Steiner on karma

Rudolph Steiner doesn’t need me to vouch for him, and even he did, how would I know when he was right or wrong? All I can say is that this quotation seems to me entirely compatible with what Rita has been saying. Note, particularly,

“The world does not consist of single “I’s”, each one isolated from the rest; the world is really one great unity and brotherhood”

The Law of Karma: Each one need not bear the consequence of his own actions

2 thoughts on “Steiner on karma

  1. Amen to that Frank, but Oh my, how hard (visionary) the struggle to recognize it among The Mankind.
    Again, the old bible-quote: “Whatever you do to others, you do to yourself.”
    A classical, all-time, and well-known statement.
    And if Donald & Kim beginning throwing nuclear-weapons against each others…. Oh well,….Goodbye Sweetheart(the old song)…..We`ll Meet Again, Don`t Know Where; Dont“t know When ?….But(anyway) We`ll Meet again some Sunny Day !
    (Singing Vera Lynn, the old song is on youtube). And reminding me about the 1960s with the Cuba-Crisis.

    Wonder if the world to become wiser ? At least it seems both China and Russia to pronounce wisdom: On the norwegian news both of them warning against the use of provocations. And appealing to use common sense. Putin thinking about the loss of human life & earthly catastrophes( the news on TV ).

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