Maintaining Equanimity

In re-reading The Sphere and the Hologram,  I came upon this from the very end of our tenth session, October 16, 2001. It certainly was prescient! Pertinent today, surely.

R: All right, well, that’s all I had on my list to ask about tonight. Is there anything you’d like to add?

TGU: Yes, this is just in the nature of an alert, for you? Watching Frank, if it’s happening to him it’s happening to you as well, you all. It’s very possible to begin to shake yourselves to pieces by on the one hand attempting to remain in multiple viewpoints but on the other hand immersing yourself more and more in news and in the media as it portrays things. The inherent contradiction of the two activities is not necessarily bad, but when you notice that you are losing a little of your equanimity, then spend more time either meditating or in some way cooling down to remind yourself of who you really are. This is a widespread problem that will get wider, sooner.


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