan that. No one could. The best 3D-Lincoln could do – and did – was to remain in close contact with his intuitions, his deepest sense of reality, and this led him where he needed to go, and where others needed him to be.

I can hear at least one friend of mine saying “predestination!”

It can look like that, surely. Only, that idea omits the fact that what is predestined only takes place when and where you make the supporting decisions.

So predestination depends upon free will! Care to expound upon that a bit?

At another time. It is too much for a mere aside. And, by the way, the sentence is reversible. Free will also depends upon predestination. They are intricately connected. They are, in fact, the same conditions seen through different filters.

Well, that ought to be interesting. Are we finished with “desire” for the moment?

It is worth reminding you, and the reader, to do some pondering on the statement that your lives are always as simple as you wish them to be. It is one more reason why “all is well, all is always well.”

Hmm. Not immediately evident. Very well, see you next time, and thanks as always.

And, as TGU used to say to Rita and you, our thanks in turn, for your attention.


[That word “desire” remaining in my mind, I tried to remember what poem was trying to reinsert itself into my mind, and finally remembered, the Rubaiyat. Before transcribing this morning’s session, I went to this site:

[There it said, “The most famous translation of the Rubaiyat from Farsi into English was undertaken in 1859 by Edward J. Fitzgerald. It appears that in many of his translations, he has combined a few of the Rubaiyat to compose one, and sometimes it is difficult to trace and correspond the original to the translated version. However, he has tried his utmost to adhere to the spirit of the original poetry.” And it was Fitzgerald’s haunting version I had remembered:

[Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!
Would not we shatter it to bits–and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!

[Not exactly an unfamiliar sentiment, particularly in these times!]


14 thoughts on “Nathaniel on desire

  1. Quite a session. It felt like a class. First I was hung up on the use of words like “pig-headed” and “work harness” and “command,” reminding me that you describe a system that puts us, as we know ourselves, at the bottom. Then I was caught up in us being mere conduits for C2 and higher, trying to sort where we have our independence of choice (and who are we, really, especially after our discussion of roles, characters, playwrights and observers the other day). But you/they took me back to the notion of our deeper knowing, conscience, intuition, “irrational” caution signs, etc., as you/they said. That took me back to the idea that these emotional senses “of our own” connect us to the “impersonal forces” that blow through us. We make decisions based on our desires, rooted in our emotions, expressed through our feelings, all stirred by the forces blowing through our maze of experiences and strands, etc.
    Then I had to laugh, because of the discussion on predestination and it depending on free will. What’s a life anyway? We make our own predestination by our patterns of choices, which become a destination. If we come into this life with our own purpose, that’s a kind of predestination, if we so choose it. And that life will appear simple and well if we (sharing perspective with at least C2) decide to see it that way. I do ramble!
    This session made me think about a virtual (skype maybe) class every so often, to have discussion. Maybe the material just makes me enthusiastic and that would be too much. Maybe it’s best to work it out on our own. Anyway, thanks again for another stirring and useful session.

    1. Jane, I think the thing that will do more than anything else to explicate all this for you is for you to begin to think of yourself as the actor, not the role. That’s the point Nathaniel has been hammering on, recently. Another way to say that is to identify with the greater you, not the 3D you. Things look different after that. As to reincarnation and free will, I’m looking forward to that discussion myself. I got sick yesterday, and gave myself the morning off, but maybe Friday.
      i like the idea of a group Skype session, and Dave Garland, our cyber-resident computer guru (along with Rich Spees),has told me he will look into it for me.

      1. I just enjoy these sessions so much–they fit with where I am or I fit with where they are–and they put me in an expansive place that excites my awareness. And you’re right, it’s the identification with the greater (C2 or higher) self that clarifies.
        I’m glad you at least gave yourself the morning off! I’m sure you needed exactly that.
        I can hardly imagine what a group session would be like, but it would be great to bounce our questions off you and each other in real time.

    2. Hi …

      I like Frank’s suggestion, but I might augment his metaphor or analogy by suggesting that “we, as human, are living a mystery”. We may be actors or role players, but the script to be read or practiced from is not often clear (maybe “improv”).

      I have an experience that might relate to all this. I have shared it with Frank before on the blog.

      In the experience (after meeting my guidance in an OBE a year earlier), I was awake in the middle of the night questioning whether I had a choice or not. I was lost in my perceived mire of pre-destination, pre-planning, non-physical input, my dispositions, and my choices. I was talking to the ceiling (just up) questioning my guidance. I eventually got back to sleep.

      My guidance came to me upon awakening and started playing a song in my head. I almost did not notice it. They were having fun with me, and I recognized it as that. I remembered the song from childhood, and so I looked up the lyrics. Here is the song:

      Lyrics …

      Song …

      And if it does not resonate with you, that’s fine. I am just sharing an experience that I was reminded of when reading along here. I got a strong reminder yesterday about “living in the mystery” – maybe this is why.

      1. I know this song, from when I was a teen, and it was always sort of haunting. I think it captures what it feels like when you decide to be aware. It’s got that take-a-risk, make-a-leap, fly by the seat of your pants feel that I believe life is supposed to be about. We/I ask about who we are as awareness shifts our understanding of ourselves, and a song like this reminds us we really are our choices–to ride or not to.
        LoL–I don’t think they’re ever just playing with us! They waste not a single effort. Thanks for sharing. It’s still a great song to listen to.

        1. Just a clarification (and context).

          I am not implying “playing with us” as if we were objects or a pawn. This is an important distinction, as it was exactly what I was struggling with at the time.

          My feeling was that they were reminding me that “they were having fun WITH me”. It was personalized. The message in the song was that I was the captain of the ship and many, many more (than I imagined) were along for the ride. The ‘captain’ moniker was a personalized metaphor for me, as I spent 15 years living on the coast and sailing (something which I recently had to let go of to move inland and take care of someone full time).

          I understand that ‘this context’ may not apply to you, but I expand upon them to bring more understanding to the message.

  2. Frank, I am really enjoying the discussion with Nathaniel. I am appreciating more and more how our individual compositions and their connections to our larger beings predispose our preferences and expressions in the world and how they contribute to why we are considerable mysteries to ourselves and each other.

    Subtle Traveler, love your story and the song. I have had two instances where songs were played for me by my guides in lucid dreams. One song (Spirit in the Sky) was played by a live band (in the non 3D) as I danced with my guides. We all had a good laugh when I recognized what song was playing. The second one (I Say A Little Prayer For You by Dionne Warwick) was played for me on a record player by one of my guides.

    An aside for Inger Lise, you said you have a guide named Daniel. My main guide gave his name as Daniel too (but no reference to the biblical Daniel has ever come up with him).


    1. Karla, Subtle Traveler and Jane.

      Love what you are telling about experiences as a “a part of the whole.”

      Nowadays much seems to happen in my life too, as to have got a Mysterious Coughing in the last year. I have been to hospital for X-rays and blood-tests and what not, but nothing wrong to find with the lungs, or any bronkites, or to have catch a cold, or asthma, or allergic to anything. All sorts of doctors throughout a whole year cannot find anything “wrong” with my body. Four times doing the X-rays and the lung-testings.
      I am waking up at night with the coughing as well…..since almost a year back in time. But I have got the medicine for a too high bloodpressure. though. My lungs are as fresh as ever.
      But the caughing which occurs many times a day as well as in the nights
      draining my energy, and I am becoming more and more tired.

      I can almost “hear” Seth saying: “You are blocking your own natural flow.”
      According to the old teachings by Louise Hay (The Hay House) in the book printed in 1984, translated into Norwegian in 1993, with the title: You Can Heal Your Life.
      And in the book telling about caughing to become the underlying cause by: “a wish for attention, such as “listen to me.”
      HM, not bad at all(it can be true) because my husband NEVER listens to me, no matter what it is about…. so I have found to keep my mouth shut in the latest years.
      I am repressing “a natural flow” so to speak. (chatting too much ? and laughs).

      Interesting indeed with the similarities among us here when it comes to guidance. “Messages” within the music and lyrics certainly giving the most wonderful “vibrations.”

      And Karla, why not DANIEL to both… Nathaniel is a group-entity likewise.
      Perhaps Daniel “in the bible” giving me a “advice”(of the happenings back then, several years ago now), NOT TO REJECT my original Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. When “The Voice” of Daniel vividly and clearly appeard in my mind back then when sitting among a particular “Steiner-group”…..I was participating within a class of Rudolf Steiners`. Many of the students were teachers at the Steiner School in Norway….. The most shocking for me when “to hear” THE VOICE in my mind so LOUDLY, that I stood up from the chair I was sitting, and also obviously my outlooking as to have got a big shock: My Steiner friends sitting around me there asking if I felt sick or something, and says; “what on earth is it wrong with you?
      I told them no, no, I`m all fine, but without thinking properly I did BURST OUT with what I heard in my mind(coming from my “head” to say the least back then) and the words told coming from Daniel: ” I AM DANIEL…. Look into the BIBLE to see who I AM.”
      The REACTION among the Steiner students was something like this: THE BIBLE ???? We have NOT been interested in the bible at all, and never, ever, has been interested in the bible at all.
      As they told me there and then: “We do not believe anything said in the bible or in any religion.”
      BUT here you must take into consideration the common background of the peoples in Norway. Mostly 70% of the population do NOT care about the church(The Lutheran State Religion). Mostly all of the population becoming socalled Atheists since 60 years back “in time.” The words “God” and “Jesus” and The Bible is synonymous with ignorance and old superstiton.
      soon afterwards had a vivid dream where “somebody” telling me: “REJECT NOT THE BIBLE.”

      AND nowadays the book Frank recommended me to read: ” Tell No Man” by Adela Rogers ST. JOHNS giving me some pretty chilling “remembrances.” I have FELT lately, in these latest days, something like: “What more to say?”

      I am to recall among “the Steiner-group” back then how I FELT the chilliness and icy coldness coming from the folks, by their reaction against my words. There was felt as an icy cold wind blowing through me. They`re reaction FELT AS an Arctic-wind blowing from them and through me. And at the same time thinking by myself I am to become nuts! Well, I CAN RECALL to become terribly shocked myself, and thereafter almost fled out of the room….. And never to participate in the same group again.

      Hm, almost felt as Daniel “in the bible” to be thrown to the lions.

      1. Inger Lise–if your coughing is about letting your voice out, I’m glad you’re letting it out here. Your comments are always so thoughtful and thought provoking. They stir up reminiscences for me, too, about trying to find places where our spirituality, whatever form it takes, can fit. For many years, I never talked about it, and even now, it’s a small group that I talk about it with. Thanks for your honesty.

        1. Thanks Jane, your words are uplifting indeed.
          I`m convinced “the feeling of” TO HAVE MET each others before arising by the intuition, or past-life remembrances, or another parallel existence.

          Agree, it is not easy to find somebody with the same sharing about our Spiritual experiences. Especially when living on the countryside. And, of course, to become “newcomers” into a local Village Community here in Norway, you have to be the third or the 4th generation living here if to become accepted(even if you are born in the same country). And among old village-peoples is it still more peoples left in doing the old Church practize. Such as going to the local Church each Sunday etc.etc.
          I am not doing it but sometimes because the nice little wooden-Church(original made timber walls)from the 17th century(a little white-painted Church situated upon a mound all alone), the nice kept lonesome Church, watching over the Lake with the graveyard behind. The old Church do have a very particular “vibration” surrounding the building, also when sitting inside of it; a sort of ANCIENT deep peace laboured in the old wooden walls, and painted with the old naive Christian Images, and the Rose-paintings there back in 1768.
          Not many peoples living in this area back then, and Norway ruled by the Danish King living in Copenhagen. The Danes looking upon Norway as their Siberia filled up with pagans.
          I came to be thinking about the old history because in these days, the Danish produced TV-Series nowadays, are shown on the Norwegian TV Channels— It is about peoples living within the Danish History since the first settlements there. Whether in us to like it or not—but the first ones were the German tribes, whom settled up in the north, walking north after the last ice-age—“in the beginning.” Obviously therefore Hitler had some twisted “ideas” about “the Aryan-race”…He was all wrong about it, ho ho! Because the socalled ARYAN race is not Europeans: The Aryan race came from the Caucasian region. And also told, coming from India.
          Obviously Hitler have forgotten about Adam & Eve as the first ones, and they were Jews or ?
          Smiling Inger Lise.

  3. I am a few days behind in reading this blog. I too have gotten messages through songs stuck in my head. Oddly enough, last night I had a dream in which I had a song stuck in my head which I noticed in the dream. The song was “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story and I thought, still in the “dream” that this meant something really wonderful was coming to me in the near future and I got excited!! So then I wake up and read this very juicy and expansive blog entry and comments! Cool beans! Synchronicity rocks! Also – I vote for the Skype call!!! This material meshes so well with me and gives me room to expand my perspectives!!

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