Awakening from the 3D World

A third volume of conversations with the person who was Rita Warren, centering on what the great transition from the 3D world to the non-3D world — as it appears to the soul as it is leaving the and as it is arriving. (The first two volumes were Rita’s World, vol. I and II. A related fourth volume is The Sphere and the Hologram, which comprises transcripts of sessions Rita and I did when she was still alive in the 3D world.

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5 thoughts on “Awakening from the 3D World

  1. A good morning from “over here” Frank.

    AND now to have (promptly) pre-ordered your book from Amazon.
    Thank you very much for all the valuable information.

    Always, Inger Lise

    P.S. Wonder if you to have read the book by Susan Watkins, who participated in the class-sessions with Jane Roberts/Seths` back in the 1960s ? I had forgotten all about the book (mostly) titled: “Dreaming myself Dreaming a Town.” Gosh, it is as seeing the world anew all over again.

    1. Hi Inger Lise …

      Interesting that you mention Susan Watkins (maybe a synchronicity) … after learning it 2 days ago, I have requested the “Gates of Horn” true dream the last two nights before going to sleep … and in preparing myself for that I read several Internet blurbs about Watkins.

      Maybe your radar about Susan Watkins is accurate, but you are just talking to the wrong guy about it 😉

      Hope things are well for you.

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