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Friday, September 22, 2017

3:40 a.m. Equinox, later today. An end to summer. Ready if you are.

No, you aren’t really. It is no longer necessary for you to be fresh from sleep to be clear enough to communicate. Once you know how to sink into communication beyond words, you can do it any time, and you do know that. But the compensating problem is that if you do not have the energy to work, how much can you bring in even if you can sink in?

So, back to sleep?

At least back to rest, and sleep either comes or doesn’t come.

But charge the batteries. This is getting to be a recurrent theme.

It will be, until you adjust your habits to match your circumstances.

Meaning, I’m getting old and I can’t do what I have been doing these past dozen years.

Perhaps not quite that definite, but you are getting more old, put it that way. Adjustment is naturally required.

See you in a while, then.

5 a.m. Okay, shoot. Is it germane for us to know who you are connecting with? [In order to communicate, I meant.]

Distracting, rather. It is always a temptation for people, making story. Let’s concentrate on the information. If the specifics of the arrangement become germane, they will emerge at that time.


The task is a bit abstract, and that is always a problem, because it is so easy for people to wall off the abstract rather than apply it to their specific circumstances of the moment. We do not wish to help people construct one more ungrounded vision.

That’s my inclination, as well. I get awfully tired of people asserting that things are this way or that way, and laying down rules derived from their bald assertion. I try not to do that.

Of course. That is the particular flavor of your contribution. It is because we value that approach that we have from the beginning mixed procedure with assertion, so that you could test as you went along. Bear in mind, though, that your approach isn’t the only valid approach. There is a place for bald assertion and laying down rules. People differ and have differing needs.

Our present theme is that your 3D life is partly real and partly misunderstanding, or say misperception. There is room for

Yes, I get the sense of a logjam there. Want me to try to sort it out?

It isn’t all that difficult, actually. The sense we want to convey is that your 3D consciousness considered by itself has room to grow. What you are aware of can expand, depending upon willingness and circumstance.

Doesn’t it amount to saying, we can become aware of more of the content of our entire mind, rather than only the 3D-specific parts of it that we always have?

In a sense, yes. But there is more to it than that. Willingness, circumstance. Willingness means you have to be able to deal with it, and you have to be able to do the dealing. Circumstance means, not all times are equally propitious. Carpe diem.

And I just got a sense of whose mind you are connecting through. Is there some reason to not divulge it?

There isn’t, in the sense you mean it, of keeping it secret for some reason. The only thing we hoped to do is not divert people’s attention to story, as we said.

Well, proceed, then.

Those who are willing to expand their everyday-life consciousness will of course find the propitious circumstances.

Of course?

Well, it isn’t as if you were stumbling around in the dark. It is not up to your 3D-delimited mind to find new opportunities; your greater mind, your All-D mind, call it (only don’t make the analogy into something solid), will always bring you what you need when you are able to make use of it. However, you can lead a 3D mind to water, but you can’t make it drink, so not every opportunity is taken. Nothing tragic about that, it’s just the way things are in 3D.

However, the counterbalancing factor is propitious times. Sometimes you have to wait. That’s a reason to use your opportunities when they become obvious to you, lest you miss the opportune moment and are forced by circumstance to wait. Again, it isn’t a tragedy, but it can be inconvenient. It is true that the world will bring you what you want, and that you can choose the reality you want to experience, but your own lives ought to tell you – the 3D reality of the lives you are all living at the moment ought to tell you – that of course it isn’t that simple.

As always, you can’t get anything from the material (or from anything, really) if you merely accept it but don’t relate it to what you know because you are living it. So don’t just say, “Oh, yeah, create your own reality, I know all that, I don’t have any problem with this” – apply it! Ask yourselves, if it is true, why does my life contain what I don’t want as well as what I do? If it is true, how can what I live be true as well? And don’t settle for an evasion, an easy answer that answers only by explaining things away, but wrestle with it.

If you find it easy, you aren’t wrestling with it. That’s a pretty flat statement, but we’ll stand by it at least for now. You have to really look, to really see what it is you believe, and if you find that you believe two things that seem to contradict each other, you need to see if you can work out a sense in which they do not. The harder you work, the better the chance you will get something meaningful out of this.

I know you don’t mean “the harder you work” to mean it’s going to be necessarily unpleasant or tedious or even lengthy, but I thought we ought to make that clear.

No, we mean the more sincere effort you expend, naturally the better the prospects for a worthwhile outcome.

So, so much for procedure. We don’t want to leave it at that. Here is something substantive to chew on: All human activity expresses.


We said it that way purposely. It matters less (for the moment) what it expresses. Our point is that human life is expression; it is not an end in and of itself.

In the sense of an actor’s role being an expression of his craft?

We have to stop and think about that.


That was an interesting reaction. [Meaning, my suggestion.] Yes, not a bad analogy. Your 3D life is being acted, and you as actors are expressing as best you can within the limits of the role and within your own ability to play that role – and there is the nucleus of an essay in itself, the limits of your ability to play the role you are playing. So, the play is real in its own terms but is only a play in a larger context, as we have said. Your role is not to

Stuck again.

You do it, this time.

Our role may include transcending the limits, but we can’t transcend the role.

That’s well put. Anything you do is possible, or you couldn’t do it. But nothing you do is out of character, because the character is what you make it.

Now, we have just said, in 3D you express. Express what? Clearly, the forces flowing though you. at least, we hope that is a “clearly.”

I think it should be. How could we express something that we didn’t have within us?

Having it does not mean being aware of having it, of course. But yes, that’s the sense of it.

Well, if you express what is flowing through you, can you safely disregard or define out of existence things like hatred, contempt, malice, oppression? Can you, in short, decide that the evil impulses you feel and that you see expressed around you do not exist? That they are “merely” something or other, something innocuous and unthreatening? It can be done, of course, and is done. But is that an honest assessment of the situation?

The same may be said of good, but to say it might lead misleadingly to self-congratulation and rose-colored glasses, so we begin with the consideration of what so many would wish to define out of existence, even while they continue to lock their cars, protect their person, and deplore the news.

And that is enough for the moment.

Thank you, and thanks to your intermediary, too.


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