Henry Reed: Thoughts on “Nathaniel on testing”

Nathaniel is making a lot of sense, if that is the word for it.


  • The soul is a collection of strands living one life together.
  • Spirit, we have been describing as the animating force, separate from the soul but essential to it.
  • Life, we said, for 3D compound beings, is choice. It is the lifelong moment-by-moment process of reacting to every moment.

The second two are statements that Edgar Cayce could make. Some correspondence there. Since the introduction of the “committee” idea, or “strands” making up the soul, it made me wonder about the idea of reincarnation, if there were really a single identify that goes through each life, thus my earlier question about boundaries between souls in the all-d world.

Then there is the theme of the external “forces,” that we live a life of being propelled by emotions, steering the process as best we can, or are inclined to do… that seems so much like the Greeks talking about the gods, and Jung turning them into archetypes. The hardest thing for Jung to get across for us, that there exists the “objective psyche,” a reality prior to things, and would exist even if we got rid of all the brains. Here is how Nathanial put it:

“the vast impersonal forces – we’re going to keep repeating the phrase until it sinks in to one and all – precede you, animate you, and postdate you. Like the 3D world, they don’t depend on you for their existence and they don’t depend on you for their activity. They are. They exist. The fact that they animate humans is not the same as saying that they exist for the purpose of animating humans.  Almost the other way around; you might almost say humans – 3D compound beings – exist in order to provide channels for these forces.”

Here Nathanial seems to provide a “purpose or meaning” for existence: how are you going to channel these forces? Jung and Cayce both would say that the purpose of being blown about is to see what you are made of, so that you’d grow in consciousness of your relationship to “all”….

…don’t know if I’m appropriately tagging patterns here…

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