2 thoughts on “Steiner on egotism and altruism

  1. Seth once said, paraphrased: The Ego is “a Tool” for us to handle properly and not the other way around(and not letting the ego “ruling” over us). Seth says the ego is made as “a tool/equipment” for us in the physical environment. But instead for using the ego “as a tool” — in us to have made The Ego as “The Master” over “The Self.”

    P.S. Do not know what`s “right” here, but obviously The Ego exists one way or the other.

    1. It seems clear enough that the ego may be considered the soul, and the larger self the All-D. Who would willingly let the smaller, more limited, less clear-sighted ego overrule the self? Yet, the ego was created precisely to experience 3D life.

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