Nathaniel on a-bombs, drugs, and our situation

Friday, October 6, 2017

4:20 a.m. I am undecided whether to ask you Henry Reed’s somewhat involved question, or invite you to proceed on whatever track you are on.

Remember, “interruptions” and seemingly fortuitous interactions are as much a part of the pattern of events as any consciously formed plan. A good teacher uses what comes.

Very well, then, here is a long message Henry posted on my blog. I have my own reaction to it, and I gather that you’d just as soon I set that out so you can correct and comment as usual.

In this case it will be a matter of our commenting on your view rather than upon your attempted restatement of our position, but fine, go ahead.

[Henry Reed: A professional Intuitive posted this recollection, and it seems to relate. Perhaps Nathaniel might comment:

[The other day, after the Vegas attack, comedian Jimmy Kimmel was in tears making the comment that it used to be so easy to do comedy, but not so much anymore. He stated that it seemed like a window onto evil had been opened.

[This made me think of something my clairvoyant professor had said back in the mid ’70s. What he said makes total sense when you think of the many layers or dimensions of existence. So much has happened on finer levels that has affected us here on Earth.

[He said that the first bomb testing, and all the bombs that have followed, have actually “blown holes” in Earth’s spiritual layer of protection. Then he said something startling. With each ‘hole’ a tremendous amount of evil or dark forces has been able to enter. They have come streaming or flooding in. In his words it was like a “vacuum cleaner” sucking in tremendous amounts of negativity.

[Then the drug revolution went hand-in-hand with this. He explained that loosening one’s consciousness thru drugs allowed many of these dark forces to have access to them. To easily come into (either partly by influencing or more totally inhabiting) bodies. That with this much dark forces on Earth now it is no longer safe to do mind-altering drugs and he even discouraged social drinking. (You see literally the evil that literally comes into some people who drink often). Some people I know do peyote rituals, insisting it is fine and the native Americans did it. But here again, this creates a “loosening” of the finer bodies (etheric, astral and spirit layers etc.).

[With the prevalence and existence of SO much negativity on Earth now along with the heightening of energies our way of living cannot be the same as in the past. He said that Earth’s protective layer is now more like “Swiss cheese” — extremely full of holes, giving free access to negative forces. I don’t mean to sound preachy, but this makes so much sense. Indeed literally many ” windows onto evil” have opened. If only people more in general could understand the many layers of existence.

[Another profound thing he said back in the more innocent era of the ’70s was that as time went on closer to the millennium and after, good spiritual forces or beings would have to be streaming energy to the planet just to keep us functioning long enough for a major event or change to happen. And that these “speeded up” energies would be something that a segment of society would not be able to handle. Some people would become erratic. We are seeing lot of this happen…. Interesting that Jesus had said something like “except that things be ‘speeded up’ there would be no one left alive.”

[MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, as I see it anyway, weapons of killing SHOULD NOT be easily accessible to the public!! This should NO LONGER be possible! The human climate is changing and has changed so dramatically that this can no longer be possible, as I see it anyway. There is way too much instability now.]

My thinking is that this is all confused. I think it is inaccurate use of metaphor, for one thing, inappropriately concrete. Atomic bombs, being physical, can’t blow holes in something that isn’t. But – I don’t know, I suppose. I could be persuaded to think I am being too rigid.

Always a good attitude, if uncomfortable, being ready to be made to re-think.

All right, let’s examine it.

“A window on evil.” Doesn’t this metaphor suggest that you are on one side of the wall and evil on the other, and if only the window weren’t open, you’d still be separated?

For many years I have been quoting somebody, can’t remember who, who pointed out that the line between good and evil is not between people but within them.

Correct. But, a careless or ambiguous metaphor does not necessarily discredit an argument, still less an insight or position. So, let’s look farther.

At the most simple and physical layer, atomic bombs do not blow holes in a layer of protection that would by nature be non-3D and would be internal. Clearly at the literal level, this would be inappropriately concrete. But look at it symbolically, and there could be an argument. Certainly the implied devaluation of the sanctity of life that has followed the use and development of such weapons might be expressed that way. However, as a literal material description of reality, no.

The entire thought coupling atomic bombs and the current manifestation of evil rests on interrelated incorrect ideas:

  • A physical event caused – and further such events continue to cause – rupture in a postulated spiritual protective shield.
  • The spiritual shield existed in the first place, with one side being protected against evil on the other side.
  • Proportionate to the number of explosions in the physical (3D) part of the world, “windows” have opened between the 3D and non-3D worlds. But when you remember that there is one world, and that 3D and non-3D alike are subsets of what we are calling All-D, where is there a place for walls and windows? (Yes, we recognize that the window was metaphor, but within the construct of the metaphor, that is the function, and, as we say, where is the possibility?)
  • Great amounts of negativity were allowed into 3D by the disruption of this spiritual shield. Without the shield, without the separation of spiritual and physical, without the segregation of good from evil to begin with, what is left of this idea?
  • Without a spiritual protective layer to be breached by a physical event, where is the potential for it to be full of holes? The analogy resembles the hole in the ozone that was detected decades ago, except that ozone depletion was described as resulting from physical causes affecting a physical substance and system (ozone and the surrounding atmosphere). No one suggested that the ozone interacted with or was adversely impacted by spiritual forces. However, bookmark this sentence, as you sometimes say, because there is a core of truth here that we should spell out.

To sum up the portion on atomic testing, we would say, no, this is bad theory, inappropriately concrete, and if meant only metaphorically, much more misleading than elucidating.

In relation to drugs, however, this is on firmer grounds. Notice immediately one difference.

This one is attributing a physical mechanism – drugs – to individuals rather than to society as an abstraction, and it has a more believable mechanism.

Believability isn’t the issue. Ever. Believability isn’t a constant, for one thing, and for another it is too closely related to “common sense” to be relied upon. In other words, what is believable to you today may not be tomorrow, and what is believable to one may not be to another, and what is believable may be so only because it accords with prejudice or background ideas.

However, the question of believability aside, it is true that drugs affect the individual mind. Do they therefore affect the individual spirit?

That isn’t a question I have thought to ask.

Think in terms of what we have been encouraging you to think of as the structure of the world.

So much easier to take dictation.

So it is. Think.

Well, if 3D and non-3D are two aspects of the same world, and everybody is in both, with our consciousness in different places, sort of, the differences between mental and spiritual aren’t necessarily even real. I mean, whatever spiritual means, we are it. And it can’t be something walled off within us, this much body, this much spirit, maybe this much mind. If there is a difference among them, we’re closer to raisin bread than separate bins of wheat, raisins, yeast, etc.

Does it affect your spirit when you take aspirin?

Does it affect my spirit when the headache goes away?


Well, “exactly,” only I don’t know quite where that leaves us.

Drugs, even psychotropics on one end of the scale and pain-relievers on the other end, are all physical substances. They affect the physical body by producing chemical changes. Those chemical changes may be mild or profound, and they may have effects on the 3D consciousness – which is really what we’re talking about here – ranging from disorienting to imperceptible. Where is the scope of action for the physical substance to affect a postulated spiritual barrier? What they affect is consciousness, and their chief effect there is indeed to lower the barriers, but they are internal barriers, they are not barriers between the individual and the outside (even if non-physical) world.

I have long said that LSD, which is the only drug I have any experience with except marijuana and a one-time wakeup experience of mescaline, does not bring chaos or harmony, clarity or confusion. It instead magnifies what you are, so you cannot miss it. You may be overwhelmed by it, but it is overwhelm by what you already are, unsuspected. At least, I think so.

That is substantially correct. Again, the metaphor implies invasion from without. Absent that, what remains?

However – and you should find this interesting – despite inappropriate metaphor and inadequate examination of premises, this is still a valid perception, that the current moment is one of heightened activity.

I was going to comment on perception versus interpretation, but I get that the point here is that this is a time when – oh, of course – when what was unconscious is becoming conscious (whether we would prefer it or not) and therefore the negative is coming forth full strength, having been so long repressed.

It isn’t that the negative has been repressed, it is that the awareness of, the acceptance of, the negative has been repressed. And like any long-repressed psychic content, it is now erupting full force.

Yes, I see that. And, because life is good – because we are good as well as evil – protection flows forth along with destruction.

It is your choice, always.

This is very helpful, and a lot more thoughtful than my reaction would have been.

It’s mostly a matter of slowing down, of sinking in, unafraid of what you may find. You do it by talking to us. You could profitably do it in your day-to-day interactions, as well.

I was about to say, “easier said than done,” but it is just a decision, isn’t it?

That’s what it is, and your lives are built upon a continual stream of decisions.

And as to the commercial for gun control at the end?

Change the consciousness, and the manifestations of the consciousness change automatically. There is much more going on behind the scenes than you can know – we are talking in 3D terms here, not speaking of non-3D manipulation – and the issue is not what it seems to anybody on any side of it. Stick to what you can do, rather than obsessing over what you cannot do.

Don’t go marching off to a pretended siege of Babylon, as Emerson says.

Some psychological situations never change, which is why older wisdom still applies.

Many thanks for all this.


3 thoughts on “Nathaniel on a-bombs, drugs, and our situation

  1. Frank and Nathaniel & Co, thanks. And also Henry Reed, thank you.
    My first thought about all those things to read about yours….. How come “The Created”(which is genuine One) in to have got THE IDEA to make anything EVIL at all ? Duality is “a Construction of The Mind.”
    There is only ONE FORCE.
    Seth: All you see and participating within, has been created within each Framework you to believe, which is used as “IDEA_CONSTRUCTION.”
    And more according to Seth:
    “Any evils in the world are symptons of your own inner disorders and are meant to lead you to cure them.” (The Early Class Sessions, Book 1)

    A quote by ACIM: God sees no evil but forgiveness. But forgiveness as such, to become neccessary within the “time-line for you to see.” Because, according to ACIM, we are ALREADY forgiven.
    Forgive the world and the world we know will cease to exist (as from “the beginning”)….The pattern is in Jesus(the ONE son of the Creator), who “overcame the world.” And all ONE in Him. All for One.
    Hm, what did Jesus do in the Desert ? He fought with his inner Demons, until a Angel rescued Him.
    Jesus as “God and Man.” Knowing “The Force.”
    Well, that`s how I am coming to see it after all the years of study and experiences.
    Agree with Henry about the weapons. It have to stop. The world is filled up with the fear about devastation. BTW: Wonder how my reaction would be if my grandchildren to be in danger ? Oh my, now I came to recall when the Angel giving me years ago, back then several years ago: “The Peace that passes understanding.” Why not able to keep it up all the time, that`s my big question ?

    Appreciating very much in you, and all others, bringing all the good material foreward Frank. Your gift to the world indeed. And us trying TO LIVE IT likewise. Two steps foreward and then one step back is it often felt like to me.

    1. We’ve talked about this. Adam and Eve (so to speak) ate of the apple of the Tree of Perceiving of Things As Good and Evil. We live in duality, and how can you have up without down? That doesn’t mean that is the ultimate reality, but we don’t live in the ultimate reality, last i checked.
      Thanks always for your reinforcement. Two forward and one back — I’d settle for that; we’d get there eventually. But from Nov 22, 1963 it seems to me it has been one step back, two more steps back, then another step back….
      Speaking of the external world, of course, not of my personal life (assuming there IS such a thing as a personal life.)

  2. “Change the consciousness, and the manifestations of the consciousness change automatically.” It reminds me of the Ram Dass story about giving Neem Karoli Baba (his guru, considered one of the five holiest men in India) a handful of LSD–enough to drop a horse, he said. Neem Karoli Baba took them all at once, and they had no effect. Or, as my old South Korean friend, Mr. Park, said, “You mind you make.” Our choice.
    I also really liked: “It’s mostly a matter of slowing down, of sinking in, unafraid of what you may find. You do it by talking to us. You could profitably do it in your day-to-day interactions, as well.”
    Thank you so much.

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